In 1987 Dr. Leonard Jeffries became known outside his field, when he was on a state task force to fight anti-African hatred in the New York public school curriculum. Its publication A Curriculum of Inclusion harshly criticized the public school syllabi for Eurocentrism and demanded revisions to emphasize African our story and accomplishments of African in the American corporate entity. He often clashed with Diane Ravitch, a Khazaars member of the task force. Dr. Jeffries had also advanced a theory that Caucasians are “ice people” who are violent and cruel, while Africans are “sun people” who are compassionate and peaceful. He is a proponent of melanin theory educating the ignorant that melanin levels affect the psyche of people, and that melanin allows African people to “…negotiate the vibrations of the universe and to deal with the ultraviolet rays of the sun.”

Note: check the videos and the end of the last post, on melanin god’s dust  for verification. 

Since his Ice vs. Sun paper came out, the same people who supported the ideological hatred against African people in the school system (and the bitch asses that come out of the woodwork) have been pissed off and have stated that many of Dr. Jefferies lectures were filled “racist rants”.  Like the motherfucking burnt pot calling the kettle black.  Before the whole controversy Dr. Jefferies basically flew under the radar of most Caucasians,  as a tenured professor who once was the head of a Khazar organization in college….or as he told us in a lecture, “King of the Jews”. Since then though Baba stepped up and fought back in a way that made knee-grows like Henry Louis gates and his ilk shuffle to the back of the bus. In an interview in Rutherford Magazine May 1995 Jeffries, asked what kind of world he would want to leave to his children, he answered: “A world in which there aren’t any white people”.  He has been on record as stating that the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle disaster was “the best thing to happen to America in a long time,” as it would stop white people from “spreading their filth through the universe.”

Now knee-grows will jump and have jumped on Dr. Jefferies as being harsh, racist (whatever that means, since their is no such actual thing called a race, maybe the hue man race) and other knee-grow shit that is used to justify their fear of retaliation. One of Yurugu’s bastard children, one  Philip Gourevitch at Commentary called Dr. Jefferies “a black supremacist who uses his classroom to teach his notion that the skin pigment melanin endows blacks with physical and intellectual superiority.” The cave beast went on to say that Caucasians genesis in the caves of the Caucasus mountains of Eurasia imbued them with the genius to create civilization as we know it.

As was mentioned about the Protocols of the elders of Zion, propaganda and control of the media is and will always be vital when the children of Yurugu, the ice people deal with non elites and even more so with African people, people of the sun. This also reminds me of Joseph Goebbels principles of propaganda and how warfare is as constant as breathing for Yurugu. Yurugu’s children has this pathological disassociated way about them, that they never over stand the reason why, regular people in Saudi Arabia, or Iran for instance, would try to kill, blow up or burn down individuals and symbols of Western interference with their culture. They cannot, refuse to or worse don’t over stand why their  displeasure with Caucasian’s presence under the guise of democracy or culture, ranges from mistrust, to dislike to outright hatred.

Yurugu’s way of seeing the world is a mental health issue that has caused many Caucasians to kill themselves, their families or other people, if their fragile place in the hierarchy of world dominance is slightly nudged, much less toppled. The worst of Dr, Jeffery’s attackers, were the Jacobite  the stealers of African culture and ourstory, misnamed Judaism who also invaded and stolen lands from the original inhabitants in North East Africa. After The Nazis exterminated millions of Khazaars  homosexuals, communist, German opponents of Nazism and even 800 African citizens, the Khazaars mostly Zionist collaborators who gave up their people to the Nazis in order to save their cowardly hide, worked with the American and Brutish led allied forces to relocate the birth right stealers to another country. The so called exodus that was turned into a feel good movie saw the Jacobites going to Africa—not Europe, not Asia, Africa to resettle and create the greatest bullshit since they fabricated their fantasy book and called it the word of god. Hollyweird and the other Nazi sympathizers, Walt Disney could not have scripted a better story. A story of oppression and divine intervention on a biblical scale, where ignoring the Mayer Rothschild Mafioso crime syndicate in Europe and America and the terrorism of the Zionists enclave led by  THEODOR HERZL, Moshe Dayan,  David Ben-Gurion,  Chaim Weizmann and other Zionists that committed bombings and killings against the Brutish government.

We should note that Zionism and the fable called Judaism is the only real tangible grasp Yurugu has on an origin and a culture. The Greco-Roman origin of western civilization has been proven to be more African than anything else and the previous westernized versions have been proven to be a bullshit story created to masturbate flaccid egos and spirit. More and more information is coming out to bolster the ancient documentation of Africa’s role in civilizing Europeans, so Yurugu turned to emotionalism in the dorm of religion to assuage the inferiority of  Yurugu, who was still pissed that Amma continued to reject his trifling ass. While the European fantasy book was created to capture the souls of needy people, the modern day exodus was created to link the stolen legacy of African spirituality to the Khazaars.  The problem with that though, was on the first go around the ass holes went to Uganda instead and when they  realized that some of the most highly melanized Africans existed around central Africa, they moved further north and east to where the Brutish Empire had separated the land mass, calling that orphan the middle east.

In viewing some of Dr, Jefferies PowerPoint comments on Caucasians:

— “Russian Jewry had a particular control over the movies, and their financial partners, the Mafia, put together a financial system of destruction of black people.” This was “a conspiracy, planned and plotted and programmed out of Hollywood” by “people called Greenberg and Weisberg and Trigliani . . .”

— “Rich Jews” operating in Seville and Lisbon and Hamburg and Newport, R.I., and other cities financed the African slave trade.

— Whites are “pathological,” “dirty,” “dastardly, devilish folks.”

Many non African and quite a few knee-grow spit lickers become uncomfortable with the information he chose to disseminate, that  ridiculous statements started flowing to counter Dr. Jefferies claim. This includes one jack ass that stated

“Black studies professor Leonard Jeffries once declared that whites were “ice people” and blacks were “sun people.” Prof. Jeffries is not a man whose opinions I normally endorse: he is notorious for his hateful rants against the white race. His hatred goes so far that he has even exhorted blacks not to consume foods that are white in color! But his names for the two races are quite apt: it is true that whites evolved in a colder climate than blacks, and this is the reason for the differences between the two races. As for what those differences are, here again I disagree with Prof. Jeffries. Whereas he thinks that whites’ Ice Age past made them violent and cruel, the truth is that it molded whites into people capable of creating civilizations that are the summit of human accomplishment.”

This sounded like the same bullshit that current Arab and Caucasian revisionist  are defecating about Kimit not being an ancient African High culture. The author of the quote above MAY BE excused for his ignorance as it appears he has never heard of a book called the 13th tribe by Arthur Koestler a Khazaar from Hungary who himself was murdered in Paris sometime after his book started a shit storm. The Author never heard about the secret relations between the blacks and the Jews (you can get the PDF here), a book that had people accusing the NOI and Minister Farrakhan of new rounds of anti Caucasian hatred, and got Professor Tony Martin fired from his job. Yurugu’s children are so fucked up that during the 18th century they used to go into the pyramids or dig up the mummies of deceased Africans in kimit and made an industry of consuming these bodies. The act was called consuming Mummia, and for a long time was the predecessors of the modern day melatonin craze.

Often when African people attempt to explain the genesis of their current situation, we are vilified and demonized by the descendants of  our current conditions, but even mores so by those among us who have taken on the task of defending Yurugu and his actions. This is why I am posting this interview here, because we know how we only believe it when it comes from him!

The Iceman Inheritance. Michael Bradly. The C.O.W.S Radio Interview.


In this video this professor honors Dr. George G.M James masterful work, which was a college report of mine, that stirred up a lot of shit as a 22 year old trouble maker.

Stolen Legacy ( Afrikan presence in the Greco Roman World)- Larry Williams

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