Again, feminism was never about making women’s lives better, but to get them to give up a secure or comfortable life for one of excess, stress, greed and indentured servitude. It may be hard to overstand this now, because we have been conditioned to see the June Cleavers of yesterday as being unrealistic for today’s woman. But we view this with a jaundiced eye and fail to overstand that women June Cleavers era, dealt with a different set of circumstances and mind set, thus it is impossible to compare eras exactly. What we can compare somewhat however, is the quality of life, stress levels and the healthiness of relationships and family dynamics, based on the amount of dysfunctional families, broken families and broken children.

There are three pillars of feminism

They have been successful in its application and in its result of altering the lives of women.

1-the destruction of the family structure (there is no traditional family…there is a semblance of family structure and some fake shit)

2- Putting women to work

3-Stripping men of their civil rights, their manhood and their sense of being

The above three prong attack was orchestrated by business and the government, using the lie of feminism as the proxy to hide the hand behind the above mentioned three pillars. The removal of men’s civil rights and sense of self relies on changing the narrative to turn men into creature with no redemptive qualities…

1. A rapist

2. A pedophile

3. A violent being

4. A dead beat father

5. A wife beater

6. Molester

7. Didler of children

8. Chauvinist

9. Harasser

10. A feminist (???)

11. A mangina

12. A trick

13. A simp

Once the presence of the men are removed from the homes and from the position of protector and provider to women and the family, this is when the government at the behest of business, moves in to take over as provider and protector of women and children. Keep in mind that agencies such as Family responsibility office, welfare, the po-lice, the just us system, see women and children as commodities with none of the care or interest that a missing man can provide. YOU ARE SEEN AS COMMODOTIES! A commodity is something that is used to generate income to fatten the pockets of the 1% who eventually sees the world as having too little resources and too much competition for those resources. In order to rectify this future problem, the 1% believes that they must reduce the population of the planet. But cannot do so outright, so they create the condition in stages where people will not see the end result. Keeping people willfully ignorant is one way, but a great general strategies on multilevel in order to attack the enemy from different fronts. As Robert Malthus once famously said… “Increase the death rate, or decrease the birth rate…” Feminism was and is seen as one clear and tremendous strategy because it kills three birds with one stone. Eliminate manhood, often the back bone of any opposing resistance to a tyrannical ruler. Damage the children, so it is easier to control future adults and control the females, thus ensuring that damaged children are reared and to help destroy manhood.

Feminism is social engineering at its finest, interchangeable as either first or second in comparison to turning an Afrikan into a knee-grow. According to feminist and supporters of feminism, women have had it rough. Giving birth, being treated as property, brutally beaten and raped by men and have their every move controlled by men. Many novels, movies and so called educational papers have been produced to support this. However, there is a little thing called verification that seemed to have escaped these creators of the myth of women being the property of men. In fact, as was stated earlier, not even in Europe, the one area in the world where one would expect women to be considered property, based on the nature of the climate they gestated in…have women being treated as property. In fact it was never legal for husbands to beat or rape their wives. In fact if it wasn’t for the advent of re-lie-gion (the European version handed down from Roman dictatorship, called Catholicism), men would never want to be like this, however, like all societies, there are oddities that the myth creators have used to damn all men. This is in itself a hate crime towards men. By taking a small sample size and use it as a bludgeon against all men, including men who have questioned the veracity of these claims, Feminism and all who support it have controlled the dialogue and have shut out any reasonable attempt to ask the critical questions. Based on the control of the dialogue, many women have been taught that everything in the world that was bad and had happened to them that was bad, was the fault of men. The simple equation was women=good; men=bad permeates even the most banal of conversations.

Many of the Feminist principles were based largely on the politics of Karl Marx, who stated that all of the problem of one group can be placed at the foot of another group. Marxism and in turn socialism is just as flawed as the system they rail against…capitalism, in that all social ills are blamed on everything else other than the individuals own failings, I.e. Patriarchy, capitalism, prejudice, etc. And just like Marxism and capitalism, feminism has a convenient scapegoat; men…who are said to be the cause of all women’s problem. This also plays into the egotistical notion of most of us, because just like Marxists and socialists feels superior to the capitalist system, feminism and women who blindly follow this worldview, feels superior to men. Unfortunately men have had their moments of superiority feelings and in today’s society are as misguided as those of the females. As a matter of fact one can feel superior to ratchetiness, stupidity (as opposed to lack of knowledge called ignorance) whether one is either male or female. But to feel superior based on gender or some apparent superficial level, such as ideology and or social achievement is the source of a lot of misoverstanding and grief. In fact the only way a male can be accepted by feminist is to act like a female or denounce manliness and thus feel superior to those men who do not epitomize the cross dressing, gender bending, and metrosexual look or actions as sported by many today. So, according, to the narrative, since men supposedly oppress women and since people would naturally seek freedom from oppression, feminism offers women a vehicle of freedom from the manipulative and controlling hands of violent men.

The nuclear family must be destroyed

Linda Gordon. WOMEN 1960

Feminism was not created by women and certainly was not created in the turbulent 1960s, but 20 years earlier in the 1940s. What was seen in the 1960s was a version of feminism that ran parallel, where the abuse and discrimination of men was incorporated into the notion of female equality. Feminism was created to control and manipulate women and in using men as a tool to beat females in to submission, the architects of feminism ensures an obedient and complying group, easily manipulated towards the ends that the government and business sought. The parallel form of feminism is called radical feminism was the sole original purvey of lesbian females who hated men. Some of the architects of radical feminism or mysandry were Germaine Greer, a columnist who wrote something called the “female Eunuch”, Kate Millet, wrote often on “sexual politics”, Linda Gordon, whose quote is seen above, Valerie Solanas publisher of a little remembered magazine called S.C.U.M magazine (society for cutting up men)

“…there remains to civic minded responsible, thrill-seeking females
only to…institute complete automation and destroy the male sex”
Valerie Solanas

“It is now technically feasible to reproduce without the
aid of males and to produce only females. We must begin
immediately to do so.”
Valerie Solanas

Valerie Solanas was one of the soldiers on the frontline in the 1950s of feminism, who were the architect of what we see today, every time a dyke march is viewed…hopefully as far away from that shit as possible. Imagine if a movement of men came up with ideas like those quotes above? And I will challenge readers of this post to find similar quotes from a man’s perspective. Originally radical feminism was a group of leftist women, academic and university lecturers in England, not grass roots working class women, but women who were disturbed and violent and coming from dysfunctional backgrounds, who felt they had had enough of working with the men on the left. Socialist mouth breathers who had regulated the females to a corner of the room, which had of caused the females to be ….put off. From there these females decided they were going to have their own break away movement, which on the surface should have been enough. But remember they are emotionally damaged and coming from dysfunctional backgrounds. Even noted eugenicist and champion of women’s right, Margaret Sanger, was quoted as saying she hated her one son when he was born, because of the pain he had put her through. Bitch you should have kept your trunks closed!

I would be interesting to find out whatever happened to both him and the unlucky dude to stick his penis inside of that. When these feminazis became too intolerable for even other women, assaulting women, assaulting men, disrupting orderly organized events with venom and hate, threatening to bomb female speakers….they went underground for a period, resurfacing again to latch on to the spousal abuse wave, riding that crest into getting the government to fund multitude of women’s program, granting women numerous gains in education and employment, not only at the expense of men, but also with a theme of, male abuse that if any ethnic group or even men did this, it would be identified as a systemic form of hate crime.

The government’s original role in feminism occurred during the second European tribal excursions, in 1942, when women were drafted into the factories to support the war efforts, while their men were out killing, being killed, some coming back physically and psychically maimed and thus useless to function in the post tribal conflict society. When the more able bodied and mentally functional men came back to retake their place in the factories, the women gladly relinquished the factory position and went back home. Of course the government did not like this because they just discovered a new and very important tax base and profit producer. This was the first stage in the true origin of feminism. They were a new labour market to exploit for government greed. The trick was to persuade a group who felt privileged, to give up their sense of self and worth and transferring this sense of self from being a mother and supporter of men at home, to that of a wage earner and pursuer of material association. By taking women’s focus off of family and onto a job, government and business successfully appealed to women’s selfish and overly emotional state for materialism over family. How nice it would be to have a dishwasher or TV, where you can watch the soap opera. This is not a belittling of females at the time, but it certainly played into the notion of leisure, pleasure and washing dishes easier. Sadly today the emasculated male has also swapped the value of a relationship and his own self worth for useless trinkets that control him. Once the government solved the child care conundrum, women could go to work without worries for the supposed “safety and state of the child’s mind and body”. This was and remains a stupid decision by a selfish group, sacrificing the emotional well being and safety of their children…as physical and emotional child sex abuse and child endangerment is rampant in documented and undocumented day cares and pre-school institutions. And since a majority of these institutions are staffed by women (because men are tabbed as predatory) who do you think is doing many of these atrocious acts? In ignoring the very nature of what motherhood is about… so that they could compete in areas they need not compete in and in many ways was not equipped to compete in, women assist a government agenda that was never about family but about putting her to work and damn this family shit to hell! Of course they mouth platitudes…even have female folly tricksters doing most of this parroting, so that the agenda is absorbed and internalized more pleasantly.

Even today, as the work force changes to a less industrial and more service oriented one, women on a whole still exhibit certain traits that see many being ill equipped to handle many of the jobs they are in. However, as stated previously, many of women’s gains were at the expense of men, thus without direct competition even in the most women friendly of employment, women by default believe the gains they made was due to feminism and not to manipulation of their emotional s and selfish state, by a sinister group consisting of government, business and a radical man hating lesbian group of demons. Nor do they believe or chose to believe that many of the gains made in industry and or academia sometimes comes at the expense of male positions being eliminated or quota’d out of existence. One glaring example is the title X notion in the united snakes where for every female sports team created, at least five male ones were eliminated. I am talking about for every 20-30 boys who want wrestle, that team disappears as women’s field hockey is introduced. And while many females rightfully complain of the lack of money poured into female indentured servitude of collage sports as opposed to males, few people care to question what happens to that boy not offered the opportunity to engage in college wrestling. This is inconsistent and ignores the elephant in the room, which is what the powers that be will gladly take advantage of.

A woman in the work force is the result of a remarkable bit of psychological war fare where freedom is associated with being a wage earner, and their worth is dependent on having a job. By trading in their free time, the joy of raising a family, staying home with their children and raising them to be more productive and functional in society and in relationships, women can now say feminism has freed them from oppression. Government never intended to make women’s life better, but to get more economic use out of them by removing them from their children. By failing to support one man, one woman with children, government first remove them men from the home and barely supports the female, thus ensuring that she has to go to work to maintain a certain base line of “comfort”. If the woman has proven too lazy and unmotivated to so, government invented the child support and spousal support scam where men are often forced to fund the governments’ long term project of removing him from the home.

This is a win-win for business and government.

Among the many tactics that feminist use to shame and embarrass others and get them to fall into line, is to lobby various mainstream companies and suggest strongly that if their views are not in line with the feminist views, they are supporting female abuse and female oppression. This is similar to how the current boogie man, homosexuals, would brook no dissenting voice and would label any who disagree as being supporting of violence against homosexuals. Thus people see their lively hood tarnished, dissolved, face financial apocalypse and personal stress, visited onto them for voicing a dissenting view.

I remember in the mid eighties, a group of men, men we would not dare call radical, macho or even anti female, decide to hold a man’s only meeting to come to develop a plan to deal with young males and their increasing delinquency and the frequent negative interaction with the po-lice. Unbelievably the meeting was disrupted by a group of female, including a prominent lesbian within the knee-grow community. This individual, who used her position to inflict sexual abuse on other female, accused the males present of shutting out women. Right there we had men hearing women beg them to play a role in mentoring boys, being attack be females who felt left out of the mentoring process. As if a lesbian anti-male can ever mentor a young male. The meeting in fact was forced to dissolve because of the aggressive and hateful attacks on the men present, who were coming together and trying to do right by young males at odds with the po-lice. I mentioned this particular incident—an embarrassing and shameful period—which many in the community were afraid of dealing with because non e of these males wanted to be seen as confronting females. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make that meeting, but when asked what I would have done if present by people who knew me, my second response was to call the po-lice on them. However, since my first and immediate response was to start beating bitches all over the place, many felt I was out of my mind. My reasoning was that these females actually got physical when some of the men tried to ask them to leave, so I had no qualms about getting busy. However, it’s interesting that in this feminazis times, if a female puts a beating on a male, he his expected not to retaliate, yet if he meets that shit with some two piece and a bucket of beat down, he is judged, condemned and punish because men are not supposed to hit a girl. In a man’s world so much for women’s lib.

This is how far feminism and the reconditoning of knee-grow female has gottn us. Keep in mind what emasculation is part of the Willie Lynch principle. Remove the men in order to destroy the Afrikan family.

A tale of the tail wagging the dog.

Okay! Now that I have explained the origin of the feminazis movement and surrounded it with a bunch of analysis that pro feminist don’t care about….how do I explain the current narrative of female oppression. Simple…there is none! Women on a whole are not oppressed…remember never have and they way things are going now, still haven’t. What we have is feminism creating a bunch of out of control, emotionally damaged females, acting out of their nature as females and as intelligent beings, doing things that they are told, men can do, or things they are told position them as independent, in control and FREE. Yes, you are free, to fuck as many men as possible. But you are not free to get pregnant and blame the men. You are free to leave a relationship that is not right for you, if this is truly the case, but you are not free to hold hostage the children of that relationship because the man may not like you, but still loves his children. You are not free to love your son and raise your daughters. Please re-read that last sentence. You are to both love them equally and raise them to navigate this cruel and unjust world. Preferably with their father but failing that with assistance from the village or extended network of family or friends. Especially if you are a career woman, doing extended hours or hustling two jobs. If you are not, and you are not in the miseducation institution, then your explanations don’t carry water. This is what feminism with the help of a satanic system has created in the family.

The system encouraging women to abandon the principles and nature of femininity by encouraging them to be like men in as much things as physically and emotionally possible-which leads to women acting untrue to their nature- which leads to a created rift between her and her compliment- which leads to produces a dysfunctional relationship and broken family- which leads to creating dysfunctional and broken children- who enter into dysfunctional relationships with other broken children turned adults- who get involved in further dysfunctional relationships-thus producing more broken and dysfunctional children. The cycle will be an endless loop, with each revolution spiraling downwards to entropy. A real man or a real woman would never support suppressing femininity or the movement of women in any field she is capable of performing in. However, failure to overstand the nefarious nature of feminazism and how it has conditioned women to be at odds with herself AND her compliment, failure to overstand how feminazism has denied men the opportunity to be men instead of females with dicks or males with vagina, both encourages feminazis to believe that they can do anything without a man, while using their femaleness as an excuse when they are unable to do this—-this is called deflection or refusing to be accountable or just plain using double standards. It also sets up a situation where males either refuse to take responsibility for their actions, by blaming the females or intentionally refusing to take a lead in society or a relationship by pointing to a new day when the masculine load can be shared equally—-this is called being a mangina, a simp and being emasculated. Not all males willingly do this and not all females believe that they don’t need a compliment, but the tricky thing about psychological warfare is that the victim never knows they are being manipulated because the manipulators have profiled them and have crafted their agenda to appeal to their insecurities, fears, egos and misplaced value in a society and a world where values are about feeling good instead about committing to justice. Being consistent with the internal and the external values…Ma’at!

This article is about one of the go to voices among knee-grow females….from her daughters mouth!


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