Simply explained, democracy is a political system in which all the members of a “free” society have equal access to power. European his-story of democracy traces its origins to ancient Greece. Greece is the jump off point when discussing European civilization and culture. According to sources the people of Athens would often meet at a secret place named the PNYX, which roughly translated means ‘Tightly packed together’, and cast lots – in this case pebbles for or against a decision.

This is the story forced fed to both ethnic Europeans and all others under European controlled systems, did not matter if they were immigrants or colonized. Yet a quick glance at his-story will glaringly show that for much of the long period of the ancient Mediterranean world, Greece was a cultural backwater. Of the three ancient cultures who would terminate a female fetus due to it’s perceived weakness, the Greeks, Arab and Indian cultures were unsurpassed in that and other form of barbarity. In fact, according to ancient tales, the only civilized area in that region was the isles of IONA. According to Dr. Ben Jochannan, IONA was where such luminaries as Socrates and Pluto was first educated before taking their filed trip to Grand Lodge of Luxor in Kimit. It was the only place a man (no women please) could go and be educated away from the barbarism and feudal nature of the city-states of Athens, Troy, Sparta, and so forth. European revisionist his-story tells us that Socrates had a eureka moment and developed the philosophy, influencing and then teaching legions of learned men, including Plato and Aristotle. These philosophies also influenced Solon and Cleisthenes, and led to Athens being now considered (by Caucasian scholars and all other ignorant people), as the birthplace of democracy and the most important democracy of antiquity.

The fundamental of the goals of democracy are:

  1. To make the rulers accountable and answerable for their actions and policies.
  2. To make the citizens effective participants in choosing those rulers and in regulating their actions.
  3. To make the society as open and the economy as transparent as possible;
  4. To make the social order fundamentally just and equitable to the greatest number possible.

So in a nut shell democracy forces leaders to be accountable, encourage active citizen participating and an open society with social justice.

During the period of the scramble for Africa, the Imperial dogs of Europe, used the lack of democracy argument, as one of numerous excuses to de-humanize Africans in order to subjugate our people to atrocities up on atrocities and genocide on top of genocide…while stealing cultural artifacts, ancient treasures, scientific technologies, spiritual insights and our land, our birthrights.

But hold on now, let’s start from the top and work to the bottom. African cultures (plural) had systems in place to make rulers accountable, to get the citizens involved, to make their society as open as possible and to make social order and social justice a right for all. African societies also involved women in the process. In fact, few if any decision by a council of elders could be made without one female elder present, whose vote didn’t carry weight. The European imperialists called it communalism, tribalism, all forms of ism, except democracies.

Now you did have certain societies where some strong personalities or groups of power seekers would circumvent the process to accumulate power in their hands. A classic example is the priest cast of ancient Kimit. However, since Europe is ands was always civilized, they never had power struggle or corrupt leaders, monarchies and councils. No! Because the Eurocentric form of ruler ship is the best kind.

Many classic tomes, such as “The Destruction of Black Civilization” by Chancellor Williams and others, taught us how Africans, once pyramid builders were reduced to project dwellers and poster children for CARE and UNICEFF. Along the way, the devil incarnate, after destroying spiritual and educational system, took us young and impressionable and taught us about European his-story, force fed us tales from their great fairy tale book, created us in the image of knee-grows and then sent us out into the world, psychologically and spiritually fucked up. They expected us then, to run African nations on the continent and Diasporas, as Afri-peans (Africans with European minds).

Whenever we try to rebuild our torn society, after centuries of warfare and destruction, they devil interferes with us as we stumble along. Like the wolf in one of Aesop’s fables, the European pirates, enter Africa, eat up our food and hosts misappropriate our “things,” then put on our cultural garments to lay waiting for our children to come home, looking for “grandma.” Each time they smile at us, it reveals their canine nature and ravenous instinct and we become paralyzed by their fierce nature. Alas, where are the woodsmen to come charging in to hack and chop these wolves in grandma’s clothing? Some of these woodsmen are the freedom fighters in Azania, ignored by succeeding governments as power is kept in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon controlled military, financial institutions and judiciary. These are the woodsman in Zimbabwe, who clamors for the return of their land, not just a reward for fighting the imperialist devils, but a return of their legacies.

When African leaders, both good and bad, try to rule by European standards, they come up against cultural and traditional ways that are difficult to navigate. Most instead of yielding to centuries old common sense, the either become a Mobutu Sesi sako or end up like a Tomas Sankora or a Patrice Lumumba.

Over the past two decades the world media and alternative media has documented democracy in action in Canada, the U.S. China, India and the countries of Europe. And each documentation highlights the absence of the ideals provided previously about the what democracy does. You see it doesn’t really matter if Amnesty International accuses Africans of despotism and undemocratic rule, because they are mainly European based entities that carry as much weight as we give them. What matters is how we deal with the European powers at the UN and with the IMF and World Bank. If Africa was to pull out of the UN and tell the World Bank to stick it, can you imagine how they would react? A con game and con man needs a willing mark to make the con work. This European style democracy is a con game and we are too willing to be conned into playing their game.

We need to get the hell out of the casino and fix our business, African style.

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