Black Mystory is about African culture, the world views of the Africans in  America incorporated . It is also  mystory of African Candians and the so called black culture in general. 

Coming to you uncompromising and unrelenting.  Too often others tell out story with non African tonques and many accurate informations are deliberately lost in the transilation.

He/she who are ignorant of our story is doomed to repeat its failings.

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  1. Blackmystory,
    It appears the “Selected One” has revealed his true purpose, to stop our quest for Self-Determination.

    Please read “President Obama leads US drive to topple Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe”

    We must collectively say a prayer that The Administration’s evil efforts are thwarted and our desire for Self-Determination is fulfilled. May we call on our ancestors who died in the Maafa and those like Marcus, Amy, Yaa Asantewaa, Amhose-Nefertari, Shabaka, Piankhi, Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Toure and the Great Shona Ancestors to guide our people to overcome this threat to our liberation.


  2. Have you ever read the Pale Horse? i think the authors name is Cooper. he was an ex CIA agent turned whistle blower ( not that i trusted him) but he presented some very telling information on the hand behind the curtain. After several attempts to assonating him, leaving him partially paralyzed, they eventually succeeded in killing him by a tried and true method. Death by automobile accident.

    Anyway…Cooper detailed a list of different factions of ruling elites and their internal struggle to be the main controller of the planet. Two of threat group you didn’t mention are the Vatican and this “King” who is a supposed descendent of the last Roman emperor. It sure will be interesting at the convention, let’s hope the media don’t do a good enough job of hiding it from the ignorant masses.

    Thanks for the links brother!


  3. Sankofa.
    Here are some interesting articles on the Rothschilds, the Clintons and plans to disrupt the Demoncratic Convention. Could this be the beginning of a tribal war among the ruling elite? The Rothschilds (Jewish Neocons) vs. the Rockefellers (Neoliberals- The Brzezinski co-foundedTrilateral Commission)

    Hillary Clinton’s rich friend Lady de Rothschild ambushes Barack Obama

    Defiant Clinton Women Refuse To Support Obama


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