Some are born leaders, some have leadership thrust upon them and some attain leadership. Regardless of the process, the attainment of leadership is the most visible, most accountable, most unforgiving, sometimes unrewarding, and most self-less position a man can attain. There are different ways to lead and there is no one template for this. Yet we live in world of cookie cutter thinking that the sheeples will only follow what the gate keepers of the system regurgitates for their over lords. They say leadership is only one way…and that is to make rousing, inspiring speeches to excite the masses into frenzy. Unfortunately in the African and knee-grow communities, this is the only kind of leadership we gravitate towards. Even more so if he “looks good” doing it.

As I stated there are more than one approach to leading. Some people are vocal leaders and follow the route of inspiring and extolling others, getting them pumped up, high volume “let’s rock!” mentality, that seems to catch the fancy of the easily distracted. Some lead by example. And while they may be better at the physical lifting, usually their actions should inspire others to pull their own weight. Alas though, we live in a world of little or no responsibility and ownership, so instead of being inspired most wait to get spoon fed, or if inspired, simple run out of gas before long.

Some lead by cajoling, gently directing others down a specified path. Some lead by directing others and then trusting them to find away to accomplish what you directed them to do.

Regardless of the method applied to achieve the desired result, every leader of worth, of quality, have a specific profile that stands them apart from the others they inspire and may lead.

Leadership quotes from those who’ve been there


 If you do not look at things on a large scale, it will be difficult to master strategy.

Miyamoto Musashi

To be able to lead others, a man must be willing to go forward alone.


 – Harry Truman


If I have the belief that I can do it, I will surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning

  – Mahatma Gandhi


The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare.

                                                                                        – Thane Yost

 We will either find a way or make one.

                                                       – General Hannibal Baca


There go the people. I must follow them for I am their leader.

Alexandre Ledru-Rollin


Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.

Lao Tzu

A leader is a dealer in hope.

Napoleon Bonaparte


He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.




The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Publilius Syrus

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Proverbs 29:18

The greater a man is in power above others, the more he ought to excel them in virtue.
None ought to govern who is not better than the governed.


Publius Syrus

To be a great leader and so always master of the situation, one must of necessity
have been a great thinker in action. An eagle was never yet hatched from a goose’s egg.


James Thomas

Ill can he rule the great that cannot reach the small.


Edmund Spenser

He who has learned how to obey will know how to command.



Let him who would be moved to convince others, be first moved to convince himself.


Thomas Carlyle




At the most basic level, a leader is someone who leads other. But what makes someone a leader? What is it about being a leader that some people understand and use to their advantage? What can you do to be a leader? Here’s what you need to know and do.

A leader is a person who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. Let’s look at each of those in detail.

The Leader’s Vision

A leader has a vision. Leaders see a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal that needs to be achieved. It may be something that no one else sees or simply something that no one else wants to tackle. Whatever it is, it is the focus of the leader’s attention and they attack it with a single-minded determination.

The Drive To See It Through

It is not enough to just have a vision. Lots of people see things that should be done, things that should be fixed, great step forward that could be taken. What makes leaders different is that they act. They take the steps to achieve their vision.

Is it a passion for the idea, an inner sense of drive, or some sense of commitment? Whatever it is, it is the strength that lets leaders move their vision forward despite all the obstacles, despite all the people saying it can’t be done, it’s too costly; we tried that before, or a dozen other excuses. The true leader perseveres and moves forward.

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