Even though the criminalization starts earlier and earlier, by the time he reached 17-18 he has already internalized the self –hate from the adults, including the females in his ethnic group. He has no buffer against similar hate from the outside world, so he says “fuck it! If that’s what you think I am, that’s what I am!”





Because his mother never prepared him to be a strong hue-man being and his father never prepared him to be a strong leader and MAN, the African male, without the benefit of an African specific fall back support like the boys scouts of America Inc., a proper rites of passage ritualistic program or certain clubs that enhances his Africanness and teaches him the principles of Ma’at and the Nguzo Saba, will then go to the street to find his own personal support group.


This support group is no different from the masons of European male tradition, or any “societies” from other cultures, that fosters a brotherhood based on ritualism, loyalty and love. Such groups are much different from the religious indoctrination of Europe and Christinaity, that teaches the African male he is the descendant of a cursed people, to turn the other cheek, to pray and “god” will suppliment his pleadings, etc. For Christianity is a feminine based religion, or encourages a feminine aceptance in the male, while deminishing or even killing the masculinity, as exemplified in Nat Turner, Martin Luther King and even Reverend Wright from Chicago.


 Even Islam, which has moved from its original African base, into a Arab cultural expression, encourages the African male to be leaders, as long as they bury their African nature.


However, like the blind leading the blind or the dumb ass, leading the dumb ass, these young males have given up on the “system”, which includes the schools, media and the church. Anything that attempts to teach him how to be a drone or slave, a cog in the wall for this money based value system that values money over lives. A system that forces him to subjugate his manliness and natural abilities in order to fit into the money based White Supremacy value system.


Many African male in his later teen years into young adult hood, like any male from any other ethnic group, exhibits either dynamic leadership abilities or the quintessential male ability that yearns to explore, build, have his presence felt, yes even conquer. These qualities are often thwarted before he gets a head start, this natural ability suppressed, economically, educationally or socially, soon festers, seeking an avenue of explosion, whether internally or externally.





I remember questioning a seventeen year old youth about his long term or short term goals.  He wasn’t one of my case loads as a youth worker, but he was my “son” and as an elder it was my responsibility to try to guide the brother. He exhibited the classic characteristics of the anti-social male.  Surely, grumbles when he talks at you, quick to anger, lacking numerous social skills, a bully and a narcotic imbiber and dealer.  During my brief attempts at conversation, I found out he hated his father, who became incensed at his lack of respect, would physically abuse him.  He had limited relationship with his mother and as I suspected had limited education or literacy. He dropped out of school at 15 years old – not unusual because most of the youth we dealt with, African and not experience limited schooling.  What blew me away was when I asked the young man, about his vocational aspiration, “I just want to work in a factory!”


When I asked him to shoot higher, he had difficulty envisioning much beyond that. He did intimate that he may want to become a rapper though, which puzzled me, because during the brief time he spent at the centre, he never showed any interest or intensions of being a rapper, unless he wanted to be one of the 40 member crew up on stage, that Steve Harvey eloquently spoke of in the Kings of Comedy.


Another young brother, so filled with anger, muscled up to his ears, bullying every one in site, took offense to my attempts at guiding him away from violence. Dude, cursed me out, and said he didn’t want me to be his worker, because, well, we never really articulated why. Although I later found out he had issues with a strong male presence. He never had one, and rebelled against it, preferring to speak to females, even though he was known to abuse females. Shit got so bad; it almost came down to his New Jack, strong man violence against my old school one. Fortunately he was booted from the centre, and surprisingly becoming friendlier towards me, when he visits periodically.




The young African male is constantly betrayed as violent, angry and hostile, criminally minded, lazy, lacking intelligence, and engaging in illegal activity, mainly drug dealing or robbery. All the reason why Anti-African stereotypes exist and all because the media. News, movies, cop dramas, and crime documentaries often contain many images that continue to perpetuate negative myths and stereotypes in our society. If convicted of a crime or a suspected in a crime, the news media will often show a mug shot photo of him but will show a less offensive picture of a Caucasian male. Movies and crime shows often show him as the offender, running from the police, being disrespectful or involved in hostile situations. They show this behavior constantly, over and over again, overwhelmingly portraying negative images, and anti-African stereotypes of the African males. This, in turn, perpetuates further Anti-African male stereotypes. The 24/7/365 portrayal of these images repeatedly creates a certain emotional pull or pushing the minds of those watching. Pretty soon all segments of society all African males act a certain way.




Unfortunately, we also internalize this imagery, with the absence of what a strong African male should be, decide that it is better to show a gangster lean than a warriors stance. In media, all gangsters are glorified. From Nino brown in New Jack City, Menace to Society, Boys to Men, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Good Fellas, the God Father, American Gangster etc. They get the girl, the cash, and the fame and when they die the turn out… witness Tupac Shakur and Biggie smalls.  The warriors just get shot, lynched co-opted and forgotten. Witness, Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Dessalines, Jean-Jacques, Henri Christophe, and Toussaint L’Ouverture and even Martin Luther King, who was celebrated as a dreamer, instead of the brother who gave the anti-Vietnam speech that precipitated his assassination.


Most of these brothers died ignobly and Malcolm’s and Martins funerals had less the turn out than Biggie, Tupac or even Reverend Ike’s.




The full list of Jawanza Kunjufu’s lectures can be followed by clicking on the links below. 

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One thought on “African Male Bashing: Nurturing the self-fulfilling stereotypepe

  1. My father at the age of 5 told me to always be the best at every thing eye did and never come second in anything because even first place wasn’t good enough against the European. ‘You must be first and then give them yards’. THIS HAS BEEN A SELF-CONTRACT, eye always had and is deeply rooted. EYE MADE THE CHOICE because Eye tested this truth having excelled at various things before my 9TH BIRTHDAY. But ironically, my father never followed his so-called advice, worse he wanted me to become become his automaton-puppet without a thinking mind. This was a total contradiction to what he taught by his tongue and went against the grain of everything eye had become. At an early age eye learnt the contradictions of adults, battled against it but at the same time never got suckered into a peer group remit as eye had never contracted myself to be lead without self-guidance against myself for the interest of others.

    Again, ironically, my father worked very hard to snuff out my supreme and automonous thinking mind…and with all the abuse, pain, daily beatings he just couldn’t win. Contractions make me ill, religion gave me serious health-attacks etc as eye deprogrammed myself throwing all societies ills and perversions out of the window down to the most subtle.

    Now the reason, Eye make these comments is that parents can foster demonstrative-contracts that if seen as glorious and victorious for a fertile mind will forever honour that child throughout his life as the child builds on such contracts, even if he or she stray in the moment. And yet that was the only advise my father gave me. The rest was trying to strip me of what eye had become. Hence, Eye innserstand and overstand the quite fragility of your work for its greatness.


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