In his letter from Alabama, the Reverend Martin Luther King said the church is in danger of being.

-…”dismissed as an irrelevant social club.”
-“In deep disappointment I have wept over the laxity of the church,”

The angst over my deceased friend leaving the church highlighted the reality that there are numerous reasons why African men are not in the church in the number that was expected. However, in capsulizing the reasons for this dearth of African men in the pews, one can safely say that the Church, especially in our Community, regardless of denomination have, on one hand, become tainted with iniquitous behaviours and on the other hand has become feminized thus has lost its meaning and its relevance. The Christian houses of worship have no discernible relevant message for what ails the 21st-century African male. This is why scores of us would rather end up in coffee shops or football stadiums or baseball stadiums on Sundays, or who lose themselves of mowing the lawn, playing pickup basketball or waxing their cars instead of heading to church.

Now we know that there are many of our males that do go to Church, but these are often the ones, effeminized, beat down and burnt out, who have either given up on life or never fulfilled their position of MEN in our community.  Is this too broad a statements? Is it too inflammatory? This is the blackmystory web blog after all!

On this blog we have a graduated level of description for the female’s complement in the duality of the hue-man species.

  • Knee-grow: Akin to a “nigger” or dead thing, a sinister fabrication of White supremacy
  • Males: A sterile description of female complement, often confused with a sovereign being
  • MEN: The true reflection of Ptah’s creation, as a above so below

But let’s examine this further.  Noted Author and lecturer, Jawanza Kunjufu in his book, Adam! Where are You?: Why Most Black Men Don’t Go to Church,” states that 75 percent of the knee-grow  church is female. The church’s interests seems farthest from the pulse of those black men who seem to be most lost and drifting in a destructive sea of fatalism and pathology, with no immediate sign of rescue.  According to Kunjufu, and others, most of those men are doomed if they continue down the current self destructive path. But it is evident the church does not, will not, or cannot reach out to these men, only lament over much their disappearance from the pews.

So why should men who feel rejected by an institution they feel that seeks to effeminize them, want to be anywhere near that mess? Because as a spiritual people, we are conditioned to see the church as our – storical place of safety, a refuge against the  filth of European imperialism and ant0-African hatred.

With third eye open, many an African males see the Church as only existing for the perpetuation of itself. From erecting of grandiose temples of brick and mortar and for the care of the pastors, the HNC, their families and the salaried administrative staff, to being lap dogs for folly-tricksters and conman who will contribute to lining the churches coffers at the expense of the members and the health of the community at large. The preoccupation with materialism while teaching the members to embrace the misguided ethical dilemmas which are the main disease that has affected the knee-grow church.

Before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. This is a free and clear ownership beyond he vices of the king and not even he could take the land and not pay a tithe. William the Conquer came in 1066 and stole the Kings Title and took the land of the people. From William I, 1066, to King John, 1199, England was in dire straits. It was bankrupt.

The King invoked the Law of Mortmain, the dead man’s hand, so people couldn’t pass their land on to the church or anyone else without the King’s permission, (modern day probate?). Without Mortmain the King would lose the land he controlled. The Vatican didn’t like that because the King owed a lot of pounds to the Vatican. King John was excommunicated and in trying to regain his stature he groveled before the Pope and returned the title to his kingdoms of England and Ireland to the Pope as vassals, and swore submission and loyalty to him. King John accepted Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury, and offered the Pope a vassal’s bond of fealty and homage. Two months later, in July of 1213, King John was absolved of excommunication, at Winchester, by the returned Archbishop of Canterbury, Langton. On October 3, 1213, by treaty, King John ratified his surrender of his kingdoms to the Pope, as Vicar of Christ who claimed ownership of everything and everyone on earth as tradition. This means that all church property was exempt from government interference. In the twentieth century, the advent of the current taxing system and the system of incorporation, entities like the church was tricked into becoming straw men, or Corporate entities, thus incurring non profit status. In order to become non profit and void from paying taxes, the church gave up allodial rights that the Vatican had possessed as their own.

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