The media is the mouthpiece, polling point and extension of the White Supremacist’s mind control mechanism and power.  It is the media that has created the image of and extolling the fact that Jamaica as the most homophobic place on earth.According to a recent article in NOW magazine, a decidedly homosexual friendly and uber liberal Toronto paper, “the international media has spilled much ink dissecting the question and coming down mostly on the yes side, blaming everything from dancehall reggae to the fact that cri­minalization of lesbian and gay sexuality gives license to violence.”

To their credit, the author and editor of NOW magazine explored the bigger picture with in the homosexual community and the general Canadian society at large, regarding the ethnic hatred against none –Europeans. According to one of the people he interviewed, local activist Angela Robertson, “While the colonial masters have had a political change of heart back in their own countries, there’s a responsibility on the former overseers of Caribbean states in terms of the lingering climate of hatred toward gays and lesbians.”

One of the causes that Anglo-Saxon uber liberals have taken on, has been the case of homosexual activist Gareth Henry, who re­cent­ly applied for refugee status in Toronto after fleeing Jamaica out of fear, he says, for his life. It seems the homosexual radicals decided to make Gareth, the international grand marshal of this weekend’s Gay Pride parade. Political grand standing, I think so!

There is something about this attack on Jamaica that is disturbing to me and warrants a closer look. Why don’t the media point out those other Caribbean countries that have just as long and violent interactions with their respective homosexual communities? In fact NOW magazine had compiled more than half a dozen nations, all of them outside the Caribbean region, impose the death penalty for same-sex acts.

This list taken from the NOW magazine compilation includes:


This Islamic republic has the death penalty on file for cases of homosexuality. Death is by “public stoning.”


Homosexuality is still illegal and can land you in jail for 14 years. In the 12 northern states under sharia law, execution by stoning is practiced.


Iran puts gays to death. There are also harsh penalties for non-? Muslims who have gay sex with Muslims.


Sudan has a three-strike system for sodomy. First time, flogging (100 lashes) and five years in jail. Do it again, another 100 lashes and max five years. Third offence? Death (or life in jail).

United Arab Emirates

People were sent to jail for being openlygay last year. Some cross-dressers at a sporting celebration were also interrogated. None citizens living in the UAE with HIV were denied health care, quarantined and then deported.

Saudi Arabia

Sharia law. Offenders may also be flogged. Last year, two men were sentenced to 7,000 lashes each for having sex with other men. Over the last few years, dozens of men have been arrested for “behaving like women.”


Under Yemen’s 1994 penal code, unmarried sodomy gets you 100 lashes and a year in jail. Married men? Death by stoning. Women participating in “sexual stimulation by rubbing” get up to three years in jail.


Sodomy can get you 10 years of hard labour Legislation doesn’t necessarily target gays, but charges of debauchery are laid when the raids happen. The government has also used emergency courts, typically used for terrorism or national security cases, to prosecute homosexuals.


Homosexuality isn’t illegal, but it’s not easy. In addition to societal stig­ma, intolerance has led to reports of limited health resource access, and some gay men report being denied employment because of their sexual orientation. Police indifference has caused many gay organizations to choose to stay out of the public eye.


Sodomy laws are used to pun­ish the LGBT community. Members face discrimination across the whole society and will often face job loss and attacks upon being discovered as homosexuals


Anglo-Saxon hypocrisy runs rampant like lice in a barbershop. Europe has always been at the forefront of the homosexual lifestyle, promoting it as a natural way of living. Yet, some of the more anti-homosexual activities happen in the “West” (White) countries.  As the University of Ontario Institute of Technology professor and author of – Buller Men And Batty Bwoys: Hidden Men In Toronto And Halifax Black Communities– posits that “mo­ralgrandstanding and Western superiority complex aside, intolerance toward gays is by no means isolated to the islands. There are plenty of minority gay’s right here in the GTA living ghettoized lives ostracized from the mainstream”.

“Is what’s happening in Jamaica really any different than Canada before same-sex laws were passed?” says Wesley Crichlow, one of the people interviewed for the NOW article. “… But incidents of gay bashing happen all the time here where the perpetrators are not found, charges not laid and complaints not followed up by the local constabulary”.


However, later in the article a nugget of understanding was revealed, as the author mentioned that, “some suggest that the homopho­bia experienced by gays in Jamaica is not to be viewed in isolation, but as part of the elevated level of violence in the country, the murder capital of the world.”



It seems to me that once again the Anglo-Saxon is still disturbed by the thoughts of uppity knee-grows acting and talking out of turn. As I detailed in an earlier postthe ourstory of Jamaica was forged in the pit of hate we call the African Ma’afa. It was instituted by two legged dogs, with satanic souls, who as par the course, cut and ran when we decided to seek our manifest destiny. Before they left, they created an environment of violence, laced with poverty and despair and barricaded under siege like fortification of the IMF and the World Bank gangsters.

How many of you have thought about the fact that the two Islands that are recipients of the Western governments worst dislike, is Haiti and Jamaica. What is the one common thread running through their stories? The spirit of resistance! Did you know that one of the most influential people in Haiti’s revolution was a fellow by the name of Bookman? A Jamaican? Legend states that it was Bookman who brought voodoo to Haiti and used it to inspire and embolden the oppressed peopleto rise up and kick some French ass. With the rallying cry of …you shoot us dead, we rise up again! The Haitian revolution shook the world and woke up millions of knee-grows in captivity.

While Haiti’s independence was forged through physical resistance, Jamaica’s was cultural. There is such a strong spirit of resistance in Jamaica that it continues to stump western imperialists. I remember as a child, how the knee-grows tried to teach the children to speak “proper” English in order to appease their masters. Today every damn somebody and their shopkeeper, is dropping something Jamaican in a conversation. Today the movement to make Jamaican an official language has grown wings and has become almost chiseled in stone.

Growing up at a time when it was painful to be a Rasta, where one was literally killed by the police for looking like one. Families ostracizing children, lack of employment, housing, respect and care extended to them. Today, not only is Rasta the in thing, but the dreds is so common you can’t even tell the real Rastas anymore.  In my boyhood, you were more likely to hear fucking Lawrence Welk on the radio than a local artist. Now reggae music is the most popular and influential music out there. We even have Willie Nelson and Sinead O’Conner singing reggae.

(I pause here to gag at the imagery this brings up).

We have gospel reggae, country reggae, Japanese reggae, hip-hop and reggae, and the list goes on.  So what’s my point at this point, you ask. It’s that the protest and cry for a boycott of the Jamaican tourist industry is more than about violence against homosexuals.  It’s about White Supremacy seeking to maintain its control over other nations and by all means seeking to kill any form of independent attempt at sovereignty.  Jamaica has three lucrative money making industries that stands out.  Reggae Music, Tourism and unfortunately, drugs. The anti-Jamaica movement in the name of homophobia (what ever that means – fear of man?), seek to prevent the artists from making a living and the Jamaican economy to create any income from tourism. (Jamaica is still one of the most sought after destination for travelers)

But just like the old Ska song, Jamaica and Jamaicans will not be deterred. Trying to stop the violence against homosexuals by attacking the country’s economy will not sit well.

Yu pick him up, yu lick him down,
 him jump right back,
what a hard man fi dead!

Right now poverty is keeping Haitians in check. And since the Duvaliers, a succession of despots help to keep the White Supremacists boots on the people’s neck.  In Jamaica, the CIA has a long and entrenched his-story, supporting thuggary and depredation.  All to make sure that America Inc’s backyard remain free of independence. And if all things fail, they are not above pulling another Grenada down in the Caribbean either



22 thoughts on “An anti-Jamaican movement

  1. When the universe sends you a sign you don’t dare refuse it. As I stated previous, the issue of female sexual abuse is not only close to me, but is something I am pulling from my buried subconscious (because as youth we see the sign but could not reference it) and am more aware than years past. Male sexual abuse is a defining point in his life, and is what creates the type caricatures we see daily in Jamaica, but in All African communities…in fact all communities.

    I welcome the challenge of a blog exclusively for this issue. Together we will begin to create the impetus for healing. It shall be thus.


  2. Peace,
    You can call me “Spirit” for now and I will use that handle in my posts from now on, if you would like to leave your e-mail on the post I will contact you. I was divinely lead to this blog and post in particular, to impart certain information by the ancestors. At this point in time I would like to focus on Jamaica as it is going to come under a lot of economic sanctions because it is being labeled by the European and European controlled Countries as one of the most homophobic place on earth. I don’t think Jamaica have any monopoly on hate for homosexual than any other country. Many of these leaders of these Countries are only playing politics, as the homosexual lobby is strong. I don’t think the average Jamaican is concerned about mistreating Homosexual, violence permeates every area of Jamaican life and as a minority group in Jamaica, they will be targeted by people who are violent.
    In terms of solutions, if you want to work with me I would like to bring the whole issue of abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual) to the forefront. There are many Jamaican people carrying a lot of pain, anger, denial and secrets about the issue of abuse and often repeating destructive behaviors to their children. Blackmystory it appears you have good blogging skills would you like to create a blog where people can discuss this issue anonymously and we could promote it heavily in Jamaica and to Jamaicans abroad but of course not exclusively, I would like to see the focus on what has been going on in Jamaica for far too long. Some females are starting to talk about the issue of sexual abuse but we need to get the males talking about what was done to them I suspect it is going to be more persuasive than we can ever imagine. Years ago when people started talking about AIDS, one AIDS educator told me that it was common in the Caribbean for men who were homosexuals or were abused as children to try to cover the issue by having sex with as many women as possible.


  3. I signed a petition (Sponsored by the Cockpit Country Stakeholder’s Group) last year which opposed the development in that area. My wife’s family is from St. Elizabeth and my maternal side is from that area as well as Manchester. I will visit your website.


  4. Ayi Kushi

    log on to the environmental destruction of Jamaica. This was a blog my wife and her cousin had me put up about ocer a year ago. This was the impetus for this blackmystory blog. Both of them are from the cockpit country and I don’t have to tell you about that legacy. The previous government wanted mutinational companie such as ALCO to mine bauxite in the area.

    Environmentalists have said that area has flora and wildlife, that is not seen any where else in the world. The land is almost “pre-historic” in its naturalness, but the government was willing to sell the land for pitance to repeat the destruction of land in the St. Catherins area (I have some pictures that is just depressing).

    We have won a stay, but have to indicate to them how we are going to utilize it for th ebenifit of the people. This is one project I will be working on and will share it has it fleshes out.

    I am also working on some projects that are relevant to the NAU.

    Thanks for the weblink and I’ll be in touch with you.


  5. I would like us to work together as we have much to do. How should we get in contact with each other? What projects can be done Jamaica to raise the conciousness of our people there? What can we do here in North America? We now need to practice practical Black Nationalism to heal our families, our communities and our nation.


  6. Now the conversation is growing more interesting. I recently posted a small letter a couple of days ago dealing with male sexual abuse, this is a topic I am slowly becoming aware of, right behind the extensive female abuse evident. While I am pointing out our dysfunction, I believe that to heal one must first know what and where the dis-ease is, then apply correct measures. Your expectation of me is neither too high, nor too low, it is as it is, and it will only encourage me to for he forward. As I said before, “In general most of your last post I am in agreement with…,” “maybe both of us ending up in agreement”.

    I too must apologize for the tenor of my words and invite both you and AYI Kushi to share your observation, so that together we can design a solution to share with those coming up after us. I do strive to attack actions and not individuals, but the fire will blaze strong at times.

    AYI Kushi, I accessed that website from black agenda report and love the concept. It speaks to something, I have literally dreamed of doing,

    Asante Sana to both of you

    “From the cradle to the grave you must seek of knowledge”


  7. Anonymous,
    My apologies based on what you have written, it seems that your heart is in the right place. I too love Jamaica as it is my ancestral land away from Africa. How can we work together to rebuild that land get our brothers and sisters to love their African selves?

    Again I stand corrected.



  8. There are many people who are claiming African consciousness but we really don’t know what lifestyle they practice in the open or in secret. Some find African consciousness because that is how they were raise are just naturally have an African spirit or soul. Some are drawn to learn and grow and then there are the ones who were raised to love and worship Europeans and their belief system and are damaged and confused and appear to be looking for some answers in African consciousness but cant let go of dysfunctional behaviour pattern (talk black but live in a European mindset).
    My first statement on this blog was a partial quote from a brother. Whether they articulate it or not this is the mindset of dysfunctional behaviour as African people we are going to have to deal with it all from Homosexuality, promiscuity, incest, pedophilia, physical and emotional abuse of women and children among African people. In addition, we are ignoring it but many of our male children are getting sexually abuse I suspect this is one of the big secret why there are so many black men that are sexually promiscuous.
    I believe this is also one of the reason Jamaica has such a high rate of violence in every area it was on of the main slave breaking area in the West and there is a lot of dysfunction in parenting going on there and the extreme poverty does not help either, most Jamaican people I come across do not want to deal with this issue the average Jamaican still thinks beating their child and depriving them of basic needs is normal parenting. This they call discipline. Discipline is living and acting with high morals, values, principle, structure, and order.
    This is a country I love but we have to deal with the negatives that are being produced there because a lot of brilliant mind is being wasted.
    I see a lot of articles on this blog most are interesting but I don’t see any articles focusing on spirituality or that offer solutions to inspire and motivate the dysfunctions and self-hatred so many African people have.
    Any time you are going to outline a problem you also have to have solutions that will work or its pointless focusing on the problem.

    Blackmystory and Ayi I would reccomend you don’t personally attack or defend people you don’t know and have never met because you really don’t know what their actions and behaviors are.


  9. It seems like Anonymous is upside down in Amenta. Ignore him (or her). We must focus on those of us who desire to perfect our selves through the practice and application of Ma’at. We can’t waste our time on those who wish to practice Isfet. They are “living deaths.”


  10. Several points with you assertion of my confusion I will address. If you had asked me of my over standing regarding going inside you would have received a different answer. The fact that you opined that in light of this particular post and after your first comment about, “we trifle when we assign limits to our desires, since nature hath set none.” Indicates to me that you think I am full of shit! Whether that is what you meant or not is immaterial, because this is what I gathered from your statement, hence my response.

    “That was a line a hetrosexual guy uses to pick up women. A wise man is always seeking to improve himself not focus on others dysfunction.” Reinforces that I believed you’re once again telling me I am full of shit! Now as we go further away from the essence of the post, I am drawn into a debute with you of inner reflection, which I was not prepared for, but was operating in the vain of –get this- the Anti-Jamaican attitude of pro homosexual forces using the situation in Jamiaca as a reason to seek sanctions against a soverign country that is not at war with nobody but themselves. Which incientaly is a direct result European criminalism, imperislism and White Supremacy. The article iself quotes prominent homosexuals from Jamaica, who have said that these killings are obscuring equal or greater anti-homsexual activites in supposedly sophisticated countries.

    A small note, I know at least three of the quoted people personally, and they know me.

    In general most of your last post I am in agreement with, but stop intellectualizing with me about some thing other than the post. I will gladly speak with you on that topic, maybe both of us ending up in a greement. That is if you are sincere and not testing me with flowery words and not possessing any sincerity behind it.

    Please don’t go off topic! Life is simple, period. We, because of our understanding create all kinds of difficulties for our selves, then blame it on outside influences. I say it again, life is simple, we complecate things in life and blame everything else but our thoughts and actions.

    Now let me present a small bit of information to you. The philosophy and culutre of homosexuality is contrary to the going inside you allude to, and against what I alluded to about universal truth. There is many levels to this statement, so I am now setting the paramator of this discussion, so misunderstanding does not continue.

    Finally the dude who made that statement in your presence, should’ve gotten slapped for being a stupid ass.


  11. I am sorry to see you seemed a bit confused about the idea of going within its straight forward. Life should be approached as a student and not a teacher even when we are teaching, that is the purpose of our existence if we approach life as teachers we become arrogant and learn nothing. Wisdom comes from being quiet in one’s daily life one must take action and set aside a minimum of one hour per day for one’s self in order to have this fulfillment of desire answered to ones question. That means no conversation with others, no media just sitting alone and being quiet and listen to what come to mind and acting on it. Each individual that read this has to do it for oneself and not worry about if the masses are aware or not, everyone does not get there at the same time or get it at all.
    Knowledge, information, ideas skills, and creativity are not just that on their own there are to improve ones life and humanity. To truly understand this and act on it means you are elevating your higher self or “chakra” this is serious science from the ancient as brother Ayi Kushi mention and not simplicity this is part of the science that build great works like the pyramids.
    The masses are not internal focus because as children most are not taught to sit and be quiet or to do what’s right for them but to follow others and follow a god or deity outside of themselves. There are a lot of parents especially in today’s society with moms working outside the home that teach their children absolutely nothing productive all they pick up is dysfunctional behaviour. Many people assume they can parent by producing children instead of learning how to parent.
    Every adult has the ability to change one’s condition it starts with a spark some call it ambition. But you only change when you go within voluntarily or by some mishap of life that forces one to look within but it always from going within no way around it. If one doesn’t it is constant unhappiness, confusion, unfulfilled life, and always feeling one is lacking what they need.
    consistent:showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom
    Consistency doesn’t necessarily mean truth and righteousness, slavery and oppression in Western Civilization has been consistent for hundred of years and there is nothings righteous about that practice.


  12. Asanti Sana, Ayi Kushi

    In the Matrix movie, written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski and stolen rom an original idea, by an African sister, the future as perceived by humans is actually a Matrix, a simulated reality created by sentient machines in order to pacify and subdue the human population while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. Now outside of the Movie atmosphere, most people wouldn’t and can’t accept that they are living in a simulated reality. Then there are others, so bugged out that they believe everything from “Lizard people” (as layed out in the book The Biggest Secret) occupying our bodies, to the world is coming to an end based on Eurocentric supposition from the Mayan Calendar.
    But when people don’t over stand the simple fact that once they give the powers of their mind to others, to create and think for them, they then shouldn’t be asking why is my life such a mess. Why do I have to medicate myself with outside stimulants (drugs, booze, sex, party, entertainment, gossips, hatred, etc), is a forlorn wailing into the wind.

    People like to throw out freedom to do this or that, but use it without context and rersponsibility. Then when questoned where common sense comes in they obfuscate and deny and waffle, then make up shit.

    But then common sense is not common, that’s why most of us are upside down in Amenta!


  13. This is an excellent and articulate description of Ma’at. Having control of our lower energies is embodied in the sculpture of Her-em-akhet or Heru of the Rising Sun (Misnomered: The Sphinx) where our human or divine selves take (represented by a man’s head and shoulders) takes precendence and control over our animal selves (represented by the Lion).

    Keep up the good work brother, As a child of Africa by way of Jamaica and the U.S. I see that the Koromantee spirit runs strong in us. Peace.


  14. How does one learn true wisdom by living in a world as external as this? Everything must have a beginning and every beginning must have an impetus. Did you not have a “sign post”, a guide on your journey to the inner?

    How can you take one who has only known the noise of the external and tell them to be quiet, expecting this to happen just so? The collective have been conditioned through many factors, to give in to the lower energies. Each continual act of giving in only accelerates the lowering.

    Before they are trained to uplift, they must first realize they are slaves to the lower self.

    Before I gained knowledge, information to me was just information, an idea was just an idea. After I gained over standing, information was no longer just information, an idea no longer an idea. Now that I’ve learned to utilize knowledge to gain understanding, information is just information, an idea just an idea. The height of over standing is really nothing special. It is merely simplicity; the ability to see what is consistent is what is real. It is the halfway seeing that leads to ornamentation. Truth is consistent, despite opinions. If you seek consistency with truth, which is universal, then that which is not consistent is not truth.


  15. From within comes true wisdom. When you go within you will find all you need. Your creator gave you an inner wisdom. This knowledge will always guide you to where you want to go in the quickest, easiest and shortest route. All you have to do is be quiet long enough to hear it, and then act on what you hear. Ever notice how the people who focus mainly on the external are the unhappiest and most confused people and always need others to validate them.

    I have been in the presence of the line being used obviously.


  16. That was a line a hetrosexual guy uses to pick up women. A wise man is always seeking to improve himself not focus on others dysfunction.


  17. Man requires rules and regulation, else there is chaos. Nature has limits, as quiet as it is kept. All things in nature-all except man-have natural checks and balance, yet man is the only being in creation whose “desires” supercedes these checks and balances inherent in us.


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