What irritated me was the effort putting into wondering why more of us don’t come forward to help the police in this or numerous other violent acts perpetuated by us against us. Now their are a bevy of reasons given; fear of retaliation, not caring, not wanting to get involved and distrust of the police. The guests and others throughout the past two-three decades also like to pontificate that their are just some violent people in our community and there are no real explanation for them being that way.  This is a classic case of the dog chasing its tail. For one, people tend to be very concerned about violence in their neighbourhood but they do fear retaliation AND more important, their distrust of the police tends to supersede the need or desire to cooperate on a whole. Of course their are exceptions, but people tend to imply that our community don’t care enough about each other, all but ignoring those who actively defy retribution and do cooperate with the police. Ask any honest African adult, teen or even preteen about their daily interactions with the police and hear what they say…even the knee-grows can catch them some bad interaction with the police.

Some of us are not fooled by the call out to help them solve our colonialist conditioned pathological self destruction. The system the police of all stripes have sworn to protect, has for over 500 years taught us better than anything, how to best murder each other. The police, as descendants of the slave catchers hired by plantation owners to retrieve their “properties”, always ensure that there is 100 percent compliance  in knowing our “place”. This is generally reinforced by daily, weekly,monthly police stop and search procedures, often humiliating us, often repeated and any out cry always dismissed as opposition to effective policing. When the police elects to ask for our assistance, they are in reality looking to establish a foot hold in the community where they can further integrate themselves in our lives. Hence the community based policing, putting a station in the schools, designated community areas, doing recreation activity with the very young or gullible, all to get us to trust them. But a leopard never changes is spot and neither does an oath taker renege on this oath without the appropriate termination… literally and figuratively. A good movie or book to read is the story of Frank Serpico, or check out the Charles Burnett movie Glass shield.

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