The force feeding of cow juice (milk) initiates the process of chemicalizing generations of people, who go on to become enslaved to the numerous accoutrements of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratories. Such instruments of addiction and torture includes the aforementioned cow juice, the baby bottle – which acclimatizes the child to embrace all things plastic and the crib, which is a tiny jail cell to prepare the child to voluntarily curtail his and her natural freedom. As you get older, your weight is still important. It’s something your parents and doctor will probably keep an eye on. When you go for a checkup, the doctor often will record your height and weight and compare it with what it was the last time you came in. The doctor wants to check that you are a “healthy weight”, based on the artificial standard set up by the medical cartels. According to them weighing too much — or too little — can be a problem.

Obesity has become a problem in the last 30 years, as a growing number of children have developed weight problems as they became young unwilling victims of parental neglect and nutritional ignorance and as pawns for a medical cartel that continuously experiments on the population for their corporate masters and political executioners. . Today, 1 out of 3 child and teens between the ages of 2 and 19 are overweight or obese, a word that means very overweight. Two out of every 3 adults are overweight or obese. For both, weighing too much can lead to illnesses and health problems. When people talk about being obese or fat (an accumulation of lipids or adipose tissues), they mean that someone has more body fat than is healthy. Everyone has some body fat, usually the good ones, which we absolutely need for the joints, to protect the organs and to help with the function of the body) but when someone has excess fat, particularly the bad ones that comes from animal products, starches and junk foods it can affect the person’s health and ability to walk, run, and get around. It also affects the way they look and may cause them to be bigger and rounder than other people.

In the lingo of the misinformed, Phat is said to mean (1.) cool (2.) Pretty Hot And Tempting. However this is a new twist on a thirty year old ghettoized knee-grow definition of Phat which means “Pussy, Hips, Ass, Tits”. It was originally coined to describe an African woman in America Inc., in a way that points out her obvious physical characteristics. The problem with “Phat” is that it is kind of phased out and is mostly used by Caucasians who wannabe knee-grows, old school pimps and those a few step behindi cultural slang.  

The term Phat is also similar to earlier description of African woman size as being Fat, but meaning having ample hips butt, breast and vagina, as opposed to a skinny woman whose hips are said to bruise you during sex, and who has nothing to hold on to.  Legendary Jamaican groups the Heptones had a hit song called Fatty, Fatty, which details the need for an ample woman for sex and how being with such a women even enhances the mood.

The song created an industry where the belief is that Jamaican man and by default all African men are into obese women or women unhealthily large.  Trying to defend such nonsense has become tiresome, because obese Caucasian women who tend to be ostracized by their men find stupid knee-grows who wanting to bed Caucasian women so much created the urban legend that “fat white women” are better sex partners, plus they are more  “fun to ride”.

The hip-hop culture has been for a long time a portal into the African community and the basest example of the overwhelming misogynistic ideologies and a platform for success upon the degradation and exploitation of African women.

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