The music enables the continual misrepresentation of African female sexuality as something exotic that can and must continually be exploited. In showing images of thick leg, big breasted and big butt (booty) knee-grow females, the sexuality of African females suffer in order for the knee-grow male to show off their hyper-masculinity that is integral to their misspent and misdirected societal persona. It also creates in the mind of the young female the notion that if she wants acceptance from her peers and to snatch a mate from the almost sterile pool of knee-grow males, she most slap her booty, gyrate and volcano all over video or dance floor… or YouTube. Since being a “skinny bitch” is unacceptable in a culture that uses fraises like Fat and Phat, the knee-grow female, instead of being concerned with her overweight problem, seeks to promote this as sexy and necessary to achieve her goals… admiration from others and sex and affection from the male!

African women, in epidemic proportions, are eating themselves to death. 50 percent of African- women in the west are obese compared to only 30 percent of Caucasian women. Obese women are more likely to suffer from cardiopulmonary disease, various forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, arthritis, interruptions in menstruation, constipation and other debilitating illnesses. Although the extra pounds and inches may seemingly come from nowhere, they are the result poor food choices combined with little to no activity. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that half of all African women in America Inc., are overweight and 1 out of 2, age 40 and over, is obese-a more extreme type of overweight . It is a troubling statistic, given that obesity leads to an increase in numerous health problems.

African women’s body type is definitely different from other ethnic groups, even after our 500 year sojourn in the West as prisoners of imperialist and colonial wars.  Now I am not sure of the veracity of this claim,  but a group of German researchers have been said to have identified a gene, the thrifty gene that may have been the reason enslaved African  were able to survive the Ma’fa journey from paradise to hell. According to them, the thrifty gene, which helps the body to function based on a minimal amount of food, is still carried by some generations, even though starvation is hardly a threatin the west. At least starvation as we think it is. They said the  typical sedentary lifestyle along with the high-fat, high-calorie diet of many African-Americans jump-starts the gene, causing obesity and its attendant diseases–diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease–all more prevalent in our community. Our cultural belief system and attitudes about our body image also cause us to think ourselves into bad health. When Sir Mix-a-lot rapped ‘baby got back’–where our women’s with ample derrieres are inspiring and having big butts is a cause for over celebration–some knee-grow women and men don’t see themselves attractive unless they carry ‘a little meat on their bones, even though that meat is distorted, unshapely and unhealth. This view tends to put as at risk for chronic disease and condemns generations to a life of ill health.

OBESITY is not just a personal failure; it is an emotional problem which eventually leads to a medical crisis. Couple this with the pressures inundating us from the fast-paced society, and the fast food industry, with packaged foods and high-calorie dishes, obesity has become more prevalent, especially among African people.  The promotion of Phat as sexual expression and appreciation of a woman’s Pussy Hips Ass and Tits, Is wrong headed and demeaning, but to associate a physically unhealthy state of being with ample hips ass and tits along with a comfortable vagina is downright demeaning of herself and women in general and is some of the cause of young African women self esteem issues, bad relationship choices and ill health. As men and women, our approach to our bodies tend to range from narcissistic to neglectful with no middle ground for common sense, but Caucasian women in my estimation has less to work wit than African women, but they do so much more with it. We on the other hand have so much to work with but do so little or don’t handle it with care, that the litany of dis-ease affecting us, also affects the child bearing and child rearing amongst us.  

Endnote: Why is it that you can Google images of fat women and see that of obese Caucasian women, but Google fat black women and get porn?. It’s a matter of who controls the images then, is it not?.

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