There was a time when this was a small and embarrassing segment of the knee-grow community. Today this is the norm and is championed by segments of our society from the dumbest of the dumb to the most accomplished and lettered. Statistics have shown that the increase in a father absent home directly correlates to the effeminization of the males.

The knee=grow females say “black men aint” shit and “there are no good black men”. this dysfunctional female shows you why “there aint no good black men” and why “they aren’t shit!”

Breaking down the enemy is a systemic and progressive process. In the case of the knee-grow in North America, the males are demonized and criminalized. Then to counteract the fight for equality in the sixties, the enemy of African people inserted the Caucasian females between the African men and women. They give up easy “white pussy” to both the men and women in order to distract us from the prize we fought for. Then they encourage the African women to abandon us for the false notion of independence…from what?  When the men are driven off, Yurugu steps in and becomes the knee-grow female’s benefactor, who allows her to do any dusty, nasty dysfunctional behavioral act imaginable.

This is independence? The pictures above and below are the norm in this society due to the knee-grow females and males coming from a dysfunctional home, with delusional idea of what relationship is about.

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