Since the advent of the so called civil rights movement, knee-grows have been sliding down a slippery slope of destruction in leaps and bounds.  It is something to say about ones character when one is considered sub human by your action, imagery and intent. It is now normal to do the abnormal and then justify it by saying I have the right to….(fill in the blanks). This is the dangers of what Malik Shabazz talked about when he declared we needed human rights, not civil rights in a nation that offers no civility to a people oppressed in the western hemisphere for half a century. This is what Martin Luther King expressed in his speech both in Chicago in supporting the striking sanitation workers and in his opposition to the Vietnam invasion and subsequent slaughter of a sovereign nation by American profiteers. Both were murdered by mechanization of the state. If you believe that the nation of Islam actually killed Malik Shabazz, you really don’t overstand the reach of cointelpro and agent provocateurs. The destruction of the Black Panther party is just that case too, yet we were allowed to vote, for the dictator of our choice. We were allowed to forgo owning our own business when  we couldn’t get a job, now there are less successful African business OR appreciation for African business in North American (NAU). We have allowed  souls of our younger generation, to be sullied and poisoned because in our pursuit of integration the older generation left the children with no institutions  such as banks, schools, our own medical centers or manufacturing centers. Without these institutions we failed to protect them from the ravages of a vampire culture that consumes the souls of “black” folks.

I have said this numerous times and this is my mantra…this society is anti feminine principle and as such is anti masculine principle and anti family. A feminine female is a woman. A female that does not act feminine cannot be a woman because she does not recognize her role as a nurturer and teacher of the young and a supporter of her complement. She is incomplete and therefore cannot qualify as a woman. A emasculated male cannot be considered a man, because he is not in his role as a leader, protector and provider of the home and community. He cannot be an example of manhood for his son to emulate  nor can he be a template for his daughter when she is ready to seek a complement. The advance of feminism and the polar opposite of attacking the man’s position as provider, has turned us upside down. The female has taken on a male’s roll and the male the female. We have become confused as to what our purpose is and end up doing anything our base nature insures us to do.  Trust that for feminism to work, the discipline that the male provides must be eroded, economically and morally  the teaching and nurturing that the female provides has been replaced with neglect and corruption. A disinterested and neglectful father is a terrible thing, worse is a disinterested and neglectful mother, for she is the first teacher and often the most intimate with a child’s character development in the delicate stages.

So what are the results of a dysfunctional parenting that exist in a dysfunctional society that enables and legislates  immoral and dysfunctional behaviour under the guise of White Supremacy? See for yourself……

Beast Squad ft.Ash Bash – “Beasty Is Back”

Chief Keef – Love Sosa

The “Real” Basketball Wives

These videos are some of the most watched on youtube


I repeat….where are their parents?

The last two videos have been huge youtube sensation. Why, because today’s society loves public displays of sex and loves it when knee-grows provide them with public displays of sex. It’s like watching monkeys or any other animal in a zoo. The public also loves to watch knee-grows act violent and do stupid shit that embarrasses society, their community , hell the notion of civilization. Talk about self full filling stereotypes.”’

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