Ricketts the old/new pseudo disease


It was said by Vladimir Lenin that “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” This is similar to, the statement, “if you through mud up against a wall something will stick”. If some one with an once of “credibility” repeats a series of lies, misinformation or non scientific assertions disguised as truth to others who believe in their infallibility, then any kind of abuse becomes true. That’s what propaganda does. It disorients, deflects logical thinking, and disguises the truth so that it cannot be recognized. The lies of abuse teaches the victim that they have no value, that you are disposable, and that your wants and needs are unimportant. The Hippocratic Oath of the medical community says in part “I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgment, and I will do no harm or injustice to them”. To do otherwise renders it a Hypocritical Oath, which is contrary to the long held belief that a doctor’s true training is to heal.



The attack on Vegans is ramped up significantly when one is dealing with an African person, who attempts to live a holistic lifestyle.

A year ago a young girl was misdiagnosed with rickets. She and her family were vegans. The rickets was blamed on low levels of Vitamin D. The article claimed the lack of milk in the vegan diet causes rickets. Well ask your self this question. Why aren’t many other vegans getting rickets? The so called Vitamin D is said to be absorbed from the sun. The high foreheads state that skin pigmentation is more of a hindrance than veganism, and that excessive exposure to sun affects the absorption of Vitamin D.


These numb nuts also claim that women who cover their entire body like traditional Muslim women, breast feeding women, people who stay indoors and new born babies, as well as people with dark skin (yes I have read that too) are more susceptible to rickets.


What is Rickets?


Rickets is a generalized skeletal disease said to involve Vitamin D metabolism. Vitamin D, is said to be vital for bone mineralization. Although this vitamin is important it does not act alone. The term ‘rickets’ predates the later and current notions of the actual causal chemistry. In the older sense, a child with the bowing of leg bones, with thickened ends of bones (including ribs), often irritable, and eventually (when x-ray allowed) noted to be associated with widened growth plates which did not fully calcify – that was called rickets.




Rickets the Walmart of diagnosis



As far back as 1868, at the Bourdex Medical Society’s conference on the progress of medical science, it was revealed that rickets was derived from the word the Greek “rachitis” chiefly because of the words’ similarity in sound.  Rickets or “rachitis” is indicates “inflammation of the spine”. This term was later adopted as a generic term for only the bowing of the legs. According to the finding, true rickets is a deformity of the spine. Scientific evidence states that the inflammation and deformity of spine was later reduced to a “deformity” of the lower extremities. The scientists also noted “The coincidence of deviation of the spine is not necessary, and rickets may exist in a moderate degree, especially when children have not walked without help; but the inverse of this has never been observed, viz, a rickety deviation of the spine without general rickets and especially without rickety deformity of the lower extremities”.
***Note***: These scientists also stated that fetal or congenital rickets is extremely rare, based on studies of animals and man. 


What Causes Rickets?


Medically there are two types of rickets. Renal osteodystrophy is a bone disease that occurs when your kidneys fail to maintain the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. It’s a common problem in people with kidney disease and affects 90 percent of dialysis patients. The kidneys play an important role in maintaining healthy bone mass and structure because one of their jobs is to balance calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. Renal osteodystrophy can be treated with changes in diet. Reducing dietary intake of phosphorus is one of the most important steps in preventing bone disease. Almost all foods contain phosphorus, but it’s especially high in commercial milk, cheese, dried beans, peas, nuts, and peanut butter, cocoa, dark sodas, and beer.


Medical story tellers and rickets promoters say – not imply – say that African people have a higher incidents of rickets, due to genetic reasons. And there in lies the crux. Genetics! They site three main reasons for this.


(a) Lack of consumption of cow juice, which is naturally and artificially fortified with Vitamin D.

(b) Staying out of the sun, especially during the winter.

(c) Staying in the sun too much with out sunscreen.


First of all – cow Juice is designed for baby cows…ever heard of them? The component of the cow juice provides an excessive amount of casein, for the cow’s body to rapidly grow to the size cows generally are. But cows have small brain. The hue-man brains develop first and the body second. This is why you see so many baby Huey’s, being raised today. Then let’s not forget that cows have three stomachs, better to absorb the juice. Hue-man tends to suffer from lactose intolerance, which is the inability to break down the sugar in the cow juice.  Hue-man baby’s first suck and ingests the substance colostrums that start creating the building block for the immune system… which mother’s milk provides.


Second of all – in Countries experiencing winter periods, the population tends to stay inside to stay warm, this is also a period when the sun is at its weakest. Therefore EVERYBODY would suffer from limited exposure to the sun and its activation of vitamin D, at some point. If you follow the prevailing theory then everybody in Western Countries suffers from “rickets”. Yet medical bone rattlers seem to target breast feeding mothers, Muslim women, vegetarians/vegans and people with “dark skin”. Vitamin D in the diet isn’t really an active agent, but rather a precursor, a build it yourself kit for what is often called “active vitamin-D”. The substance in the diet must first be absorbed, altered by the liver, then altered further by the kidney, then changed again in the skin by sunlight before it is in the active form. If any of those steps is faulty, then dietary vitamin D will be no more active than sand or jelly beans.


An elevated level of calcium in the blood indicates an inability to absorb this vitamin. This means the kidneys and liver are not functioning properly and that fact shows up in the urine.


Third of all – and this is a definitive attack on African people- because we often come from tropical climates where excessive sun exposure is the norm, or due to our excessive melanin content, are more capable of surviving excessive sun exposure. It has now been acceptable to infer that African people can and do suffer the same chance of developing skin cancer as Caucasians or others less melanated than us.

Here are two main things wrong with these theories.


  1. Have you ever heard worn black clothing in the sun? The body becomes heated quickly; you start sweating and become uncomfortable. It’s almost as if the black clothe acts as a conductor, absorbing the sun and making the body warm. White or light clothing on the other hand seems to deflect the suns rays, thus keeping the body relatively cool.
  2. Melanin is not only a conductor, pulling the sun’s rays to the body, thus activating dormant vitamins lying subcutaneously which in turn strengthens the bones. Melanin is also equivalent to mud…yes mud! Go ahead, cover yourself with mud, and see how cool it makes your body feel in the hot sun. While the Sun is powerful to penetrate your skin, some people of African linage or with excessive melanin will be protected from sun damage or over heating, as long as the head is covered and h2o is consumed regularly to further keep the body cool.
Switching to any diet requires balanced and diversity. A new diet takes time for the body to adjust to. Anyone can go vegan with proper preparedness.


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