Periodically, the medieval bone throwers in hospital smock would pass some cow fertilizers to their fawning sycophants in the media, who in turn puts out an article exaggerating studies that scare readers into thinking vegetarianism, specifically, veganism as being unhealthy, brain-deteriorating, or even fatal.


The headline above in red was taken from The London Telegraph which intimated, “Vegan diet tied to birth defects” due to the low availability of B12 in its diet.


If someone who is a ravenous consumer of dead flesh happens to have weak bones or any plethora of health problems, it’s not news. But if she or he’s a vegan, not just a vegetarian, then the majority act as if a suicide watch needed to be called! These self same experts on veganism, who don’t have a clue what to do when their assholes get clogged up, as an opinion on a life style as alien to them as the possibility that doctors aren’t infallible and in fact often, sinister, ignorant, drug pushing SOB’s.  


All they need to do is show one little study that outlines that the vegan diet has deficiencies and people become religious.


Western (read that Caucasian) diet is chock filled with deficiencies too numerous to mention. Considering that science and medicine are the new religion of the New Roman Empire, DRUGS are often prescribed to mask the symptom of a life style which creates a slow death called twentieth century dis-ease. Any specific diet has deficiencies and a deficiency doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get nutrients from that diet. For example, B12 or Iron in a vegan diet is thought to be of a lesser consequence, after you consider the lack of any NUTRIENTS in a non-vegan diet that is wholly dependant on taste more than value.


A Vegetarian lifestyle challenges cultural norms, aids in the decreasing of animal exploitation, improves personal health, and benefits the environment… and has become a danger to Agri-business and Pharmaceutical enterprises and is being ostracized by agents of these soon to be corporate entities, including bone rattlers called doctors.


“Vegans and women who eat little or no meat, fish, eggs, milk or cheese are at the highest risk”


This is wildly held and erroneously promoted lie based on the belief that it is difficult to get B12 in a vegan diet, that you can only get B12 from animal source. B12 does not come from animals or from plants, but a bacteria native in many vegan or – say it after me now – organic foods.  Just like fish oil is claimed by pseudo scientists, to be solely from source of Omega 3, these ignorant assess refuse to look at: English walnuts, Flax oil, Flax seed, Hemp oil, Hemp seed / hemp nut (ground), Olive oil, Leafy green vegetables or Pumpkin seeds. All rich sources of Omega3 


Incidentally, the study mentioned above? No one in the B12 study was vegan. The article makes no mention of any single women out of the 279 women studied being vegan. Instead, the study looked at some women with neural tube defects. Say it after me folks…”..aint that a bitch?”


What this article should be pointing out is that B12 deficiency could be related to “inflammatory bowel disease” or a number of other causes and should be dealt with before getting pregnant and carrying a child.




Vegetarians by any other name


When I decided to take the journey away from the consumption of dead flesh, I admit it was more as a fad than for any researched reasons. An older brother was a Rastafarian and growing amongst that sect I was conditioned to view the fallacy of meat eating as evidence of the corruption of Babylon and the workers of inequity. Over the years my over standing, grew from ideological, to health, with a little piece of spirituality thrown in. During this period I new of only Vegetarianism, not octo, ovarian, ovium or WTF! Just straight vegetarians. To say I was confused when some dweeb tells me that they are vegetarians, but eat fish? Or drink cow juice, is an understatement.  Then I realized that food – As Dr. Laila O’Afrika stated in African Holistic Health stated – create emotional attachment making the majority of us emotional eaters.



Suffice to say, these pseudo vegetarians are emotionally attached to a meat die-et and refuse or are unable to divest themselves from that experience. This is why soy is such a big hitter amongst this section of the population. Soy is so versatile that it can be made to taste like any form of meat. This is one of the scary parts about Soy. The scariest part though is that Soy was originally discovered as a pesticide in China centuries ago. Bugs that eat Soy beans become sterile, so the farmers would sprinkle or plant the beans in the vicinity of their cash crops. This is why traditionally Soy is FERMENTED, because of the exceedingly large amount of estrogen it contains that can be released into the body. Excess estrogen not only messes up the male but the female body as well. Dis-ease such as the varied forms of cancer, early ministration, growth of breast in prebucent females and other imbalances that the medical society knew of as far back as 1940.


The majority of folks do not eat fermented Soy.


This brief tales is only told to assist the reader in over standing the bridge between the attack on vegetarian life style, using willing dupes and the attempt to create and sustain a system where every one is uniformed in thinking and acting, the better it will be to control us.

Along the way, African people will still be the one group that will catch an inordinate amount of shit kicking from the shitstym.   Being African and being Vegan is like killing two birds with one stone for the doers of Isfet.  I make a case below. Step to the head of the line if you can discern the truth in this. 


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One thought on “Birth defects blamed on vegan diet!

  1. Why is it necessary for a couple to influence the gender of their next baby, Why do you must influence whether the baby arrives as a baby boy rather than a baby girl. You must not leave the sex of your baby to chance. It is your right and it is not unethical.


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