White Supremacy is the perpetuation of Caucasian/white status and superiority through the process of institutionalizing a supremacist ideology in practice and internalizing it in human minds. It soon grew into a global system of domination against all people of color , but utilizes Caucasians of a lower economical level to help enforce and maintain it, due to their collective association based on limited melanin.   

Ota benga 

Who Is Sara Baartman Every black woman should know her name 

What is “The Saartjie Project”? 




Friedrich Nietzsche, famous German Philosopher who went insane at 45 years old and said “WHAT DOESN’T KILL US MAKES US STRONGER.” Nietzsche declared that “GOD IS DEAD”, opposed Christianity and believed in the concept of “WILL TO POWER” and uebermenschen or “SUPERMAN”: the ideal human who can channel passions into creativity and who is superior to the moron masse 

Nietzsche believed that religious “morality” killed the genius of innovation and could end culture and civilization. Since there is no God, there must be HUMAN creations and realizations. Humans have the “will to power” in politics, culture and everywhere. Nietzsche’s ideal was the super-human-being or the “OVERMAN” or “SUPERMAN”, which is a superior individual who controls his/her passions and uses them in a creative way. The SUPERMAN’S will to power would set him/her apart from the herd of inferior masses. Nietzsche was famous for his much quoted line “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Accordingly Nietzsche believed that the ideal superman is fair of hair, fair of skin and with blue eyes 

In 1889, Nietzsche tragically suffered a nervous breakdown and was overcome by mental illness in his mid forties, allegedly brought on by tertiary syphilis. Nietzsche’s ideas and reputation became international in the 1890’s, but he was never aware of that. The playwright, George Bernard Shaw was influenced by Nietzsche’s life assertion and Shaw named one of his plays “Man and Superman.” The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, English poet W.B. Yeats, the composers Delius, Schoenberg, and Mahler and even dictators like Hitler and Mussolini were all influenced by the writings of Nietzsche! 


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