Of course this is a simplistic rendition of the system, so don’t prepare any science awards for me. This  system also allows for a similar view of women, who are “naturally” inferior to men, but in that same order based on the visible level of melanin. Based on this system, the economic and social status of certain ethnic groups becomes another contributing factor to the practice and self inflicted belief of racism. It is augmented by the lack of diversity in certain areas and cities.  The areas includes; Law, Labour, Entertainment, Education, Economics, Religion, War, Sex and Politics. These factors can lead to intellectual, spiritual and physical hate crimes often resulting in physical or emotional injury, and even death. 

Racism, as an idea and a practice, has evolved and continues to evolve.  Many of us today blindly conceptualize racism as what was—Adolf Hitler, the Klan of the early 20th century—and thus, in the absence of cross burnings or German ovens, see no racial problems.   

The pioneer Fund   The science of eugenics 

Violence as a part and expression of ethnic hatred is very real, but racism is not limited to these overt things. As I stated above; racism exists as systems of domination and oppression, which continue to perpetuate themselves even after individuals cease to be conscious of the harm they do. Racism or racist violence becomes part of regular practice, is “justified,” and then slips into invisibility. Most people are conditioned to think racism has always been with us, so there’s a sense of inevitability in the hierarchy of White Supremacy.  Once we over stand that what was created can be destroyed, what was constructed can be deconstructed, once we courageously elect to take the proverbial blue pill, then we can begin the battle to over throw the matrix. 

There are three phases in the development of anti –ethnic hatred: 

The first comes through the promotion of cultural superiority and the subsequent belief in this superiority. This is supported by the difference in phenotype and the “others” cultural difference and inability/reluctance to throw their lot in with the practice and beliefs of the victors of imperialistic wars. This was followed by a series of cultural and imperial wars against the so called heathens outside of Europe. The results were genocide, archeological and cultural destruction and using prisoners of wars as mules for imperialist expansions. 

The second stage is the justification of the belief in racial superiority and the stratification of the varied ethnicities into groupings called race. After separating into groups, an institution of White Supremacy was built and enforced through legal practices and strict social stratifications where in the co-mingling of different cultural groups are discouraged under severe penalty. Once more the rules and laws are reinforced and practiced through education and religious teachings and the only co-mingling acceptance is when the “inferior race” elect to give up their independent identity in order to serve the “superior” in all manner and capacity. 

 In fact religion today remains the most important and fastest avenue that assimilation in to Caucasian culture and enslavement to White Supremacy’s hate infused system. Just ahead of education and war. 

    • in 1748, Montesquieu wrote: “It is impossible for us to suppose these creatures to be men, because, allowing them to be men, a suspicion would follow, that we ourselves are not Christian.” (Loewen, Montagu)    
    • by 1705 Africans were legally removed from the family of man and relegated to the status of property. Africans came to be known as black (or Negro), black and slave became synonymous, and whiteness was born:
    • first legal reference to blacks as slaves came in 1659 (Higgenbotham)
    • casual killing of (black) slaves became legal in 1669 (Higgenbotham)
    • first occurrence of the term “white” as a racial category in law was in 1691 (Higgenbotham)
    • interracial marriage became punishable by law in 1705 (Higgenbotham)
    • first scientific use of term “race” was introduced in 1749 (Montagu)

 The next phase is the entrenching of this belief in stone as part of the daily existance becoming an idea alive in the minds of both oppressor and oppressed—it became the superstructure or system that supported and perpetuated the stratification of society. 

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