As I grow wiser – I hope- in subsequent years, I grow to over stand the significance of language and the psychological effects it has on us. Language used with in context has the power to reinforce entitlement for the beneficiary of piracy and the excuse of that very act…piracy!

For the victims it has a different and just as important effect. Certain words in the English dialect (I say dialect, because before the last century, English failed the scholarly requirement for language) such as: Slave, power, terrorist, violence, white, black, god and law; each have different meaning and carries psychological impact to an oppressor and to the oppressed.


“History is written by the victors and that the truth is never known

—Hermann Goering

The term white is used as a description, to identify a particular group of people from certain traditional regions of Europe, who more than 6000 years ago embarked on a goal of conquest and world domination that was more effective and all encompassing than any other group in his-story or our story. White is not only inefficient as a modern identifier it is incorrect, because there is no physically “white” people. There are some who have less melanin and some who have much more. The latter are incorrectly called black. The problem with that is if you utilize the English language both identifiers occupy two extremes in describing a spiritual, physical and psychological state. Check out traditional English definition of black and white.


Due to their collective inheritance of a legacy of theft of the wealth of others, the destruction of other people’s culture and possession of other people’s legacy, most people from western and eastern Europe, who originally came from an amalgamation of several tribes and called themselves Anglo-Saxon, have and still benefited from the actions of their ancestors in physically securing a place for them and their children above all other nations and tribes on the planet.

In using the bastardize description of these children of piracy, the term “right of white” soon came about as a cynical expression of their arrogance and plain bullshitedness (my words) for their Anglo-Saxon only world view.




 This “right of white” slang also points to how the pirates and their children can use terms such as slave to describe ONE group of people, when the application if not the term was universally used by all people and actually came from the name of an Eastern European tribe…the Slavic people. The “right of white”, encourages those deficient in thinking, to mix and mangle words such as terrorist/freedom fighter, power/force, violence/self defence, god/man and law/oppression.


Due to this hidden truth in his-story and our story we have revisionist to day who decides to obfuscate, lie and deny truth, eventually blaming the victim for remaining in an oppressed state. Such a revisionist is former punk rocker and entertainer, Bob Geldof, who enhanced his flagging public persona by verbally attacking and insulting the sovereign government of Angola. To know the story of Angola’s long struggle to throw off the yoke of Portuguese imperialism and the interference of the settler invaders in Azania, you will over stand why many countries in Africa is still behind Europe in many significant Barometers as “progressive” nations. This two bit entertainer, a child of poverty in the former Viking settlement today called Dublin.Once a city of squalor and class division, built on the remains of lost grandeur”, Dublin, like most of Ireland became a welfare state to be assisted by the rest of Europe, in standing independently. 



The former fiefdoms of Imperial Europe, except for America Inc. and Canukistan (Canada), have all basically had to survive on their on after the colonial dogs, pulled up stake and left these countries without adequate infrastructure or assistance in rebuilding their damaged societies. Actually, each was offered assistance in the form of IMF and World Bank infusion of loan shark currency, where loans were to be paid off and dam social programs that don’t follow strict European and World Bank friendly guidelines.


 With the revisionism inherent in his DNA, Bob Geldof felt the need to accuse the government of Angola of being run by Kleptocrats, “criminals”, because in his eyes the oil-rich, African nation was building houses in the Bay of Luanda that were more luxurious than those in the exclusive Chelsea and Park Lane neighbourhoods of London. Coming from the Caribbean and having family from several countries in Africa, I have personal knowledge of the types of homes the people build in Africa and the Caribbean




The type of houses that do not look like the hovels shown in National Geographic, or in those Christian/Aide telethons with little African boys and girls, covered in flies and carrying begging bowls. The revisionist in Bob Geldof, never explains how NGO’s go to Africa supposedly to help the impoverished but come away with stolen artefacts, treasures and cultural wealth to sell cheaply on eBay, Craig list or displayed shamelessly in their homes or museums as their associates and friends admire with false pretence during sips of wine or tastes of canapés.   




 Africans have been building houses larger than many in western (Anglo-Saxon led) countries for a long time.  These pirate children feel offended whenever Africans buy the biggest, wear the flashiest or live large in all walks of life, even while they extol the virtues of the life styles of the rich and famous, just as long as it’s Donald Trump or some Anglo-Saxon star being emphasized. There in lies the problem when we let exploiters into our countries. They first become enamoured by some romantic notion of our supposed “innocence” and “purity”, as long as we dare not strive to compete with them in business or other discipline long thought of as the realm of “white people”.




 Angola has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  It is also a magnet for foreign investors (read that as exploiters) who will make deals with the government to take out natural resources at the expense of the daily comfort of the citizens. Angola is the second-largest trading partner of the Corporate United States in sub-Saharan Africa, largely because of its petroleum exports. U.S. exports to Angola primarily consist of industrial goods and services–such as oilfield equipment, mining equipment, chemicals, aircraft, and food. As you can see countries like Angola-mineral rich- technology poor and poorly educated, can only compete with the big boys if they use foreign expertise to draw from the earth and manufacture the finished products, they end up making deals that often sets them back and doesn’t benefit the common man.



This is why former imperial invader, Portugal, is a heavy trade partner with Angola and why these houses being built that are bigger than those in Chelsea and Park Lane are built by private companies that set their own prices. Private companies that see fertile field for exploitation in an economy and society that is still learning to fend on its own. Angola’s deputy prime minister, in response to Geldof’s imperialist rant, has lashed out at Irish rock star with comments such as “unfortunate and disrespectful”.  “He showed total disrespect for Angolan people and the remarks are unfortunate.” “He does not know Angolan reality. He does not know (for instance) that Angola’s government has invested heavily in the construction of affordable social houses.”




It is interesting that Geldof also suggested that Angola had the potential to be one of the richest countries in the world. To my pessimistic hearing, it sounds like an imperialist identifying another gold mine to be looted. Oh! And by the way, Bob Geldof or as he is known now…Sir Bob Geldof was knighted by the Queen of England and given a noble peace prize for organizing a group sing-a-long to help the famine hit country of Ethiopia back in 1984. It was called band aid, which by definition is an adhesive bandage to cover small cuts or blisters by hurried repair. My question is how is it that an Irish man from a strong Republican enclave, ends up being knighted by a dying imperialist Monarchy? Doesn’t a Knight of the queen do her bidding?





It is imperative that the old colonial ran world swiftly divest themselves from the master-slave relationship with the former imperial colonialist, and demand that they be treated equally on their own terms. For as they say in African folklore:




Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.



~African Proverb



One thought on “Bob Geldof and the "right of white"

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