This clown was one of the people that started the rumour that Floyd Jr. was a coward and he has shown his immaturity and barbarism by carrying hatred for an African who refused to be pimped by a soulless Kazaar with larceny on his mind and in his heart.

In Mayweather’s corner is his uncle, his main trainer and his father, his “advisor”. Now this is a dysfunctional family. A family of violence, substance abuse issue and a police record. Except for Floyd Jr., that is, who as far as I am aware has no criminal record or drug abuse record. One of the peeps over at SOMM did an excellent piece on Floyd Mayweather and the anti-African hatred here, an insight of his skills here, and how he can’t catch a break from the media demons here.

When the fight was being negotiated a curious thing happened. Manny Pacquiao, who is known as someone difficult to negotiate with made some very unusual demands of Mayweather.

  1. Knowing Mayweather has had a history of broken bones in his knuckles thus making them susceptible to further damages Pacquiao has demanded 8 oz. gloves as opposed to a 10 oz glove, to ensure that Mayweather boxes in pain.
  2. A smaller ring in his belief that his brawler’s skill would benefit him more than Mayweather’s utilizing a bigger ring to stick and move.
  3. A 10 million per pound penalty over the proposed 147 pound weight if  Mayweather fails to meet that line.


This is an unheard of and blatantly unfair demand. Considering that the fight purse would be split 50/50.  But then Pacquiao always demand the lion’s share of the purse, with Arum getting 27% off the top.

Mayweather in turn has made an unusual demand of his own.

  1. Olympic style random drug testing for both fighters up until three days before the fight.


The results of the demand? Mayweather agreeing to everything, Pacquiao refusing the drug test to the point where he is know suing for libel. His claimis that drawing blood from him, a top flight athlete would drain him and give Mayweather an unfair advantage. Then he said he was afraid of needles as he flexed his tattooed body. Then he demanded to know when the tests are being conducted by submitting the dates he wants them to be done. Then he said only random and, multiple urine tests and three blood tests, one at the announcement of the fight, one 30 days before the fight and one immediately after the fight. Then he said veiled accusation of drug use… EPO has brought his honor into question so he felt that taking the  Mayweather family to court would defend that tarnished honour more than fighting the “lesser fighter” in Mayweather.

During all this the media has built this up as Floyd Mayweather Jr. being difficult and unreasonable. His detractors said he was using a ruse to duck out of the fight and being a chicken and afraid of Pacquiao. They left the rest up to internet trolls to disparage the Mayweather family by calling him “gayweather” and “gayfeather” and all kinds of imaginative variation of this bile. They attack the Sr. Mayweathers of being crack heads, women beaters, monkeys and sub human beings. All they while Pacquiao gets away without explaining why his outrageous demands are different than Mayweather’s outrageous demand.

In America Inc. it is a well known fact that every other ethnic group can escape the terminators screw-tiny, if they put up an African as buffer between themselves and the White Supremacist Shitstym. Manny Pacquiao is one such practitioner and he is being tutored by an original practiioner of using us as buffer between themselves and White Supremacy. The Kazaar Bob Arum!

Every one in his camp and almost everyone else in America Inc. has accused Floyd of being a coward, yet they were the ones that pulled out of the fight. Finally they have accused Floyd of using Xylocaine, a local anesthetics to protect his damaged hands. Many have jumped on this and accused him of using performance enhancers because this drug is supposed to deaden the nerves. The only thing wrong with that is where did this story come from?  Why at this date when there was never a whisper before? Again the Pacquiao camp pulls out of the fight because he refused to take a random test which both fighters would have to take, and then Mayweather is the coward and now a drug cheat. I can see Don King saying, “Only in America”, as he waves the flag. This is Mayweathers response to the buck dancing and shuffling from the Pacquiao camp.

By the way Pacquiao has signed to fight another Bob Arum sponsored fighter in Joshua Clotty, who lost a controversial decision to Miguel Cotto, who was annihilated by Pacquiao a couple of month before. And they say Mayweather hand picks his opponents. I pray that Clotty experiences his own Rocky moment and defeats Pacquiao (fat chance of that happening) even though he will have to give 27% of his lesser purse to Arum.


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