Normally Blackmystory doesn’t comment on sports per say, as I tend to leave that for others more skilled in their analysis and more dedicated than I. This is more so when it comes to the art of boxing. Rest assured that boxing is an art, the sweet science it is called, because the experience of being in a “regular” fight is light years away from what a world class boxer can do. And when you are considered the best fighter of your generation you have elevated the sweet science to a level of poetry.


Regardless of the poetry of a Ray Robinson, Ray Leonard or a Muhammad Ali, the basic element of boxing is to punch somebody in the head, face and body, repeatedly until they physically cannot go on.  In the early days of boxing, this meant until one cat is left a bloody pulp.  In America Inc. some of the earlier boxing matches pitted enslaved African prisoners of war on Southern Plantation against each other. Fights would last up to fifty rounds and severely tested the endurance and the pain threshold of the participants.

The art of boxing was an African staple from earliest times and is still practiced today in different countries on the continent. Ever since the emergence of the Marquis of Queensbury rules modern followers of boxing have infused their personal, latent, animalistic, barbarian nature into that culture, while under the mistaken belief that boxing is anything but human cock fighting as practiced today. Due to the fact that boxing took hold in the Confederate States initially and the fact that many of the local fighters where enslaved Africans the rabid psychopathic pseudo Americans would get all lathered up watching two “niggers” bash each other in the head. Oh! Caucasians had their own bouts, after all few endeavours will prove a man’s manliness like boxing. But no right thinking Caucasian would ever get into a ring with a “nigger”, because they don’t belong and they are just inferior.


Well we know how that has turned out now don’t we?  Sports in America Inc., holds an interesting sociological and psychological place in this society. It is in many ways;

  1. A right of passage to test character and ability to function under duress.
  2. A gathering to celebrate camaraderie, nationalism and social interaction.
  3. A huge revenue generator for enterprising practitioners of capitalism
  4. A ladder for many youth to lift themselves up from the despair of poverty and
  5. lack of education and direction to partake of the pie of Americanism.


Boxing is one sport that many men of limited education and means but with desire and hopes can rise above those limited means and become rich and famous.  But boxing always had an element of anti-African sentiment and always will, because some of the lowest or most criminal of elements are involved as boxing promoters and agents.

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