castro.jpg  One of his-story and our-stories greatest leaders and statesman accomplished something that 50 years of attempted assassinations, economic embargo and political character assassinations never had achieved. Cuba’s venerable leader, Fidel Castro was a revolutionary icon and a legend to African and Caribbean people and people who seek social justice and equity amongst citizens.

Cuba’s parliament in a defiant middle finger to opponent of the revolution, recently named Raul Castro president on Sunday, February 24, 2008, ending nearly 50 years of rule but leaving the island’s communist system unshaken and unbowed. In his first speech as president, Raul Castro suggested that the Communist Party as a whole would take over the role long held by Fidel Castro, who formally remains its leader.The vote came five days after Fidel said he was retiring, capping a career in which he frustrated efforts by 10 U.S. presidents to oust him and thwarted a world wide White Supremist system from completely bamboozle developing nations into thinking that the Anglo-Saxon way was the only way of self governing.

The new president said the nation’s sole legal party “is the directing and superior force of society and the state.”The U.S. state department of course, filled with sour grapes and whining as ever, has said the change from one Castro to another would not be significant, calling it a “transfer of authority and power from dictator to dictator light.”

Secretary of State, Foxy Cleopatra… ah…Condoleezza Rice said Sunday Cubans have a right “to choose their leaders in democratic elections” and urged the government “to begin a process of peaceful, democratic change by releasing all political prisoners, respecting human rights, and creating a clear pathway towards free and fair elections.”

Listen, you hypocrite first “take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”Your figure head in the white house, never won the two national elections he partook of. He is on record for being a dumb ass, coke head and drunk.  A born again fanatic and warmonger.  The economic situation of the corporation that is America Inc. is similar to that period just before the great depression – with out credit and credit cards to keep peoples fantasies going.

The interesting thing is that Castro retains his post as a lawmaker and as head of the Communist Party. But his presence in the spotlight had diminished since July 31, 2006, when he announced he had undergone emergency intestinal surgery and was provisionally ceding his powers to Raul.Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is a close friend of Castro, of course could be counted on to put a positive and supportive spin from the outside with out fear of international scar mongering, said the leadership change in Havana was “occurring without any type of trauma.”

 “Transition in Cuba?” asked Chavez, whose country is now a major economic ally of Cuba. “The transition occurred 49 years ago, from that capitalism, dominated by imperialism, (under which Cuba) was a colony, to a socialist Cuba.

The transition will continue marching forward, always with Fidel at the forefront.”  [“Cuba’s history has a significance, out of proportion to its size.” – Philip S. Foner] 


A young castro 1959


Fidel Castro and Che Guevera


Fidel and Raul in the field

450 years before Castro over threw the Corporate U.S. caretaker government of El Presidente Batista, a brave Taíno chief from Hispaniola named Hatuey lead the first guerilla warfare against the conquering Spaniards. Within a few months he was defeated, and for his defiance he was burned alive, his people nearly wiped out.

Yet his spirit has lived on in the hearts of Cuban leaders such as José Martí, Antonio Maceo and the orchestrators of the revolution of 1959. There are many complex and passionate struggles in the ourstory of Cuba, including that of light and dark-skinned people to live together and trust each other, the challenge of the wealthy and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, to form bonds that are based on a deeper truth.

Ada Ferrer, in her excellent book “Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, and Revolution, 1868-1898,” shows how this rhetoric “made racial equality a foundation of the Cuban nation.”However, like many capitalists or pseudo imperialists with money and connection, those Cubans- mainly of lighter complexion- decided to cast their lot with America Inc. and their money and ethnic cast system. Contrary to popular (read Anglo-American) belief, the revolution was about more than Communism and about centuries of Spanish oppression of an African and Native population. 

It was about Cuba’s Spanish aristocracy opposed to any thought of Cuban independence, the hacendados, the wealthy Cuban-born slave-owners seeking annexation to the U.S. in order to preserve slavery and their way of life, and about the rebel army known as the mambises.Outside of the North American Union, the real world sees a different image of Cuba and has been seeking to correct the injustice against the small Island by a bully and aggressor.Many a small nation have benefited from Cuba’s largesse, even in the face of crippling sanctions, embargos and physical attacks, orchestrated by Washington and the Cuban ex-immigrants who’ve never wanted a just society.


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