Avengers Infinity war: An open message to Afurakan people

Thursday  night I followed up on a nagging feeling, I couldn’t rightly place, by deciding to watch Avengers Infinity Wars on one of those streaming sites.

Despite what many white people claim, infinity wars is not better than Black Panther. But I assure you many white people and Asians will love it because the main characters with mucho face time, were not black. And it’s barely situated in Afuraka.

Also there was no real character development. However, it had a copious amount of “rock em smash em” fighting, and all manner of things….including planets, blowing up. Something Europeans and Asians love in their movies. And likewise….all the villains either dress in black or were dark-skinned animalistic demons.

Just like the Asians and Europeans love to see Afurakans.

But I digress.

Near the end of the pretty boring movie, as Thanos was explaining his vision to his adopted daughter, Gamora, it started to click for me. Incidentally Gamora was an ode to Sodom and Gomora….or as I like to call them, Sodomy and Gonorrhea. Two famous cities in the European fantasy book, that were destroyed by the mythical Jehovah.


Because the population in those two cities were homophiles, pedophiles, necrophiliacs and practitioners of bestiality and gang rape. Of course bible detractors claimed that the depiction of homosexuality in the buy bull (shit) was wrong and unnecessarily targeted homophiles. These same detractors failed to explain why the town people demanded that Lot give the male strangers (Angels) to them to have their “way with them”, while rejecting his offer of his daughters as a substitute.

Bu promosexuals will never let fact get in the way of a good time. However the one thing that the mythical Jehovah did that was good, was destroy those two cities. It was population control on a biblical proportion.  Something Thanos in Avengers Infinity wars, dedicated his life to, on a truly universal scale.

According to Thanos the universe was getting too crowded and needed to be thinned out in order to prevent mass starvation,  food riots, slavery and unwarranted death. This was the theme, ironically of one Robert Thomas Malthus, an 18th century theologian and economist in England’s brutish empire.

Thomas Malthus heavily inspired one Charles Darwin,  to pen his later shelved book on the origin of the species. I say shelved because Darwin himself changed his mind about his theory,  shelved it but neglected to have it destroyed. So his nephew took it down, dusted it off and it became the reLIEgion of White, Asian and Arob supremacy over Afurakan people.

Population control, what is that about really?

During a period of the Brutish Empire’s occupation of the colony called Scotland (Malthus’s’ actual birth place),  there was a famine in that land. Malthus recognized the current and future issues that always seemed to rise around starvation and food scarcity, in Europe. Mainly riots, violence and unnecessary death that are often not associated with….starvation. so he decided to urge the Crown to cull the population, kill half of the people, so the other half may live.

This theme gave rise to the other reLIEgion of Eugenics which in turn inspired Planned Parenthood, the inspiration for Hitlers Nazism. And part of the inspiration for slavery and the colonizing of Afuraka ( because those people where not part of the fittest to survive) and become a recurring theme in many hollywierd movies and current world folly tricks.

Movies such as the early Star Trek teevee episode named “space seed”,  that introduced Malthus’s theory as a series of Eugenics Wars (or the Great Wars), that were fought on Earth between  1992  and 1996. The result of scientific attempts to improve the human race through selective breeding (there is that word again) and genetic engineering. The wars devastated parts of Earth, by some estimates officially causing some thirty million deaths, and nearly plunging the planet into a new Dark Age.

The millions of death, reminds the astute reader of the Georgia Guide stone, mysteriously built and left in that state for posterity.

This episode of Star Trek, and the subsequent movie follow up, the Wrath of Khan, introduced fans to titular character, Khan Noonan Singh. This movie was said to be the best of that particular series.

Another movie with the same theme, from the 1960s teevee series, was “The Conscience of Kings”,  in which super captain, white knight in outer space…. Captain Kirk…suspects an actor of secretly being the former mass murderer Kodos the Executioner, who slaughtered millions on the planet where Kirk lived with his parents when he was a teenager.

The actor, Karidian, when questioned by Kirk, does not confess, but explains why he think “Kodos” did what he did. There was no food on that planet, and no hope unless some were killed off. They had no idea a supply ship was about to arrive.

This theme of food scarcity and population has been an issue in Europe and Asia for millennia. It was never a problem in Afuraka on the scale where people would savage each other.

I remember listening to a cassette tape back in the early 90s, by a professor Henry Nichols, who spoke on the paradigm of culture. On the tape professor Nichols explained the European’s psychopathic obsession with time as a count and measure propensity.

That culture was and is obsessed with time….some one five minutes late for an appointment would ruin their day…due to a genetic need, birthed during the first Ice Age, where counting and measuring the hunting season, would prevent the “tribe” from starving to death, through food scarcity on barren landscape.

However, when countries talk about over population, food scarcity, disease and potential for social break down, they never talk about India, a nation of billions in one land mass. Nor China, another nation of billions on one land mass. These devils always go to Afuraka. A nation of millions on the largest single land mass in the planet.

Note: There are more Afurakan people on the planet,  than any Chinese or Indian. We are just scattered all over the place. Either by choice or through kidnap and displacement.

One of the things Afuraka has going for it, is the fact that it has the fastest growing youth population in the planet. Getting ready to realize their potential. While Europe and Asians youth population is not only far behind Afuraka in numbers, those nations are seeing a lot of suicides, fratricide ( in none military conflict) and in Europe’s case….negative birth rate.

Afuraka also…and this is very important.  Afuraka has the richest soil and ecological system. Just ripe for exploitation for precious metals, wild flora and a varied wild life. Afuraka does not have natural scarcity on the level followers of the Malthusian philosophy ascribes to. What Afuraka has an abundance of people, who despite sellouts and collaborators; and despite centuries of colonization, would get in the way of a complete wholesale land take over, by Europe and Asia.

Mind you the predators are there  preying on the land and the people. But Afuraka still has enough people who embrace their traditions and culture, that they have spoken out, fought against, being imprisoned for and died to protect their Afurakan legacies,  cultures, more so and teaditions. Despite all those greedy and immoral political, reLIEgious and academic collaborators, despots and kneegrow-peons who believe in European superiority.

This is why William Henry Gates, the UNESCO and the Red Cross, are all in Afuraka, promoting vaccines with a particularly deadly ingredients that sterilizes young girls and women.

Population control.

This is why the UN is in the Kongo  promoting vaccines for Ebola, and despite resistance and distrust from the people, the savages are banking on the corrupt misleadership to push for the continual poisoning of perhaps the richest country, potentially, on that continent.

Thin the population, open up the country for exploitation. Incidentally…isn’t the outside manufactured civil war in the Kongo still going on? How long ago was Patrice Lumumba murdered?

Even the patriarch and head homophile of those murderous thieves  in fuck-ing-ham palace have chimed in, saying Afuraka is too populated for its resource allocation. The same group of thugs, who have stolen so much wealth in just precious metals and artifacts alone; while refusing to return them because….you know… finders keepers losers weepers.

Even they still defecate the notion that Afuraka has too much people, on the largest single land mass, that just so happens to be the wealthiest and healthiest source of the worlds basic means of survival, and quality of life.

France alone, gets tributary from at least fourteen different Afurakan countries. Without which, them frogs would be “eating cake”, as one Marie Antoinette famously said.

Food and land scarcity is a recurring theme under white pathology, anywhere they reside. And this includes the Asians and Arob (honorary whites), because their respective historical rise and current status was never based on ubuntu collectivism, but on taking and possessing what is not theirs to take or posses.

We are talking about societies where he or she who dies with the most toys, material possessions, houses and cars….wins. we are talking about nations where the poor gets poorer, the rich gets richer and the idea of a “purge” has become more of a movie every day. It’s illegal in many western countries to be homeless, while the homeless population in increases monthly. Not just yearly.

It’s all population control. It’s all about what the savages from the caves of Europe, envision for his own people. So imagine what he wants for the majority of the planet.

Yes folks! Avengers infinity wars is much more than a mindless entertainment vehicle. Hidden in that cinematic Chinese fast food, all you can eat buffet, is the hidden monosodium glutamate poison called population control, that will indeed leave you feeling empty, if you ever come to your senses.

So be aware than whenever you hear or read about over population and food scarcity, you will almost always get overt or covert references that points to Afuraka. It is no coincidence that the major conflict with Thanos’d minions just happened to be in Wakanda. The supposedly richest piece of real estate in Afuraka. Having the mind stone there is just the excuse. Then again the theft of the mind stone itself represents the brain drain that contributes to Afuraka’s loss of even more valuable treasures. Without the bright minds, decolonized and re-Afurakanized, how can Afuraka stave off the invasion of a Thanos like berserker and Malthusian crusader from Europe and Asia?

Think about this. Think about the theme of that movie. Think about the message in that movie. And think about the geopolitical bent of modern berserkers and invaders.