One man’s spiritual system is another man’s bad juju

Toronto’s original China Town ( there is now several spread out across several cities and zones in the province) is situated between Bathurst street in the west, and Beverly street in the east, midway between Dundas street and queen street in the South and College Street in the North.

The epicenter of this china town runs around Dundas and College with Spadina Avenue been the artery. Smack dab in this zone is a restaurant called Dim Sum or something like that. This is a simple looking restaurant from the outside. Grungy looking and dull, like most Asian establishment. I have been to this restaurant more than once to pick up delivery order for uber eats.

Previously I am in and out, not paying much attention to what happens or is happen there in. Yesterday, ended up waiting an inordinate amount of time for my order. normally I would get vexed and cancel the order and waiting for another to come in. However, I decided to sit down at the front to wait patiently for the completed order.

While waiting, I ended up “perusing the joint” and saw the following images below.

I saw this shrine sitting below the front counter. To the extreme right in the picture is an elevator and a door coming into the restaurant.

This shrine sits above the same counter

This display sits across from the two previous shrines sitting over the front counter.

Directly over my head, where I sat and to the right of the last picture, sits this series of images, of the owner hob nobbing with Toronto’s political and business segments. Notice that most of the people he was hob nobbing with were Asians.

Standing at the entrance and looking deep into the restaurant are images of Chinese dragons and other symbols, proudly displayed on the side and back of the interior of the restaurant. This restaurant is always busy.

One thing I noticed about kneegrows is they would eat in an establishment with all these Asian symbols and feel no way about sitting there. They wouldnt bat an eye and are quite comfortable in that place.

Contrast this level of comfort, that kneegrows have sitting and eating, in an east Asian or South Asian restaurant, with their own cultural symbols, with the lack of our absence of our own Afarukn cultural symbols.

These images below is a matter of concern, fear and derision among kneegrows in the diaspora AND many born on the continent.

These images are evidence of a ceremony, recently completed.  Many kneegrows from the Caribbean and from west Afaruka would be and have been shocked and disturbed that these shrines sit in an Afarukan person’s home. They would attack the symbols and attack the person who set up these symbols.

We in a post Ma’afa society, have been conditioned to hate…HATE…our cultural symbols and spiritual systems over Christianinsanity, Arabism, Asian cultural system and even some new age, native amurdikkklan and tree hugging cultism.

Not one kneegrow, Pan Afarukan, “Conscious” or Moor-on, will show any cultural and original Afarukan symbols that tells ourstory and our system. Because we have been conditioned through beatings, torture, rapes and dismembering, to fear and hate our cultural symbols and systems while embracing a foreign and savage one.

This is a journey I have decided to embark on with my compliment. To bring the light and truth of our symbolism from our cultural and spiritual systems, boldly and righteously. While she will be the ones to take the lead in dispensing the language. I have been tasked to support her and protect her from the slings and arrows of the haters and stupidity of th kneegrows cultural ignorance and hatred of Afarukan culture.

The journey of a thousand miles start with the first step. So the first step is to proudly promote the images of our cultural symbols and system. The second step is to educate the ignorant and the inquiring minds of the timidly interested.  And this will be done with a love of Afarukan culture and the strong desire to promote it in its positive glory.

As they say….one man’s meat is nother man’s poison, I say we are confused about what we are ingesting. Afarukan meat and foreign poison? Or the misguided notion that Afarukan meat is poison and foreign poison is meat.

This needs to be meditated on deeply.