Slavery is, in the strictest sense of the term, any system in which principles of property laws are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as property. A slave is unable to withdraw unilaterally from such an arrangement and works without renumeration. In today’s society, slavery is often associated with the capture, selling and ownership of Afrikans from parts of west and central Afrika by European savages for the pure enjoyment of raping, murdering, torturing and use as tools of commerce and wealth building. European propaganda over emphasise the idea that slaves were taken from Afrika or were “sold” by Afrikans to them. However the true story is that violent imperialists, left their sewage and rat infested cities and travelled to Afrika in search of gold and other means of wealth. There, after years of trying to penetrate into the interior and failing to do so, studied the various peoples on the continent and decided to take advantage of the most basic of hueman failings. Greed, avarice and ego.

European shock troops, the merchants and the missionaries, were allowed to live among the various ethnic troops and thus studied with them and studied them in order to better able to abuse them and conquer them. By effectively utilizing three very powerful means—

(A) sex

(B) reLIEgion and

(C) materialism/fame

The Europeans were able to physically, psychologically and spiritually, conquer Afrika. Just as its being done today, the imperialists and colonialists focused on the ego of the misleaders of each ethnic groups.

Among Afrikan people, kings, chiefs and head men often hold tremendous power and influence of the lives of each groups.

Often times their position is absolute, unquestionable and irrefutable. And while checks and balance from councils of elders and wise females have always kept these rulers honest and upright, many had already circumvented or neutered the circle of advisors. Once their egos got massaged by hints of fame in Europe, untold “riches” and lots of white bitches ( just like the modern kneegrow celebrities), it became much easier to literally stick a hand up the ass of these muppets and have them speak with a European mind and tongue.

Because of their absoluteness and with a little physical coercion, the people fell in line with what the leaders initially wanted to do. When the people realized they were set up to be exploited, it was too late as the imperialist had gained a physical foothold into the heart, community and interior defense of the land.

The tribalism i spoke about in the last post, rose its ugly head, as tribes who once fought against each other, betrayed their former foes to the imperialist.

By being their cats paws, these traitors fought with, killed and handed over captured foes to the imperialist, caring not what happens to them.

In turn these hueman cargos helped to further build the wealth and military might of Europe and North amurdikkka, so that they could return once more to Afrika for more black gold and other life blood from the Afrikan soil.

Modern day colonialism in the form of the World Bank and other mega corporations, kept Afrika illiterate, submissive to, dependent on and helpless in the face of neo colonialism. Keeping Afrika poor, is a military strategy, designed to keep Europe as the pre-eminent rulers of the planet.

During the last 500 years, slavery may have ended as an official tool of commerce, only because it was supplanted by the more efficient and less costly tools of the industrial age, which in turn is on its last leg, battling to survive against the computer age.

Still slavery is being practiced in Europe, North amurdikkka and other places in the world. Just not visibly in the way many of us viewed it from the pages of His-story books.

While sex slavery and sex trafficking is the most popular talking point of a sick and degraded world, chattel slavery is often overlooked because it’s not as “sexy” a news item. Nor is it even considered interesting if little white girls or grown white women are not involved. Long before the Europeans came roaring out of the caves to violate the planet and enslave Afrikan people, the Arabs, in-between some camel fucking, daughter raping or sister stoning, began and continues to practice chattel slavery. The most pernicious form of enslavement in existence.

The UNITED SNAKES OF AMURDIKKKA, THE FEEBLE AND DECREPIT BRUTISH EMPIRE, and a number of other diseased cave savages, created environments in most Afrika that precipitated chaos. Out of which came this current refugee crisis. A crisis where native Afrikans are fleeing depredation in their respective countries. Depredation coupled with viewing the savage and his environment as being more superior and desirable than their own rich but overlooked environment.

To overstand the depredation in a neo colonialist world, a good book to read is The Confession of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins

And while we have now arrived at the failed state of Libya, the resulting fall out of Obomba and his secretary of murder, Killery Klinton, who both destroyed that nation at the behest of a secret cabal of Satanist,  the question we ask is who is selling these refugees to the Arabs as migrant workers turned in to slaves? Who is taking payments to board these panicked hueman on to rickety boats and unstable dingey, so the end up drowning en mass in the mediterranean waters?

Are these not the evil children of those who were bought by the imperialists, 500 years ago? Who cared not what happened to the other tribes? As long as they get paid? We know what the Arabs are about. But we will get no intervention from Afrikans who are muslim.

We get nothing from the rulers of the countries the refugees come from.  And we get no real help from journalists and so-called hueman rights organization. We are all these people got right now. And if we abandon them, then they only have themselves to rely on.

This will be hard when you are held trapped as enslaved huemans. Subject to the most oppressive violence this side of the plantation period in time.

We need to do something you all!