overstanding IFA

The following are a series of short videos on IFA. Ifá refers to the system of divination and the verses of the literary corpus known as the Odú Ifá. Yoruba religion identifies Orunmila as the Grand Priest; as that which revealed Oracle divinity to the world. Such is his association with the Oracle divinity; in some instances, the term “Orunmila” is used interchangeably with Ifá.

The science of Ifa runs through more apparently disparate “systems” than may believe. The following videos explains this.

In various societies in the diaspora and even on the Afrikan continent, the science of Ifa is either considered primitive and barbaric, or negative and harmful. The same kneegrows who frown on the science of Ifa,  run blindly into the arms of christianinsanity, Arabism and Shebrewism.

If we overstand the science of Ifa and practice Ifa with good intentions, our blessings will manifest exponentially.