To accessorize: to equip, decorate, supplement, etc. with accessories.

Madonna has one, Angelina Joeli has one.  More celebrities are getting one these days. Even none celebrities are getting in on the act.  What is it?  What it’s not is the latest in plastic surgery or other bodily enhancements. What it is the latest in a line of suspect practices by Caucasians, which appears to be a left over legacy from the Ma’afa period in our story.  If you recall, America Inc. became a prosperous corporation due to the rape and pillage of Africa of its treasures. The greater of which were its men and women. We were commodities, to be bought and sold, paraded around as novelties and abused in all manner seen fit by these pathological marauders.

The commodities market is a lucrative business and the types of commodities out there that can make you wealthy and famous knows little limitations.  As I stated above, celebrity types are stocking up on these accessories and because of those choices the make, they are seen as liberal-minded role models.  The modern-day “Purchasing” or snatching up African children, for me, harkens back to the days when them folks would infest Africa with their superior sense of righteousness and missionary zeal.  Snatching us up with their bible and beating us down with their god complex, which is nothing but an excuse to compensate for their inadequacies and incapability to co-exist with other beings on the planet.  The Caucasians have domesticated wild animals and called them pets. These luckless creatures –pets- are bred out of their nature and are used for everything from entertainment and as substitute children, to being sexual objects and accessories and commodities. And just like pets,  hue-man children are the latest commodities to accessorize them and their lifestyle.  

Baby snatching, kidnappings… Sometimes they’re called “designer babies”…

It’s the latest trend in celebrity excess and the “Wow! Look at me now!” mentality of the cult of personality in this the 21st century.

Do they think it makes them look more charitable?  Are they doing hue-manitarian works? Are they concerned parent to be?

When  ho’ s  like Madonna and Angelina needed some accessories, they  pass over African babies in America and go to Africa to “snatch” them up some hand bags…er African Babies.  Hell! they by-pass Caucasian babies in America Inc.,  and make a big production out of these hue-manitarian ventures. Many like Madonna have bypassed the Caucasian worshipping simplistic policies of some knee grow government in order to get them some toy or  slave, or slave toys.

Yeah! Slaves! Because, as I said, during the Ma’afa of our experience, we were snatched up from Africa to do what Caucasians please. Including physically abusing, orphaning and raping of both the men and women and using us as organic machines and organ donation machines,  to build their “Western Empires”.

Today it is politically incorrect for individuals to “own” enslaved Africans in North America (this ownership was transferred to the state, vie emancipation, which is all that term implies, the transferring of ownership from the individual to the state.)

Check out the his-story of your birth certificate: Which tabs you as a product of the matrix and a corporate entity and SSN/ SIN, which is your get back on the plantation card, to work off all those debts your duly elected governments incur for the international banking conglomerates.

Note: Emancipation by legal definition refers to a “child” coming of age and leaving home. They must prove they are capable of being on their own.


Recently Sandra Bullock came out that she was following through with her purported “adoption” of her very own toy.

Now, every one is making a big to do about her being the victim of her Nazi husband’s chasing tail and other unsavoury acts. She professes being unaware of his predilection to swastikas and skanky ho’s.

Really now?

He is a Nazi sympathizer and you didn’t know? What s it they say about birds of a feather?

And why would some Nazi be doing “adopting” an African child? This is the million dollar question for the readers of this blog.

I mean, I know that thousand of African babies and children live out a life without a home and family to love them, partially because the system snatches them up through the misnomered but highly effective kidnappers called, Child Protection Service, partially because we as African people, have lost our hue-manity and culture, so we selfishly don’t adopt. This problem is also partially because the matrix have destroyed our spirit and we seek solace in substance abuse and whacked out stuff that destroys our families and homes. But get this, there are numerous children of other ethnic groups, including Caucasians that are wards of the state, waiting for adoption.  Why African children?  Steven Spielberg has one, Tom Cruise has one, etc… accessories.

Use to be in the olden days of holly weird, when a Caucasian actress gave birth to a dark child, they would give the child away. Or if the actress finds out something funny about mother, she would say, “oh! That’s the maid!” (Hello Dinah Shore, Rita Heyworth, Natalie Woods; to indict a few). These days, it’s okay to have an African child as an accessory, after all these women are more practical than the men. Caucasian women have been practicing self-preservation for quite a long time, they over stand that getting them some dark babies would extend their legacies, cause lord knows, their men are switch hitting at an increasingly alarming rate.  So far they are not shy about sleeping with the enemy, maybe that’s what’s driving so many Caucasian men in to homosexuality, imperialistic wars, fucking over nature or just plain going postal every chance he gets.

If you follow some of these demagogue scientists, they ones who have adapted to the growing African consciousness, you will note that they are on the front line pushing this, one Eve, one mother shit…even going as far as saying we are all Africans. It now becomes an excuse to co-mingle with Africans without feeling the guilty pleasures of creeping after dark. Of course the greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed, so we are always willing participants in or destruction.

With so much latent and updated news of pedophilia and abound, and with Holly weird being a den of iniquity, Sodom and Gomorrah in the West, I am weary of these people by passing their own children to snatch up African or even Asian children (though them Asians got to figure that out themselves).

Caucasians sure know how to work their
ritualistic magic don’t they?

I mean who taught her how to carry a baby? Faker!

Hollah back at me!

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