No a woman can  not teach a boy to be a man, but she can surely teach him how to be soft and when she passes on her bitterness about his father, she can teach him how to be angry and trifling and useless to a woman. Similarly without a strong male presence, the young female, is inadequately served when she is trying to figure out what a MAN is supposed to look like and be.  This shit is becoming more noticeable and despite those who chose to hang on to the dysfunctional narratives, more are questioning the knee-grow woman’s insistent of going to that well too often, not realizing the bottom of the bucket is getting ready to fall out.Articles alike these from and though not hard hitting enough for my taste,  are coming around to addressing a problem that has plagued our community for so ling. There are so many that hate African men, who create images and instances where our parentage, fathering and integrity is attacked incessantly. So many of us have become tired and frustrated with the actions of these trifling females. We are weary of becoming another prison statistics or worse a coroners statistics, because we are not aware that the po-lice is legal mandated to remove us, at gun point often from our homes and imprison us, as soon as they get a call from a angry out of control female. I mean look at Chad Johnson, charged with assault and battery, because he was foolish enough to get involved with a emotionally damaged and violent female. He will be lucky if he can get a job at Deny’s after most of society took a crap on him.

These vicious and bitter women who KNOW the children are theirs and theirs only, and that the man had NO possible part of the child coming into existence are a major reason why so many of our children grow up with daddy issues. The young females go looking for a daddy in older or more experience males who sexually and violently abuse them and discard them. Not having the balance of a positive male presence they mistake ANY attention as a sincere overture from predators or men equally as emotionally damaged.  They chase after sissies and under cover homosexuals or psychopath who these women even offer up their children to, just for the sake of a male attention. Many of the young males, take to the street to find that male bonding, often in the association of criminals and lowlife. Some of these emotionally unbalanced males end up as boy toys for homosexual predators who turn them out and onto heavy drug and debauchery to the point where they have no use for themselves. And so both genders become  more statistics on the African family break down.

As parents in a home where both of you are present, you don’t escape the scrutiny because many men in the home allow the women to set the pace when it comes to discipline, while you act like a piece of the furniture. Just being there but for no significant purpose. African people do not use the child as a weapon against each other. you are irreparably destroying the child’s relationship with their parent, particularly if that parent, the father wishes to be a part of their lives. If your purpose is to create a deeper rift between you, then the path you are taking is the right one.

Got this video of f Nojma’s Face book

The story is, if you want to hide something from knee-grows you should hide it in a book, as bullshit as that notion is and what we believe. There are many of us that don’t believe in the devastation of your selfish acts unless Caucasians speak on it, so here are two videos of Caucasians talking about what the child support scam is doing in general to their family. Think what it is doing to our family.

and this

This is what you should be supporting, because you are not that important compared to the child.

and this

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