A couple of days ago I was searching a few sites for stories on African man-woman relationship when i came across some information on Olympic Gymnastic Champion Gabby Douglas and the story of her supposedly single mother. If you recall, at the height of young miss Douglas’s shinning moment, the devils in the media suddenly swung the attention from her on to her mother and speculations about the absence of a father figure. Of course, just like the walking dead movie, this deceased entity was reanimated by those who supports Western Societies anti-family drama and agenda, this support  includes that of  Gabby Douglas’s mother, Natalie Hawkins.

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas’ Mom, Natalie Hawkins

Now I wasn’t following the noise too closely…actually not at all, until I heard Natalie Hawkins was on countless video after video, telling the world about her numerous sacrifices  made to help her daughter become the young champion she is today. This includes farming Gabby out to a Caucasian family, who she felt could better facilitate Gabby’s realization of her goals. The modern sheeples as the often do, automatically jumped on this story and regurgitated it as  Hawkins exemplifying the ‘typical” African American single-mothers who, in their youth, chose to have a child by a selfish, irresponsible man who fled town the moment he got word of the pregnancy.”

The elder Mr. Douglas was of course vilified in the media, no doubts in the beauty shops and where ever knee-grows and their Caucasian counterparts, congregate to take long fecal dumps on African men. Yet shortly after, it came out that  Hawkins had actually married Douglas’ father and they’re currently seeking a divorce. Timothy Douglas, or most importantly, Air National Guard Staff Sgt., Timothy Douglas,was deployed from his family in 2007, putting his “black” ass in the line of fire, hoping not to die for America Inc’s, imperialist and colonial pursuit of world domination. In signing his life away for Uncle Sam, he ended up leaving his wife to raise their four children in his absence. In this I celebrate Natalie Hawkins and every legitimate mothers who have had to exist as the sole parent of a child or children. However, Natalie Hawkins is but one of a already growing and irresponsible trend of knee-grow women who feel they must vilify the father of the children they both share.   She, with bad intention, chose to identify herself with sole parenting mothers (they are never single, but some often chose to go it alone) that haven’t seen their child’s father throughout their pregnancy and there after. She fails to mention any role that Douglas’ father plays in their daughter’s journey to become an Olympic Gold Medalist.

One of the reasons I love the Prophet and specifically the chapter on children, is because so many women have taken on the persona that the children are their property and they the women are the Sole Proprietors of this “thing” called kids. I say kids in this instance to identify how we objectify and reduce children to the level of an animal. Goats have kids, hue man don’t have goats they have little hue man beings, who are eventually going to grow up into a full adult with all they information,experiences and insperience that they parents must first equip them with in order to navigate this complex jungle called life.  Hawkins acts as if she created Gabby Douglas asexually. Something lesbians, and medical drug pushers are insisting can be accomplished, though they still haven’t figured out how to do so with out…you know…real honest to goodness sperm from some kind of man!  Yet because of Natalie Hawkins’s lies and the Caucasian media’s bullshit, most people never knew that Gabby Douglas’ father was in the picture. Because of his deployment, Timothy Douglas is unable to be actively involved in his daughter’s life; however, Hawkins’ deliberate attempt to dismiss his existence shows that she feels Gabby is ‘her’ daughter and not their daughter.

Here is an excerpt of a story relating to the father daughter relationship from http://blacklikemoi.com:

In the case of Gabby Douglas, you can throw those stereotypes out the window.  Gabby’s dad, Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy Douglas, was front and center to see his daughter perform recently and only missed some of the performances because he was off serving his country in Afghanistan. 

While across the world, Mr. Douglas would dig up YouTube videos in order to see his daughter in action.  He recently flew to California with his friends just in time to catch Gabby at the Olympic Trials. He arrived with a large American flag with the words, “Go Gabby Douglas, Love, Dad.”

Gabby described her reaction to USA Today.  “I’m like, ‘Who’s calling my name?’ And then I look up. It was my dad and his friend, and I haven’t seen him in a while,” Gabby said. “They were holding up the flag. And I almost felt like bawling. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Dad!’ ”

Mr. Douglas talks about how excited he was when he saw his daughter make the Olympic team. “There’s an exuberance. There’s a feeling that you can’t describe,” he said. “Sometimes, when she had a rough time, I’d tell her to hang in there. ‘You know what it takes to be a winner, you know what your goals are. You just keep on your goals.’ Some things that I tell her I have to remind myself. Those are all things we can all abide by.”

Gabby talked about how there were times when she worried about her father being in a war zone.  She would try to email and Skype him when she could.  He hasn’t been able to be in her presence since late 2010, but he’s glad to be with her now.  Gabby’s dad also has fond memories of when she first started to compete in gymnastics. “We knew (gymnastics) was in her heart because one day she came home from the gym and she had a 102-degree temperature,” her father said. “She went to bed, slept it off and woke up and got back in the gym the next day. That’s when we knew she had a winner’s attitude, a winner’s spirit.”

So why was Natalie Hawkins pushing this “single mother” sole sacrifice fairy tale? Because like a majority of knee-grow women, who have had a falling out and separation from their compliment, they become angry and bitter. But the bitterness is not so evident as when their are children in the picture, that’s when the children become weapons of mass destruction. Destroying the father’s relationship with his child, the child’s relationship with their father and even the child’s relationship with the mother. Don’t give me no bullshit about dead beat dad. For every man that either fails in a relationship or are absent from a failed relationship, there are at least five who are good to great, attentive and involved fathers. But the prejudicial mind and emotional dysfunctional idiots,will only seek the men who put on their running shoes, because this justify the narrative of the “nigger aint shit” creation.

Knee-grow females like Natalie Hawkins often and intentionally seek to exclude the biological, sometimes even non biological fathers from any and all decisions that would affect the child.  In her case, Hawkins makes it very clear that she made all of the sacrifices that helped Douglas make it to the Olympics. Yet like all men, regardless of pigmentation, soldiers are praised when they suit up and rejected or ignored when they die or come back damaged goods.  Timothy Douglas made a sacrifice to take care of his family by joining the military.  He willingly made a  sacrifice when he was deployed, leaving behind his family.  Timothy Douglas’ sacrifice to feed his family by joining the military is overlooked by the bitches that vilify him and overshadowed by Hawkins’ continued self-aggrandizing acts and selfish propaganda of her own sacrifices. It was obvious by the excerpts from what he said, that both parent supported Gabby’s involvement in gymnastics, but she acted as if it was solely her decision. But you see, they are on the outs in this relationship, for whatever reason, so she is that mode…you know, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. only we don’t know if she was scorned or she is doing the scorning, but from where i sit typing, she is certainly very scornful of the father of her children. in essence she exhibits a similar attitude that many knee-grow females do like the fictitious mother in this ‘letter to my unborn daughter…’

Since then I have read many similar articles, though some what tamed down around the stuff these women do, mostly focusing on they difficulties of being a single mother. So when the author of blackmystory and other MEN, point out the women who fail as parent, compliments and mothers, bitches come out of the sewer talking about attacks on single mothers. Y’all need to fuck off with that shit. This is not and never about mothers who find themselves being the sole support in a household. This is about these crazy, dysfunctional females that use the children as a weapon to hurt the men who desire to be involved in their children’s lives.  These women never go after they bitch ass men that refuse to pay for or get involved with their children, because they know they don’t care. No! they attack they men who do, because they are willing to endure they pain and suffering in hopes of being involved with their children. Many of these women chose to go it alone, despite the presence of positive males in their own family, in the community, in their churches even.

To do so would delineate the image of her heroic sacrifices in the face of adversity. The knee-grow woman is never a SINGLE parent, because, she is not a blood claat asexual being. Nor is she a sole support mother, because many of these dysfunctional women believe that the  “white man” in the guise of the courts and accompanying agencies are their real “baby daddies”.

Just this week, I bumped into a young brother, responsible, educated and professional. I remember coaching him in basketball as a high school teen and was impressed by him and a couple of his friends on their maturity and sense of self. Brother was relating to me on the difficulty he was facing trying to get access to his child. Not only was she denying him access, but she even called the police on him accusing him of committing violence against her. Now I know this brother wasn’t violent, an allegation that was disproved in court, but this is one of the ploys, perhaps the main one that these women are using now to keep the fathers away, that refuse to just up and go with out a fight to being their child’s life.

I am certain that these women are listening to their female friends much to much over doing what is morally correct. Calling the po-lice on the child’s father automatically gets him arrested and hit with a court order to stay away from her and the child. Plus he gets a record, something that become  mill stone to brothers who already are behind the eight ball when it comes to seeking employment and other avenues in this anti African male society. Then their “consultants” usually some man less, bitter, jump off, will regale her with the information around child support, spousal support or other nifty gems that would keep her taken care off at the expense of the father AND the child. Many of these dysfunction and emotionally damaged females, believe that they are better fathers than the man. Just because you enroll the child into a recreation program or buy him a new pair of pants don’t make you a father. I had one brainless dolt tell me she would be as good or better father than I. Of course when she get’s the shit end of my come back, the tears flow and the anger comes out. I, in a million years would never tell a female I would make a better mother than her. Better muthaF***er yeah for sure!  But this shows you how out of control these knee-grows are and why we as MEN need to take back our balls, not just figuratively, but literally as well. Keep your dick out of just any woman’s pussy, if her mind aint right. Know they self first before you get with ANY woman, because knowing yourself will dictate WHAT you want in a relationship  Be resolute about what you want for yourself and for her. You see most women can teach a child how to have manners, how to show respect, how to dress and take care of themselves, wipe their ass, wash their faces, etc. NO woman can teach a boy how to be a man. Besides the information locked inside their DNA, a girl or boy can never know how to be a woman or man by learning from the opposite sex. This is due to the fact that a major art of the process is the MODELING of the adult male and female. That’s why when the child is in the presence of a dysfunctional parent, they look and act like video hos, super heads and “bad bitches:

Or they are sissies or faggots or hyper masculine nig nogs who use a gun as an extension of their inadequate manhood.

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2 thoughts on “Children…whose property are they?

  1. Thank you. I just watched the family story, and googled the father and instantly picked up the two years they claimed he was not there was due to deployment.


    1. Thank you for commenting. The system will always attempt to make the man the villain in the stories. It supports their agenda and enables these selfish females who have neither the welfare of the child or the family unit in the best of interest.


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