One man is not a nation, Brother builds a Clan
Greater than the circle creates the better man
The colors, the brothers, the key, the motherland
This causes to assemble this blackman
Red, Black and Green are the colors of the flag on the rise
Cause a nation should be guised
Another flowing, as I comfort sons and daughters
Knowledge leads the way, so I flow like Nile’s waters
African-American rebel of authority
Majority, while I’m so-called minority
Sometimes they ask me, “Why are you the rebel?
Is that the way you choose, attain the bass and treble?”
Yup – “Brother, don’t get deep,” that’s what they tellin me
Just like a sell-out, while society
Gets stronger and stronger, my race gets weaker and weaker


X-Clan rose in an era of revolution of sorts, when many considered the early 90s closer to what the early 60s were, than any other period.  Police brutality at an high, senseless inter community killings the escalation of Anti-African attacks being on the rise racial X-Clan was one group, combined the street, the clubs and the classroom in a way that may never be done again. Originators, not imitators, the mould was set one group to address these things through music and still remain rhythmic enough to be entertainers, so we rode the thin line to where a lot of people who build on positive things have missed the clubs, have missed the dance floor. We captured both elements and we captured the street as well.


This is protected
By the Red, the Black and the Green
With a key


Others affiliated with X-Clan were Sugar Shaft the Rhythm Provider. The current incarnation of the group features leader Brother J, Master China, Kumu, “Ultraman” Ra Hanna, ACL, Lord Cza, DJ Fat Jack and Zulu. who were affiliated with X-Clan and Blackwatch include Isis, Queen Mother Rage, and YZ. X-Clan’s affiliates saw a string of releases throughout the early 1990s: Professor X released a solo album titled Years of the 9, on the Blackhand Side in 1991 and a second solo album titled Puss N’ Boots: The Struggle Continues in 1993; Queen Mother Rage released Vanglorious Law in 1991; Isis released Rebel Soul in 1990; and YZ released his debut Sons of The Father (noted for the song “Thinking of a Master Plan”), in 1989, followed by The Ghetto’s Been Good to Me (which included his modest hit “Return of The Holy One”) in 1993. It should be noted that YZ became affiliated with the group after releasing his first album, and that Isis is also the MC known as Linque Ayoung. Lin Que, at one point, was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated group Deadly Venoms.


You can catch an interview with Brother J at at



X-Clan – Xodus

XCLAN-in the ways of the scales

Professor X – Close The Crackhouse

Professor X – Years of the Nine

Dark Sun Riders – Dark Sun Riders

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