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“A man’s mind is elevated to the status of the women he associates with.”
~ Alexandre Dumas

“A woman can make a man do anything she wants if she knows how to”
– Mariam Makeba

The story on the previous page resonates with me deeply for personal reasons, as well as from the position of a (hopefully) objective observer. After first reading the above quote from Momma Afrika so many years ago, I have always felt that this notion was as deep and as real as any my young mind could fathom.  We are now in the year 2013, supposedly further ahead now than ever since the social experiment called feminism and the women’s movement, was forced on us, along with the other narcotic induced mania, called integration of the knee-grows into the laboratory of “white supremacy”.  Due to this social experiment, the victim has been and continues to be the male-female relationship among the dark matter people and consequently their children, both born and unborn.  Ancient belief has it that a great community’s foundation rests on the coming together of a male and female whose purpose is intertwined together for the sole purpose of continuing the population. How we ensure that our progeny become greater than us and thus move the community forward progressively lies in the application of our economic, cultural and social belief, practice and foundation, which moves us towards this endeavour. However, outside of our current collective ratchetness, our “white washing” into re-lie-gion, the interpersonal relationship between the female and male was the most negative impacted and a huge deterrent to a greater, progressive and viable Meritu community… in the midst of Yurugu’s oppression of Dark Matter culture.

The courtship rituals of the people on island of Orango may seem unusual today, or embraced by misinformed people as a sign that “Africa is practicing equity“.  But what the Orango people is practicing  was not unusual in ancient times and the people of Afrika/Meritu ALWAYS practiced equity until the introduction of foreign religion which co-opted Afrikan/Meritu spirituality. In fact the religious “clubs” of Christianinsanity, Arabism and Zionism are all bastardization of Meritu spirituality that was dispersed from the Kimityu Mystery system. The dispersion occurred after the sacking of that ancient culture primarily by the Persians, Macedonians, Romans and the Ottoman Empire. These foreign indoctrination succeeded in removing the feminine aspect of spirituality and replaced it with a male only aspect, that demonized the feminine (through the tale of the first temptation) and had stupid females believing that they were created from a man’s rib and were some how inferior.  As far as I know, man has always come from woman…but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story. By removing the feminine from the creation drama of ancient Meritu people, the masculine aspect was left to create havoc. By making everything male oriented, including the rituals of courtship, practitioners engage in a male specific ritual of possessiveness, aggression and competition, based on physical dominance, as opposed to a feminine induced and collaborative one, based on spirituality. Do not be mistaken, what the Orango people practice is ritualistic because we as hue-man have created rituals for many things in our lives. Rituals are rules and regulation and we need rules and regulations or else we descend into chaos. One of the rules, regulations and rituals that we as hue-man had developed over time is preparation of two halves to become whole. The two opposites come together as complementary parts….and thus as a whole, called the family unit.  Ideally we are complementary because even as we circumambulate each other in our own personal orbit, we in turn circumambulate the ways of nature, but symbiotically. Just like how the planets circle each other and together circle the sun, so does the male and female each other and the laws of cosmology.

The female principle is said to be emotional or right-brained based, due to her more instinctive, maternal connection as the one who completes the earthbound creative process. The male principle is said to be intellectual or left brain based, due to his more instinctive, paternal tendencies to make cold calculating decisions. The female loves unconditionally, so to play with that love is to upset a delicate and finely tuned machine. The male loves with condition, so to imbalance this is to attempt to interfere with large machine going downhill fast. These types of energies are not seen or worse, not overstood in a society where lifestyles such as androgyny and homosexuality, replaces clearly defined feminine and masculine gender roles, that are biologically and chemically defined, through our adrenal secretions, our traditions and our spirit.

Preadolescent Meritu communities for millennium practiced a rites of passage ritual where the female elders would assess the personalities and family background of the community at large. This is to ascertain whose personality complements whose and whose family background is comparable to whose.  Every child in this community is known in one way or another by members in the community, ergo it takes a village to raise a child.  After the actual rites of passage program of separation from the community and then reintegration back into it, the child has transit further towards adulthood. At this time puberty is setting in and the physical body is morphing into readiness for producing children. The rite of passage is/was to prepare the mind and spirit for the task ahead, which the body is already screaming to get attention for. Part of the preparation is the assessment of the personality, self-worth, spirit and challenges one has, is developing or are able to overcome.  Part of the preparation is to train up the adolescents to recognize certain traits that can be complementary to each other and others that they WILL NOT compromise for.  The female elders teach the young females how to entice a man. They taught the girls how to get him and keep him.  Be warned this is dissimilar to the hoochie, twerking, pussy dangling to attract male attention that females compete with each other for these days. Everything is systemic. Everything is based on the desirability of the femininity of the female. Her domestic potential and her potential for creating and maintaining harmony in the home. The system also includes the quality of the masculine character, his potential to be a good provider and protector of the home, as well as his virility that is not only eventual by his ability to flex his muscle…but ALL his muscles. This is dismissively called arranged marriage by people who suck at the diseased tits of Yurugu cultural regulations where the female is viewed a property to be used and discarded.  This society that focuses on the males ability to have coveted things, bank accounts, notoriety and fame. While regulating the female to accessories. Yet even when Yurugu practices their mating rituals, they are doing so within the aspects of their cultural mores, where their dating rituals and results, far surpass that of the dating confusion of those in our community, because of the reality that we practice in an alien culture worldview.

Dating: A explained by Merriam-Webster dictionary

… “an appointment to meet at a specified time; especially: a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character.” Many people have dates every day, whether they are lunch dates or coffee dates, so the important part of this definition is the “romantic character” of the date. The romantic character can consist of things like having dinner at a romantic restaurant (i.e., low lights, romantic music, etc.), going to a show or doing something the other person likes to do and showing a physical interest in the other person (i.e., by saying how good the person looks, holding his hand, etc.).

Today’s society expect the dating scene to range from casual , surface interaction, casual sexual interaction to more deeper ones that may lead to an agreed upon contract  called a “relationship” or “marriage”.  In today’s relationship, we call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. This is a Freudian explanation to how we enter into something sans, maturity or concise reasons. Later with this immature expectations and view point, we ask the government’s permission to make a legal contract of bonding. Keep in mind that the term husband is derived from the Anglish language and is designated as one who takes care of farm animals. This, in a nutshell is why I frown on the concept of “dating”. It is superficial, short-sighted and lacks the concise application relevant to a long-term integration of a male-female principle that leads to a complimentary existence. One may think I am making too much of a simple thing, but perhaps we need to be more stringent in how we do what we do. Remember if you just do shit…shit happens. Being in a relationship stops being just about YOU! It stops being just about the TWO OF YOU. It is or should be about future endeavours that positively impacts both families, the present community and the future of the community via the children.

Courtship:  the act, period, or art of seeking the love of someone with intent to marry.  Unfortunately I was not able to find much definition of courting, perhaps because this is trivialized as archaic while dating is so “modern”. While dating has a ring of temporariness, courting carries more of intent of permanency. Too many people (men and women) are looking to take… they have nothing to give but their genitals. Their interpersonal relationship is about an image construct more than substance, more than quality, more than thorough long-term planning and adjustments.

I constantly tell me female associates that interacting with a man has to first be about her. About her in the sense that SHE has to define what she wants in a man who  then enhances what SHE is bringing to the table. She HAS TO bring something that embodies the feminine principle to the masculine one of the man SHE chooses. This idea goes for men as well, but where as the male often will settle for a little less than his ideal, a female cannot afford to, because she gets pregnant, she birth the children and outside of western (un) civilization, she carries the greater burden of sole support parenting and no matter the society, as long as the feminine principle is removed, SHE is judged more harshly than him.

Note: There is no such thing as a single mother. Even with a turkey baster, the initiating seed has to come from outside of the female. And while a man is capable of being a sole support parent, the parental instincts of the female is supposed to be more innate and refined in the female…….all things being equal!

The rituals of the Orango people have a very simple explanation. The young women already knows who they are attracted to, not so much on superficial matters such as income, swag, celebrity or “cuteness”, but who is the better fit for HER, based on different factors that are not covered in the article. I say not covered because in a small community like this one, people interact with others, so one will and should get a deeper overstanding of people’s personality, tendencies and character. The Orango women overstands this, as well as the fact that who they choose to lay with has to carry a specific type of energy  or spirit. The modern participant of the “dating” scene, fail to register that when you have sexual congress with someone, some energy may transfer or enter into the well-being of who it  contacts when the two people come together as one. Your energy centers are open and receptive to different ranges of energy that causes feedback, such as being aroused by that someone or feeling depressed, when they are torn apart from you, etc. Since the female is the receptacle of the energy input/output, if she is not on guard, she risks a greater influx of negative energy than what the man is exposed to. This is why multiple sexual partners or escapades, can often elicit a transference of bad energies that affects both the male and female. However it is more impactful on the female because of her more sensitive spiritual nature. Ther old saying “When you lay with a dog you will come away with fleas” aptly describes this.

It is also interesting that many will think the rituals of the Orango people as either quaint, trite or is stroking the male ego. Far from the truth and in fact is a lesson that many females in today’s society can learn from.  If you really think these women are not being empowered, then you need to get a thorough lesson in true femininity. This goes for the modern liberated female and emasculated males…the inmates currently running the damn asylum of western (un) civilization. Finally…when viewed from an intelligent place, the desperation of todays female thirstiness does nothing but fuel the thirstiness of low moral, low balanced males, who enjoy a good view and fanatsy of the next twerking video, bathroom ass shot, by some obscure “model”, ghetto gagging and other pornographic sadomasochistic cannibalism and a female that demands respect for her queenliness as her tities hang out of her top.

2 thoughts on “Courtship vs Dating: The afrikan/ Meritu way vs Yurugu’s

  1. Wow…I am blown away. You may have written the best article ever. I’m saddened by our state of affairs. I hope we as African peoples can get it together.

    For our sakes, I hope we we’ll wake up.


    1. Thank you. All we can do is try to impact one persona at a time and work to make the changes on a micro level.


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