Anyway, about Chris Bosh, this past year is a tough and trying year for the man formally known as CB4, this after he was the only thing of relevance in Toronto Basketball, for four years,  after Vince Carter had put the team and city on the map and then left the team and city crying in their Tim Horton’s coffee. Many have accused him of being a lesser player than Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. However, when you consider that realistically the only man Lebron James is annually compared to is Kobe Bryant, a man who is more refined and skilled than anybody else in the league. The haters also say Chris Bosh is a lesser player than Dwayne Wade, when there are few players –very few that one can honestly say is ahead of Dwayne Wade in excitement and game impact. Yet revisionists throw out the Chris Bosh lesser player as if it is not the same for 95% of the league. Many of his detractors claim, rightfully so that Chris Bosh is a finesse player, in love with his Jump shot. This more so today that in previous year, but if it is not as if Chris Bosh is the only player like that, but since this is Chris Bosh he gets grief for it.

How soon we forget…or what have you done for me lately amnesia

 I am a fan of Chris Bosh the basket ball player, but more than that I am a fan of Chris Bosh the person. I like his persona and felt he was a healing balm to the Toronto Raptors after the debacle of a trade that literally set the raptors about back five years from their position of a middling team, even with Vince ( ½ man-1/2 amazing, all suck) carter. Chris Bosh the antithesis to the stereotype of the African athlete. He doesn’t appear brash, load or threatening. When I look at Chris Bosh I see the youth that the knee-grow hood rats accuse of being “too white”, because he goes to class, reads and speak eloquently and with great dictum. This is not to say that this is a norm as an athlete, but even some who are like that, tend to hide this persona under a braggadocios tuff niggah attitude.

I was watching an old series of videos on Kobe Bryant and realized that this cat was off the charts with his skill set! How soon we forget what Kobe was before he changed his game to preserve his body and the mileage being piled up. Yet it seems in seven short years the people who deride Chris Bosh have forgotten what an impactful young player he was before the 2011 season, and why he was the second most sought after free agent, and the most sought after “big man“ during the free agency frenzy last year.. Ex coach Sam Mitchell, when he was in Atlanta, said one of his reason for becoming a coach of the Raptors, was the chance to work with Chris Bosh. According to Mitchell, after watching Chris Bosh from the opposite side line he would marvel at how, even under weight, compared to heavier players, he was in there battling cats bigger and more powerful than him. And not backing down. Check out Chris Bosh`s rookie highlights and tell me this is a cat that is soft and overrated as people say he is.

 (03-04 rookie year)

Chris Bosh the best player to ever play in a Toronto Raptors uniform through the good and the bad…

….but how did it become so?

Chris Bosh Rookie Year

In his rookie year Chris Bosh was forced to play out of position the season after Antonio Davis was traded to the Chicago Bulls. Night after night, Chris Bosh battled against opponents who were much stronger then he was, but he never backed down from any challenge. Because of this, he quickly worked his way into the hearts of the Toronto fans, but most importantly, was heralded by his teammates and coaches. The coaching staff appreciated Chris Bosh´s perseverance, dedication, heart and willingness to play through pain and injury. This is something that Bryan Colangelo, Jay Triano and the Toronto media accused him of not doing in the last few games of the 2010 season. Not that many of his detractors would have a problem doing for a franchise that quite literally sucks from an operational stand point. But based on his numbers down the stretch, accusing your former franchise player of `checking out“ was more indicative of the organization and management and how they threw him under the bus, because he diced to take “His talents to South Beach”, than his actual effort.

In his rookie season, Chris Bosh averaged 11.5 points per game, 7.4 rebounds, 1.41 blocks, and 33.5 minutes in 75 games played. He led all rookies in rebounding and blocked shots and set a franchise record for most rebounds in a rookie season with 557. As a result of his tenacity and eagerness to work hard and produce, Chris Bosh was selected to the All Rookie First Team for the 2003/2004 NBA Season.

Toronto after Vince Carter

The Toronto Raptors went through a lot of controversy during the 2004/2005 season, as their most dynamic player, Vince Carter made it very clear that he wanted a trade. In December of 2004 Vince Carter was traded to New Jersey and Chris Bosh became the new face of the Toronto Raptors.

Following the departure of Vince Carter, Chris Bosh averaged 18.4 points per game, 9.05 rebounds, 1.6 blocked shots and 38.1 minutes per game, which was an improvement in every major category. In recognition of Chris Bosh´s outstanding efforts, the NBA awarded him with his first Eastern Conference Player of the Week Award for the games played between January 3 and January 9, 2005.

Chris Bosh caught the eye of sports journalists with every game played since the departure of Vince Carter, and many Basketball analysts predicted that Chris Bosh would one day become an NBA All-Star. They were right

Who is Chris Bosh

Christopher Wesson Boss was born on March 24, 1984 at Dallas, Texas. He gained high school education from the Lincoln High School. Chris Bosh joined Georgia Tech to complete his college studies. Though he is a professional Basketball player yet he always emphasizes on gaining knowledge and gets education to the students. Christopher Wesson Boss has also established a Foundation and is active in the public speaking about the advantages of reading for the youth. He is a member of National Society of Black Engineers and has also joined the Dallas Association of Minority Engineers.

He is a son from a learned family. His father is Plumbing Engineer and mother is a computer system analyst. He has only one sibling. Both of these brothers were proficient in karate and gymnastic classes. Once, Chris had a meeting with John Salley in the lobby of Dallas hotel. He gave Chris an autograph and has also talked to him about Basketball. Chris was already a fan of John Salley and from there; His interest had developed more in the Basketball. He was a bright student who has always earned respect and attention from teachers and students as well. He is such a determined person that when he thinks of attempting any task, he always gives it a finishing touch by his effort. Same trait of his is observed in his way of playing even today.

Showing promise

When he was learning at Lincoln High School, he was at the number one ranking in the country and was announced number one by the USA Today in National Championship. When it was time to join college for further studies, then University of Florida, University of Memphis and Georgia Tech was in a row to admit Chris in their college as he will bring repute to the institute in the field of sports too. Joining Georgia Tech was a personal choice.

At Georgia Tech, he studied Graphic Designing, Computer Imaging and then Management. Though he was a dedicated student and always has intentions to complete his degree program but his career in sports has pursued him to leave the college and join NBA. He was also foreseeing his future in the NBA. In 2002, at Isla Margarita, Christopher Wesson Boss won Bronze medal at FIBA Americas U18 Championship. In the FIBA World Championship, he won a bronze medal at Japan in 2006. He has won a gold medal in the Team Competition in 2008 Olympics Games.

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One thought on “Everybody hates Chris…..Bosh!

  1. I don’t hate bosh for leaving Toronto. He has gone to do what he is supposed to do in life and that is play with greatest payers in the game. He unlike Carter at least left Toronto to a team with great potential. Carter left basically when his chance to make so more noise in Toronto and carry the team with Bosh further then before. Jason Kidd is a great player but will never be in Bosh’s level of success. Carter ruined his career by bailing on Toronto but I feel Bosh is more like Roy Holliday leaving for Philli.


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