The legacy of Jack Johnson is affirmed. He was fighting not just for fame and fortune, but for his culture that both embraced and feared his wild ways would impact negatively on them. Every fight he was in was followed by a riot and that was partially why he also surrounded himself with Caucasian folks. He would bed them, have them build his home and wait on him and be his groupies. Just to show that he was capable of doing it. He is the most significant boxer of any hue, in America Inc’s sordid his-story and also that of boxing. He lived his life on his own terms and died doing what he enjoyed doing, being reckless, living fully and thumbing his nose and societal norms. See the post on Unforgivable Blackness.

Like, Ali Floyd created the villain persona and played it to the hilt. Where Ali was somewhat restraint, due to his religious faith, in allowing the heel persona to take over, most people knew enough to see the showman and self promoter in his acts and how his true self came out on the 3 ½ speaking tour (though I suggest not poling those who boxed against him). Mayweather is a product of the MTV generation, HBO’s 24/7 series and the internet age where idiots would be taking a dump and put it up on Youtube. In other words, in order to stand out, he had to STAND OUT! This was the beginning of his exit from trader Bob’s circus of weird and somnambulant freaks of a promotional company.  In the age of hip-hop, the young cat was telling the brontosaurus that he was not being promoted to the real people, his peers, those kept to the fringes of the blood sport but who could generate more money and more fandom. This plus the fact that trader bob was also a thief and a lawyer…er liar and someone truly out of touch with the younger generation and a different class (in more ways than one) created an insurmountable rift that had that pseudo slave owner acting worse than Lebron James’s ex-owner.  Due to their aligning themselves with the good ol’ boy instead of the uppity “thug” or “nigger, today’s media decided to strip themselves naked and run around the world, exposing their true nature, which was to show their biasness and pom pom waving for their corporate pimps behind the curtain. Intelligent folks over stand that an African man, who is his own man and who can run his business his way, can inspire multitudes. Look at how the “hood to riches path” has changed the rap game what it has done for many who have followed that blue print (and unfortunately many who should just go away). Floyd had set out to do the same in one of the most corrupted, violent and criminal sector of the entertainment industry.  He is a true rags to riches story, where scrapping for food meant something. Maybe this is why 50 cents is now a running buddy of his. Real over stand real. I am not going to chart all Mayweather’s rise from an amateur to sitting on top of the world, but suffice to say, he did it spectacularly, in style and emphatically. When he moved from an indentured servant of Bob Arum to making his own decision, he moved from “Pretty Boy Floyd” to “Money May” and just MONEY. In doing so, he was not far off in mocking America Inc’s obsession with their god-Money, similarly to Don Kings waving of the America’s symbol of their tyranny and imperial pursuit…the Flag.

Both sang the refrain “god bless America” and other such bull shit, as if any god would not turn away from the only country to drop Nuclear war head on women and children, invade sovereign countries, all the while pretending that they are the only one who can maintain order on the planet. No! They sang that song to remind people that even in this dog-eat-dog capitalistic system, someone can rise up from a two bit, numbers runner and convicted murderer or an impoverished juvenile surrounded by drugs and bereft of a father who was away in jail for long periods, into wealthy influential and thinking outside the box successes.

Armed with the new persona of Money Mayweather, Floyd told the world he was the best. He showed the world why he was the best and he reminded the world what made him the best. His impeccable fighting skills, his undefeated record, his business acumen, his ability to generate fans, interests and MONEY! He did it often and loudly. He did not retire quietly into the night. And the media hated him. The boxing alphabet organizations hated him. Most hardcore or Johnny come lately fans hated him and other boxers while not hating him become uncomfortable around him. But the media can’t get enough of him because he generates news, even when he is not boxing. The fans flock to his fights, because of his skills but also to see him not just get beat but trashed. Other boxers want to be him. So the disparage him. They look away from his in ring skills, they lie about his place in the annals of boxing, they say he can be beaten; they call him a cheater, a punk, a cheap shot artist. Many say he is what’s wrong with boxing. But his name is never far from their lips. And they continue to make him relevant and rich. It’s amazing that the bi-polar society we live in, that we admire the rags to riches story but become jealous or seeks to tear down those same people. We want our athletes to run and jump and fight and be focused and have passion, but get mad at them for not being 2 dimensional cut-outs.  America claims to like boldness, yet tells you to STFU. This society likes their highly melanised people to be like Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry.  And because Floyd is not liked by those who want him to be docile, they create reasons to topple him.


They have thrown up multiple obstacles in his path since he turned pro. They questioned his style and heart, his toughness and skill, yet the brother kept going on. They latest debacle (from the Pacquiao camp at least) seemed to have removed America Inc’s search for a “great white hope” in the little Philippino fighter.  Yet people still call Floyd Mayweather a coward, a ducker and some of the most anti-African names in the book particularly by Philippinos who seem to have this deep hatred to a man they don’t know. In fact few people allow themselves to get to know Floyd Mayweather, instead of cleaving to the MONEY MAY character.


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