Floyd Mayweather is an artist. He is both that inside the ring and outside the ring. In his business ventures, in how he made HBO’s 24/7 into the money maker and feature it is now. He is a philanthropist, who paid for Joe Frazier’s funeral and paid for that of one of his earliest foes- Diego Corrales

Floyd Mayweather’s greatest hits

Mayweather impossible to beat


Most skilled

This Youtube link is a nice breakdown of why there is irrational hate towards Floyd Mayweather and why today’s society like their African men watered down. The link exposes trader bob and his freak circus and how they are allowed to turn piss into wine and their lies into truth.

Finally I discovered this site on youtube and appreciate the research the owners did in exposing the Bob Arum freak show and circus as well as the medias complicity in its hatred of Floyd Mayweather.


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