In ancient times, the healer was given more power than the leader, because while he was vested with protecting the body, she was vested with protecting the soul. Hers was a great power indeed. However, as we gradually became less nomadic and started setting up permanent or semi permanent encampment, villages and cities, the position of the healer also became corrupted. The female gift was usurped by men. Brute physical force won out over feminine harmony. The natural gifts of women were marginalized. The wisdom they held and provided was dismissed. What was important to the usurpers was the power that position held. In every social structure, there is a hierarchy. So over time the society of healers—now mostly or consisting entirely of men, was organized in a rigid structure, with the most powerful being the leader.  Thus these societies of men called themselves a religious order and set out to usurp the powers of the physical leaders of the community. Whether through folly tricks, through marriage arrangement or through spookism, religion became the defacto ruler of the kingdom.  Though society had changed from Nomadic to more permanent states, the fear of the leader and the healer was rooted in the soul of the people. Knowing this the religious societies and the symbolic leaders joined forces in subjugating the people by fear. Disobey the leader and god punishes you most vile.

Reasons and evidence sprung forth around the need to worship the symbolic and spiritual leaders of a community. Creation stories sprung up, that pointed to these two forces has having divine powers vested by the ALL to them…successors of the god, we never see, hear or touch, but who is even in the blood that beats in our hearts. Then came a time when women started agitating to regain their role as healers. They were demanding to get back to the ways of old when balance and harmony led us to more peace full existence. They were branded as heretics, witches and prostitutes. Once the system felt threatened by them, these women were punished in every way manageable; stoning, burning, drowning, garroting, hanging, flailing. Their very physical weakness was used as evidence of their incapacity to rule. Their very emotional outburst used as evidence of their inferiority. Only men, can rule. And they created laws…legal and unjust laws, religious mythologies and fear mongering. A bevy of psychological propaganda was utilized, that prevented woman and men sympathetic to the old ways from defending, and seeking the ancient harmonious ways.

Unknown to many, the first ever depiction of a deity was a female figure.

Venus of Willendorf – The First Goddess (check out the nappy hair style)

Ancient indigenous peoples believed in the balance of the feminine and masculine energies. What the ancient called the duality. What we see as yin/yang and what we should be practicing as complementary relationship. Not just between male and female, but between earth and sky, fire and water, nature and us.

These women, the energies they possess, is evident in us all, but it was more naturally occurring in women, it stands to reason that once eradication was attempted, it burrowed deep into our souls and remained latent. It is the feminine energies that misguided people speak of but failed to over stand. Not about acting like a woman, but being one with the ALL. The balance, the wisdom, the insperience that evolves and should always be nurtured in men and women. This is the sympathetic energies of compassion, of love, of patience and of harmony….Ma’at.  Many of us can recite and remember the quote “religion is the opium of the people”. Some may even be literate enough to attribute that saying to Karl Marx, architect of modern socialism. This has been used by capitalists and religious leaders and their sheeples to denounce and denigrate Marxism. This quote has been used also by communists, socialists or Marxists—whatever and however they were feeling like that day—as the righteous denunciation of religion as a narcotic for sheeples. Yet we were definitely and deliberately given just a snippet of the whole statement, as western propaganda will do.

The exact quote is: “Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.

Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Basically Marx was saying for people to be happy they must give up religion as the illusion of happiness, but in order to give up that illusion of religious happiness, one must give up the condition that causes this religious illusion.  All religion is an exercise in emotional control based on the illusion that your happiness is derived from embracing it will make your earthly condition better. The three major religion is filled with the same object oppression of the haves over the have not’s. A social hierarchy framed under spirituality, where men who have usurped the ancient and natural female healers have obscenely copulated with weak symbolic leaders in the secular realm to reign uncontrollable over the lives of fearful, spiritually ignorant and emotionally weak people. None is more abused in this scheme than those who are one half of man’s existence…women.

Of Faith and knowledge:   In the western countries more so than the Arab Influenced nations, as likewise the small illegal Khazar/Zionist state of Israel, most people would give up their political affiliation before giving up religious affiliation.  This is why faith based politics is such a strong pull for so called conservatives in the West. They realized that separating the two tends to have less social influence that the intermingling  that is prevalent in cultures like the Arab culture and the Jewish culture.  Faith is the corner stone of all religion, without which sycophants would not be able to practice certain physical, acts and rituals associated with the various religions. The problem with faith is that it is “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence for things unseen, another way of saying that you have no proof.” Or as some have described faith as …“ an act of imagining the way we wish things actually were, and stubbornly insisting that it is that way, regardless of any amount of evidence to the contrary.”

Now it is useless for you or I to question another’s faith, because faith is a personal thing. You and I may not over stand the utilization of some ones faith but to challenge someones belief in the unseeing wastes energy.  None the less, this notion becomes tricky when the faith believer uses his/her faith as an his-storical reference. Once that realm is entered one now has to bolster that his storical reference with facts. Facts are indisputable evidence that sheds light on certain disputed thing. An example is that the ancient people of Kimit and the most glorious of that higher culture where Africans. Another example is that the majority of people of Kimit where peopled primarily by present day Sudanese. How are these facts? Because our storical evidence is laid out in text carved on stones dated many thousands (more than 35000) of years before the documented origin of the bible (6000).

Taking sides and playing each to achieve the middle.

Most African males and some females, in the Western Hemisphere, those closer to my age…waaay north of 30 years old (lol!) have at sometime question our Judea-Christian faith. Many of us, usually the younger and less indoctrinated, those with a seeking spirit, would investigate various faith base organizations. This is especially true if we developed a strong sense of our connection to Africa. Thus cats my age would look for example into Rastafari and its many off shoots, Islam and it’s many off shoots and even seek to reclaim Hebraism as originally ours. The facts around each of these are to try and find the African center in all these religion, particularly Christianity-Islam-Judaism. Rastafari has been and is still dismissed as a pseudo religious, back to Africa, worship of a mortal man, so does not claim the same level of seriousness as the other three. Plus it is relatively new in world narrative.

Now here is where facts get shrouded in the mists of faith and myth, and used as his-storical reference. All the three major religion’s narratives and archeological evidences point to Africa as their source. This is Fact. All three major religious narratives has a Non African genesis, two of which…Christianity and Judaism occurred at a time when a majority of Caucasians (allegedly the central figures in the Bible and Torah) were still in the process of transitioning from barbarism, cannibalism and cave dwelling, In Islam, the image of Caucasian is substituted for the term Arabs, which doesn’t describe a skin tone, but a people descended from the mix of African (kimit) and the Caucasian-European invaders of Greece, Rome and Persia. This is why the Arabs are as diverse in look, skin tone and features as the Brazilians, who too liberally dabble in  a misogynistic lifestyle but practice a color caste philosophy with the darker people at the bottom.  These are all facts, that are shrouded in the myth of White Supremacy and supported by man orchestrated religion and bolstered by FAITH. To question these illegitimate faith based, his-storical references is not something that sits well with those who seek the illusion of an opiate diversion from an illutionary or real life condition they face daily. YOU ARE NOT TO QUESTION MY FAITH! But why not when you use faith as an his storical reference?

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