Spirituality is a personal thing. It reminds the more spiritual that the ALL, find its essence in each of us, just like the birds, trees, and animals. Just like the rivers, mountains and clouds. The rituals we perform is to give acknowledgement to that essences and the interconnectedness of us and all others in existence. This is why the ancient healers caution us to ask permission or say a prayer when we up root a tree or kill a animal for food. It is to make sure that such an act is done to sustain and continue our cycle of life and not to do random shit for base pleasure. That’s why the European invaders of indigenous countries could not over stand when the aboriginals ONLY take what is immediately needed and not waste anything for out of control ego and other base reasons. Religion is an oppressive practice that dehumanize those who don’t look like us and realistically religion oppresses those with a vagina and breasts. In the three major religions of man…Christianity-Judaism – Islam, the prevailing deity…God,Allah, Yahweh are all designated as male. This is faith delivered as his-storical references or facts.  Whenever, there is not a specific reference to a female, then that something is designated as male.  When I ask Christian women why do you call god a he and not a she, since god gave birth to this wondrous existence,  i am met with derision, disgust, fear and the imperial direction that I am a sinner and lack faith. Or all of the above. I have chased women out of stores, across the street, just by asking that question. Not mean mugging or being vulgar.

“It is the opium of the people.”

It is in my view that no woman should pick up a religious book, because in all of them, women are either marginalized or depicted as evil, the cause of sin and as a after thought in gods eye. In the religious creation story, god the omnipotent, created Eve after realizing that Adam was lonely. Did God not have fore sight? Then God took man’s rib and fashioned Eve. This is why a knee-grow Arab (Muslim) said to me, that women were cold, hard and unfeeling. Man was fashioned from the element, the mineral rich earth, women from calcified substance. Does this make sense? As men we are marginalizing our complement, the other half of the creative pair to an after thought. Symbolically she wasn’t created from the same rich substance we were and to top it off, she is called man, wo man. According to what I was told she was called woman because she came from man. I beg to differ. Man can not give birth to any thing but doodoo and some men are full of doodoo. In the garden that Gad created, it was claimed…by the architects of these works…men,  that Adam was told not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 2:16  And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

Gen 2:17   But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Funkadelic – ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep

According to my over standing, fashioning man from the earth and blowing the essence of “himself” into Adam was not enough to vest in him god like qualities. No! Adam and Eve was denied access to the secrets of the universe, “lest he becomes like us”. US? What us? Never the less this is for another post.  In the Religious creation story, EVE, with the help of a talking serpent, betrayed God’s trust, broke God’s command and TEMPTED /SEDUCED Adam into eating that fruit of the tree of good and evil. Thus women became the harbinger of evil into the world. The forever temptress of man, she who is filled with out of control carnal appetites. This folly and mythical, faith inducing irrationality is incorporated into most man.s view of women and in most women’s self fulfilling stereotypes of herself.

So if we acquire knowledge, according to the religious works, of good and evil, we will surely die. Is this why so many Nick Nacks shy away from Reading ‘Riting and Rythmatic? Is it why the story goes, if you want to hide something from knee-grows hide it in a book? It obviously works because very few of us actually read these books, the Bible, Qur’an and Torah, that we hang our faith on and even then, the level of comprehension is subverted out of fear of an imaginary deity that would punish you for seeking knowledge of good and evil. in other words your god wants you to be ignorant.

Now Gen 3:1- Gen 3:24, details the female’s failure to heed god’s word. How she is tempted by something that is symbolic of a phallus and how in disobeying god’s word in turn tempted and coerced man into falling from grace. At the end of the story, both were kicked out of paradise. in my African worldview I would more believe that the serpent in the disguise of imperialist and colonialist missionaries and traders, coerced men into an unholy alliance that initially encouraged the sale, theft and rape of their brothers, sisters and children, and when it become clear that it was open season on us, was outnumbered because we had let the barbarians into paradise and they dragged us kicking and screaming out of paradise. But what do I know? I am just an African cat with a blog. i am certainly not part of any theological or seminarian pimp culture that would put our women out on the street to take part in a culture that debases them, leave them defenseless and alienate them from their men, unless such men act like women. Submissive and emasculated.

In the narrative of the Qur’an, the faithful have been told that “from the cradle to the grave, you must seek of knowledge”…yet I have seen Muslim act more ignorant than Christians, when it comes to over standing their holy books. At least Christians don’t act like they corner the market on intellectualism. Christians are mostly about faith as a his storical reference. Muslims are about the same, but act high brow about it. Neither one truly over stand the book they hold dear, but they can chant a good chant and repeat…I SAID REPEAT, what was force fed them, with out critically looking at the facts or myth behind the pablum they are fed. Muslim women are even more oppressed than Christian women, because their ass would get severely beaten and murdered if they even once violate an Islamic principles. Hell, in some countries, if I rape a Muslim woman, she would be killed. If i have an affair with a Muslim woman, she would be killed. Now I am not condemning every female or males that practice their religion, because there are very good hearted and intelligent people regardless of affiliation. However, emotionalism always exceeds intelligence any day and twice on Sundays and fear is perhaps the greatest motivator we possess as emotion. Our fear of an unseen god, bringing down “his” wrath onto us, if we question even the most basics of the tenants i these books is evident of the his storical usurping of the feminine role in spirituality and substituting it for a masculine, aggressive role, where women are dominated, marginalized and held up as the image of weakness, curse and the fall of man. As well Arabism is totally anti-African and we are seeing when Arabs and nigger Arabs, try to destroy our African legacy in Mali, Timbuktu and in Kimit as the following link indicates.  Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin

KRS-One: Why is That?

In doing that we play into the hands of men whose sole focus is to create and maintain an imbalance in the universe, in nature and in our lives. As faith base people we HAVE to have a sensible dialogue around our relationship with each other and our over all place in the universe. We MUST dialogue around our relevance in the greater scheme and we MUST question the things these so called religious leaders bring to us…separating faith from our story and the narratives that have been without from the beginning of time. Only then can we move forward in our spirituality so that we can end the inter and intra religious tribalism that make us look so stupid. Fighting about whose god is the better god, when at the end of the day outside of rituals, all road do lead to one spirituality.

Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove

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