The more the African male strives to assert himself, to protect his family and lead his nation, the weaker the Anglo-Saxon male feels by comparison, and the greater the attempt to eliminate us through physical violence or spiritual violence, by effeminize the African male, to be a knee-grow thus forcing him to remain submissive.



“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” – Steven Biko







The Effeminization of the Black Man Pt1 (Where it Began)
The Effeminization of the BlackManPt2(Whitesex vs Blacklove)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt3 (Greek Freaks)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt4 (The Real Columbus)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt5 (The Maafa)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt 6 (Sexual Savagery)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 7 (FTP)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 8 WhiteSex Blitz
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 9 WhiteSex Media
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 10 (The Defilement)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 11 (Change the Game)
The Effeminization of the BlackMan Pt. 12 (Black Gays


African men in drag- dressed as women, is a new tool given to us by White Supremacy for cooning and bafooning. A safe stereotypical image effectively counters the all too fading one of the strong African man. For the Anglo-Saxons “who runs things,” this is an image of the knee-grow that is palatable and acceptable. This knee-grow choose to stand up to racism by clowning and acting the stereotypical “bitch.” The have decided that starting a revolution, even a cultural one can cause too much scrutiny from Mr. Charley. In this supposed safe space, no one has to oppress him, or castrate him because he has decided on self-castration.


This image and serial self-castration is also comfortable for many a modern African women who have lamented the dearth of good sustainable relationships with these knee-grow men because an effeminate man will refuse to take charge in a relationship, or will sit down with them and gossip like the worst of them. The modern male is comfortable being sensitive a nouveau slang for being the fifth wheel lsuch as that dude William on girlfriends, striving so hard to be sensitive that he becomes literally a woman. 






Instead of protecting his house and his home with his life if needs be, these effeminate men hide behind his female counter part, offering her up to be degraded as garbage in the latest music video or lyrics, while offering himself to the highest bidder in any way imaginable. I hear many a grown ass folks give props to Tyler Perry as if he is really offering anything ground breaking, culturally or revolutionary. The initial and lasting impression I get from suckers like him Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence ( to name three) is that of supposedly talented and grown ass men running around dressed as a woman.

I remember watching an interview with Dave Chappelle as he detailed how appalled he was when they came at him with a dress, relentlessly. He acknowledged that this is always a part of the plan for African men in entertainment. This incident caused him to re-evaluate where he was with that minstrel show and walked away from a 50 million dollar contract. Massa was so upset, he put out the APB that Chappelle was a crack head and had gone to South Africa for rehab. And people believed that shit!



I remember watching another minstrel show-In living Color- and was fascinated in how Jamie Foxx took on the character of Wanda.  How, he completely got in character. The fact that we have enjoyed watching an emasculated clown is evidence of the effeminization of the African man into being a knee-grow and the complete acceptance of it by our women, who turn around and talk about not being able to find a strong African man. Before the ignorant among the readers start screaming all kinds of phobia at me , I aint talking about the queer lifestyle…yet! This is strictly about the diminishing returns on the effeminization of the African male.



 I posted a piece on African feminism where I questioned which camp the African woman chooses to sit in.  The confused didn’t know if it was the White female oppressor, or the knee-grow effeminate oppressor. You see the Civil Rights Movement created a hunger for African women to end their own oppression.  Unfortunately the “wickedly wise” as Minister Farrakhan once said continued the 400 year attack of separating the African male and female by directing her to arms of the Anglo-Saxon male and female, while relegating the once African now knee-grow to specific extremes of hyper masculinity or emasculation. With the MAAFA still fresh in our collective psyche, we couldn’t get it together, not with welfare, unemployment and numerous renewed attacks on African male female relationships. Soon the two complements split, the home became a house divided, the adolescent African boy are now taught how to be a man by women who hate and despise their fathers, who are unsure of their own needs and self knowledge as a woman. 



This is why the pursuit of feminism is so dangerous, because the female compliment has not gotten an over standing of her femininity and female nature yet she is selling woof ticket about doing anything a man can do. This is why the male complement is so weak minded that any difficult decision that has to be made paralyzes him because he fears the dreaded label of insensitivity or being called “old fashion” In his ways Both the African male and female emotional and mental health is harmed by sexual misidentification, sexual maladaptation, and oppression. The strong African warrior types have always been a threat the system of White Supremacy, including some of our own people who would rather embrace the image of a cow-toeing, boot licking, fawning, go along to get along knee-row than any Mau Mau type with a Black Panther growl.




What are the images we as elders and community are upholding.  Like  manic depressives without our medication, we swing from one extreme to the other, never hitting the mark of African manhood/warrior. We swing from the gangsta, thug mentality, as desired by even some of our most sophisticated females to the image that Prince, Michael Jackson and many of today’s entertainers embrace. As one frind of mine said it best, “grown ass n***ers who have never had a fight in their lives are claiming to be thugs, dressing like gangsters and talking like pimps and hustlers.” These are parodies of real men and they are encouraged by the real pimps as the set horrible examples for the impressionable youth, both male and female.


As the pendlum swings back to the other extreme we enconter the effeminate knee-grow, the knee-grow in drag, the Carlton Banks knee-grow “Metrosexual ” … is he or isn’t he?  





27 thoughts on “From Warrior to Medea: The effeminization of the African man

  1. This is an excellent expose’ on the realities of the effeminization process. We must understand that the Black man has been emasculated, not only by the european/white supremacist systems, but also by our very own selves. I am very grateful that there are others who have this revelation. Our African American brothers and sisters must made aware and confronted with these issues in order to save our families. Promoting homosexuality and LGBT is not only subversive to us as a race, but it is also demonic. There can be no sub-agendas.


  2. Great post! This type of thing needs to be known to the masses. These sick bastards have a gay agenda going on.


    1. Thank you for coming on and commenting family. But since I posted this, even I was not aware of the depth of degradation the devil has in store for us. In the near future i intended to put pen to paper on how the gay agenda destroyed the African liberation movement..despite fear and warnings from knee-grows not to go down that road. However as men we need to be examples of what we want our compliments and children to believe in.

      Thanks again for visiting, please come again.


      1. I agree. It’s deeper than people know. On my blog I posted a few videos in my Homosexual Agenda section. This has been going on a very long time. These white elite in Hollywood and the music industry want a nation of black gay/lesbians. I think it’s because they want to depopulate black people worldwide. They’re even pushing this garbage in Africa. We have to make our people aware of this sickness they’re trying to spread.
        By the way,I love your blog. You have some very useful information here. I’m glad I found it.


      2. Blessing family. I took the liberty of linking your blog to mine. Got to share the knowledge. i recently watched the video Maafa21, where Eugenics and the whole genocidal movement has now tied family planning to Aid. Now it may seem easy for us to say screw them, but even if you refuse, to them resistance is not an option, that;s why nations like Libya and Syria and soon Iran will fall. Over here knee-grows figure that they gonna die anyway so why not take the blue pill. Only in the case of the Boule and the performing moneys in the entertainment industry, taking the blue pill means grabbing your ankles and bending over.


      3. Thanks for add brother. It’s greatly appreciated. Yes I’ve seen the Maafa21 film. It really is mind blowing. I’ve let a few friends borrow it and it made quite an impression. But it just goes to show you how long this agenda has been in place. The whole Eugenics program in America is where Adolf Hilter got the idea from.
        Yeah I know about the Boule. Too bad most black folks don’t have a clue about. They do a great job of hiding this type of information. Deception is the name of the game. They have to keep us ignorant so that they stay in power. The Boule is the way they keep all their pet Negroes in line. And the list is quite long.
        Past and present members:
        Eddie Murphy
        Denzel Washington
        Jamie Foxx
        Steve Harvey
        Will Smith
        Samuel L. Jackson
        Morgan Freeman
        W.E.B. DuBois – Educator/author/historian
        Alexander Dumas – Author
        Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington – Orchestra leader/composer
        Medgar Wiley Evers – Civil Rights leader
        James Forten – Abolitionist/manufacturer
        Timothy Thomas Fortune – Journalist
        Alex Haley – Author
        William C. Handy – Composer
        Matthew Henson – Explorer
        Benjamin L. Hooks – Former Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.
        Jesse Jackson – Founder of the Rainbow Coaltion and Operation Push
        Maynard Jackson – First black mayor of Atlanta
        John H. Johnson – Publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines
        Jack Johnson – First Black heavyweight boxing champion in U.S.
        Absalom Jones – First Black Priest in the Episcopal Church in U.S.
        Dr. Ernest Everett Just – One of the founders of Omega Psi Phi and
        renowned zoologist
        Don King – Boxing promotor
        Lewis Howard Latimer – Inventor of the carbon filament for light
        Thurgood Marshall – Former Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
        Benjamin E. Mays – Former President of Morehouse College
        Leon M’Ba – First President of the Republic of Gabon
        Kweisi Mfume – Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.
        Richard Pryor – Comedian/Actor
        Alexander Pushkin – Poet/Novelist
        A. Philip Randolph – Founder and First President of the International
        Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
        Joseph Jenkins Robert s -First President of the Republic of Liberia
        Charles Rangel – U.S. Congressman
        “Sugar”Ray Robinson – Former mid/light heavyweight boxing
        Arthur A. Schomburg – Historian/Author
        Rev. Al Sharpton – Civil Rights Advocate
        Carl B. Stokes – First Black Mayor of Cleveland, OH
        Louis Stokes – Former U.S. Congressman
        David Walker – Author of “David Walker’s Appeal
        Booker T. Washington
        And that’s just a small sample. It’s a damn shame what people will do for money. They’ll sell their soul for some pocket change. smh I rather have liberation.


      4. Ashe…keeping spreading the word brother. Let it be viral, because they always want to designate a leader or want us to designate a leader that they can manipulate or exterminate. Doing it this way causes them to skip a beat as they try to get funky with us.


  3. My name is Lamon Davis IV, and I am a 21 year old African American male. Since I was a child, I have always felt myself different. More able to think freely, see life, and the things in life for what they truely are, without a bias. As im sure everyone else has, I have seen my share of injustices, hardtimes and tragedies; but as great men have once said, “the fall is not what matters, but how you pick yourself up after that determines who you are.” I have strived to set myself apart from what society has call its “norm,” or what is to be socially acceptable by doing nothing other than being me and doing what came naturally. I was raised to think for myself and to not be afraid to be myself and I am truely thankful to my parents and the community that raised me. I hold my education to the highest of priorities, be it school, in the streets conjugating information with aspiring intellectuals, or wandering the deepest corners of my own mind searching for the truth; for we are lied to constantly. It is because of these traits and blessings that I have been able to see, for a long time; the scheme to weaken the people of this world [for those who seek to destroy our race and heritage, seek to destroy all they feel inferior]. After reading everyones posts, and watching the episodes; I have come to two realizations: 1. I am not alone in my thoughts. 2. Something needs to be done now before its too late. One of many road­blocks in my way to becoming part of a needed solution, is the lack of uncorrupted information available to me and my own lack of awareness of information that has already been compiled. I am here to ask for any and all information anyone has complied and the locations to where I can I find inofrmation myself. Please send me anything you have. My email is I am open to and welcome all discussion. Thank you for you time and patience. Peace to all.


  4. I knew there was a deep underlying cause to the dysfunction we call community. I am glad to have stumbled across this page and to have found intelligent discourse exposing what I felt instinctively was truth. How do we translate this to the masses of kidnapped Africans who need to find their way home from the inside out?


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment after reading this post. There is no magic pill I or any one can offer to turn the tide as our Ma’afa continues, seemingly unabated. I know that I chose to lead, verbally and by example and all the pontification and intellectuallization would be for naught if we first don’t heal ourselves individually before we do so collectively.

      I have chosen to progress on my path to a balanced life, by being a aprt of a mens group that seeks to bring out the MEN in each members. This means I have had to humble my self, become a student and all ways take ownership of my failings.

      Many in the African Community are not prepared or willing to hear any message…even the incomplete ones. The only clear thing I can and should tell you is start working with some sisters, whether lost or not and create a program that re-enforces their worth in their eyes and encourage them to grow into becoming contributing forces in their lives and the lives of those who matter. Along they way their since of worth will allow them to create a standard of males that they seek, wish to cultivate or hope to produce. It cannot be done in isolation, but there has to be a plan with a cultural base to it. This plan or plans has to include training for the males. Run concurrently or seperately it has to be done because one cannot raise the roof only on one pillar.

      Also, we know they enemy will be displeased, but your biggest fight will be from the knee-grows, the miseduated, the spiritually and culturally dead.



  5. Unisexualization AND homosexuality (which go hand-in-hand) are both running rampant in Babylon (i.e., all races are affected by it) to the point where one will be exposed to it whether he chooses to or not. There comes a point where Black people have to stop blaming our deficiencies on “conspiracies” and take responsibility for our own fuck-ups. If the Whiteman has been tricking and manipulating us for hundreds of years, and we know this and still allow it to happen, than the problem is deeper than a conspiracy.


    1. No Malcolm the problem is correctly assessing the source and depth of the problem and finding a workable solution. To dismiss as us not taking responsibility for our fuck ups is minimizing the 24/7365 efforts of White Supremacy and maximizing the acts of psychological conditioning.

      In fact it is quite easy to say fuck it…every man for himself. Your task, just as mine, is to try to dismantle White Supremacy at it’s roots and we must do it in all areas of people activities.

      Furthermore, using strawman arguements such as “conspiricies”, shows you to be less enlightened and educated on the aforementioned psychological conditioning of our people.


      1. I think you and Malcolm are both right. The desire of the Supremacist to keep black people in a permanent state of subjugation is well known, and proven. What i think Malcolm is saying is that since we now know this why do we still allow ourselves to be subdued even to the extent of making ourselves instruments of our own oppression. There was a conspiracy, but a conspiracy exposed should no more be efficacious. Yet we find in all aspects of the black nations existence, we are still allowing a conspiracy that we know about to work against us.
        This i believe shows the depth and effect of the years of our psychological conditioning by the powers that be.
        Only the black man can emancipate the black man. Freedom given is no freedom. The black nation was defeated and enslaved and continues to be enslaved not withstanding what people may think. Until we win the fight for the freedom of our minds, we will continue to be slaves to the white man.
        They brought us Christianity and even though the way the treated us was completely against the tenets of the Christianity the brought, yet the forced it down our throats. Now that the light of God has come to us through Christ, they have abandoned the doctrine that the killed our brothers for not accepting and have now elected to be without God.
        The same things the called us evil for doing, they now doing with impunity, why? Because they control the narrative.
        Until we take control of the narrative that define us, we shall continue to be defined by the Canal impunity of the minds of those that control it.


      2. Excellent point. If enough of us recognize the disease, then it would be easier to arrive at an effective solution collectively.


  6. Henrietta:
    You can also read “The Endangered Black Family: Coping with the Unisexualization and Coming Extinction of the Black Race” by Nathan and Julia Hare. It deals with the Power Elite’s use of unisexualization (effeminizing males, masculinizing females) through organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the major media as a tactic of its greater strategy of population control. The authors also offer some solutions.


  7. Firtly thank you for reading and posting.

    Secondly, There are many out there who have spent way more time and energy documenting this information. One of the first giants I had encountered over 20 years ago, was Jawanza Kunjufu and his conspiracy to destroy black boys series. Here is his website .

    There is also Francis Cress Welsing Author of The Isis Papers and creator of the Cress-Welsing theory analyzing the nature of white supremacy. Her website is

    Finaly there is Mwalimu Baruti. His website is, and his thoughts are the main foundation of this post.

    However, please over stand, that the effeminization of the African male starts with the notion of White Supremacy and the need to seperate and destroy the African family by all means necessary. Anything to not perpetuate a health and wholsome unit.



  8. I am most interested in the slides and background information which was used to create this presentation. The more of this ammo we have, the more effectively we will totally decolonize, deprogram, reafricanize, and reorient ourselves.


  9. Perhaps I will do that. I will embark on that project and I hope to invite both of you here when it comes to fruition.


  10. Ayi you are right on that the solution to many of our male dsyfunction is directly connected to the relationship with their mothers. You dont dare criticize a black woman parenting the males who have issues cannot talk to their mother about their damaged feelings from childhood. How many black men you know that have a loving and very close relation with their mothers and can talk to them about anything I haven’t come across many. The feminist movement has black people very confused. I have always maintained black women have always been working. So that movement wasn’t our issue.


  11. Sankofa,
    You may wish to invite Valethia Watkins to Canada to discuss the disastrous effects of feminism on our community. She is a member of ASCAC and has done extensive research on this subject.


  12. What can we do as a people to counter this trend? If we are seeing this tendency in our young boys what concrete steps can we take to reverse these characteristics? How can we teach them the critical thinking skills to ignore and counteract this anti-Maatian thought/behavior? I interact with children in our community through Rites of Passage programs and coaching soccer and I want to see us rise up out of this chaos.

    Also, is the overemphasis on sports in our community causing the mascunlinization of our young girls (Through manufacture of excess androgen in their hormonal systems)? If so, what can we do to ensure that these potential young mothers of our nation remain physically fit without turning them into she-men?


  13. The emasculated male, a lot of this trait is coming from lack of love and affection from parents particularly the mother or female who raised these males. These men will often lash out with rage but will never cry. There is nothing wrong with being gentle, compassionate, caring and sensitive these are all good traits of every living being. There are numerous males who may appear outwardly masculine or even macho but their true nature has been destroyed as children. They reach adulthood, have no direction, and are disorganized in thought, action, and irresponsible. They have poor interaction with women on a high intellectual and spiritual level, usually have to deal with her only on a sexual level. They always seem to be seeking female approval and attention even if it means becoming a substitute girlfriend (usually a lot of idle chatter, including sexual with emale friends). They often do not make loyal mates and will betray their mate as their are always in conflict and competition with the feminine principles, unless the hostility towards their mother is resolved. This type of male is just as dysfunctional as the outwardly femininely acting men. Many black people have commonly accepted this type of behaviour as we are lacking in men with true leadership skill and actions.

    The Principle of Gender
    “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” –The Kybalion.

    This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything–the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifests as SEX, on the higher planes it takes higher forms, but the Principle is ever the same. No creation, physical, mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. An understanding of its laws will throw light on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of men. The Principle of Gender works ever in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains the two Elements or Principles, or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Male thing has the Female Element also; every Female contains also the Male Principle. If you would understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation, Generation, and Re-generation


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