He who seeks of only vanity And no love for humanity Shall fade away, fade away.

One of the most prevailing images, etched indelible in the African mind is that of Caucasian wealth, openly displayed daily. We were initially conditioned to believe that this wealth came from Caucasian ingenuity, fiscal responsibility, and hard/smart work. As a child we were hypnotized into believing that wealth is a blessing for Caucasian people primarily, but also east and south Asian and lately the mixed group called Arabs currently occupying our ancestral land in North East Africa. The hypnotism and conditioning created a blind spot in our direct vision, causing us to miss or ignore the wealthy Africans in the Diaspora and on the Continent.

He who checks for only wealth And not for his physical health Shall fade away, fade away. Being children of damaged parentage (see the miss-education of the Negro, among other good reads) we strive to emulate the actions and attitude of those who appear to be what we consider are the best examples of wealth, health and success in this make believe world of democracy in the west. As adults, what we learn and know about the world was created and nurtured in our childhood. If we had a yearning to escape economic hardship, without the intelligent and scientific approach to climbing up from our slave like condition, we will end up doing any kind of thing to get up and out. This includes prostituting yourself and your children, selling drugs, gun running, armed robbery, extortion…anything! Some of us developed a twisted view of Caucasian wealth as ill begotten, so you justify your ill begotten wealth as a case of … “well he’s doing it so why can’t I?” Yet at the same time, in the pursuit to see who will die with the most, we lament the loss of the richness of health, strength and functionality.

Though some believe in diamonds and pearl And feel like they’re on top of the world, They shall fade away, hear what I say. In the past half century the wealth of the Caucasians in the west was primarily through piracy, plunder and imperial excursions (invasions) of mineral rich lands in the Southern hemisphere – African, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. Every major corporate institution has directly or indirectly benefited from the worlds greatest holocaust, the African Maafa. Even though, the thuggery happened before the Maafa, and even after the Rothschild’s ingeniously got France and Britain to mortgage their respective countries to him, European wealth didn’t hit it’s nth degree, until after the imperial invasion and subsequent subjugation of Africa and the other non-Caucasian people on the planet. During that period they perfected their illusion, their matrix, creating a world wide feudal system in which we become peasants working on “royal” land in perpetuity. And while the wretches of the earth toil endlessly to build huge mounds to the rulers, they sit at top it filled to their bellies with the belief that their wealth makes them superior morally, intellectually and spiritually

The rich is getting richer every day, And the little that the poor man got it shall be taken away. Do you hear what I say? Yeah, hear what I say. Edumacation not education, book learning not common sense were tools the illusionists to use to reward our mewling desire to be like them. These are the rewards for selling our dignity and soul in to feudal enslavement In the New World Order. Casting our eyes upwards and outwards at the edifices built to celebrate Caucasian place on the planet, we see bridges and buildings, roads and satellites and corporations and families sweat drenched in the stink of generational wealth. In this world of illusions there are inherited wealth, worked for wealth and hope to get wealth. The later is the pretext for the “poor people’s tax” or gambling for those who don’t speak the slang. The vice of gambling brings in billions more dollars along with the illegal extortion program called income tax, in a system of bleeding the bloodless to the marrow. Land Grants For a century before Jamestown, Europeans from the isles of Britain had been making a profit from the New/Old World; the intrusion of these vicious muaraders dramatically changed the aboriginal culture that existed in the pre-contact period. Besides the ill begotten riches made on the backs of the Africans, primarily, but also many non-European and European indentured workers, including the returns from their piracy excursions (some of the more famous pirates were enslavers and people smugglers) wealth in the hands of Caucasians, that which turned into inherited wealth, originated in the giving away of large tracks of original people’s lands. Through land distribution and land grants to “brave souls”, willing to travel from impoverished feudal Europe to the open opportunity of making a living in some body’s stolen land, the “west” was truly won as aboriginal peoples were pushed out, shut out and wiped out to make room for the invaders. Land distribution was originally based on a system, granted by hereditary Kings to members of the aristocracy, members of important families or former military officers. Of course, these people had privileges and obligations towards the King or his representative. A land grant is a general term referring to the Crown’s transfer/stealing of aboriginal lands and giving them to subordinate government, a corporation or an individual. Many of these land grants were offered to a wide variety of colonization companies, the Hudson’s Bay Company, railways (for right of ways and stations), municipalities (for town sites and schools), religious organizations (for church sites and cemeteries) and individual homesteaders. Land grant used land patent to ensure that certain favoured people were assured of their parcel of land and to control who and whom will get and not. After 1607, when the English stole the Aboriginal land claims, and successfully prevented rival European nations from settling in many places on this continent, the king was able to grant a great swath of North America to investors. These companies tried to hold the land in common, but in turn began to grant it to groups and individuals in order to spur settlement and increase their prosperity. Royal governors granted rights to large tracts of land in many states in the name of the king. The only group not encouraged to own or had any land they owned confiscated, were Africans. What they never told you in his-story class was that the opening of the frontier in America Inc., reshaped the European invasion patterns and led to a new way of life, and that began with the allocation of vast amounts of cheap land. Even after the boundaries of the original Virginia colony were reduced by the establishment of Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania (and before the creation of Kentucky and West Virginia), Virginia alone had as much land as all of Great Britain.

The man who worships silver and gold Shall surely, surely, surely lose his own soul, Then fade away. The European fantasy book instructs its enslaved adherents to shun wealth because it was a detriment to a heavenly ascension. These adherents are the very same people experiencing orgasmic anticipations of going to a land of pasteurized cow juice and bee vomit, peopled with melanin challenged beings with messianic visage. As is necessary for adherents it was not their place to question the absence of their sun kissed cousin or family member, not to question why the minister/pimp they chose to support was building his/her nest eggs on earth, all the while lecturing about camels, rich men and needles. However many of us soon learned how to mimic Cesar in his Roman(ce) of silver and gold, forgetting to render on to he what is his.

The one who’s always acting smart And don’t carry no love in his heart Shall fade away. Reporter: What do you think of western civilization? Mahatma Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea. The architects of the New World Order, the Matrix, the illusion we call Western Civilization, created this “reality” out of unadulterated greed, hatred and the septic nature of their Cave mentality, which was forged in the Ice world. This world fraught with the “do or die” conditioning where “counting and measuring” forms the basis and mantra of daily living. Counting and measuring time, place and the worth of people as it relates to their schizophrenic, bi-polar vision of the future.

God is here and there and everywhere And he knows when you play the game unfair, So people beware, or else you fade away! Hey! Beware, or dare you fade away. You’ve gotta fade, gotta fade, gotta fade now. God is German for “great man”, and when viewed in the mirror spells dog. While a dog is mans best friend-really what does that say about women- most of the flunkies in the temple of mammon, are living a dogs life, sniffing at asses and pissing in the bush of life. God is the Anglicized explanation for the duality in us and the dual nature of the energy principles of the greater Universe. God is amorphous, a metaphor, an explanation for the things the non spiritual could never and will never over stand, because they are too busy imposing their fragile image on the rest of us. And because we are lemmings, sheeples and cowards, we purchase, mix and drink that cool aid of fanaticism and self flagellation to achieve that nebulous state called “purity”.

God is here and there and everywhere And his eyes, his eyes are watching you, You’re gonna fade away, yeah, yeah, You’re goin’ to fade, fade, fade, fade away… At the end of the day when you are called to answer for what you have accomplished on this material plane, you will not only be asked what have you done, but also what have you not done. Truth is a vortex that can pull you in or spit you out depending on your preparedness to handle it. The eyes of “god” are nothing but your conscience looking over your shoulder as you lurch drunkenly through life or as you stride confidently in to the future. In breaking the chains of mental enslavement you will decide whether to change, evolve or grow wings or fade way to the shadowy world of zombies and grey people, rusting and rotting in the stench of your own inactions, ineptitudes and ignorance. Wealth is not the root of evil, this is bullshit! Pursuing wealth only diminishes you, if fear it and fear to control yourself around it. Wealth is a tool that can aid in achieving a semblance of comfort and quality in your life. But like all things in this life, wealth has a twin and the pursuit of wealth without a healthy respect of it and for your own values, will lead you to state of desperation, of fear, of misplaced wants and needs, and ultimately soiling your soul. Wealth is also more than material trappings, for a rich man with terminal illness is more often not happy. Yet an impoverished man with fabulous health, mentally and physically has a chance to realize his potential or forge his way forward. This is truth. Truth is consistent despite opinions. What is truth, you say? I cannot tell you what that is. I can tell you, barely, only what I see as my observation of my experience. You will insperience it as you experience it. Then you will find your answer.

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