Has feminism changed black women

To over stand the feminist movement and how it begot the counter culture of anti-African hatred, one must first go back to the origin of the Caucasian man’s his-story. The astute amongst us will recognize that though modern Europeans owe their legacy to the Ice age and Neanderthal man in the Caucus Mountains, he as is his nature chose to steal the legacy of the Mediterranean and claimed it as his own. The Mediterranean culture was a mixture of Africans and some defective genes suffering from Albinism that settled around the Mediterranean area. These areas produce the Arabs and of course the Hellenic empire that is now better known as Greece. While most people don’t know that before Alexander of Macedonia, Greece was a series of Feudal states constantly battled each other for dominance over largely a mountainous region. These states where famous or infamous for two and only TWO things; Philosophy and homosexuality. If you want to be creative you could add a third…fratricide.  A study of Hellenic legends will entertain you with narratives after narratives of Gods, killing gods, god killing man, man killing gods, gods screwing gods of all sex, man screwing animals and man screwing man. And when I say man I mean MAN.  Occasionally they would allow a little girl on guy and girl on girl action in their narratives, but it was largely a guy thing. The movie 300, which was such a bullshit and anti-African piece of propaganda, had a line it where the Spartan King accused the Athenians of being boy lovers. Yet his-story tells us that the Spartans, while perhaps the baddest of the Greeks, where the main perpetrators of Homosexuality amongst a culture that believed divine ascension could be attain by a male (not a female) through the literal consumption of the semen of a warrior. And there was not a shortage of boys seeking ascension, or parents who encourage this.

The effect of all this was a society that cared not for, did not over stand and even feared the feminine energy.  One sign of this fear is the current bullshit reaction to women breast feeding in public like this article for instance. I mean how can rational people act so adversely to something as this? Anyway…when the Northern European stole the culture of the Mediterranean, they also stole the influence of the Arabs, whose culture is intertwined with that of Europe, if you go back a ways; and of course ROME…the successor of Greece. Is it a coincidence that in the annals of people on the planet, only three ethnic groups or nations still around today, that have killed girl babies because they are not boys? Those three resides in the Indian sub-continent, the Arabian Peninsula and once did so in Greece. The Indian sub-continent still practices these barbaric activities, but they are heavily influenced by the Northern European or Aryans while the Northern Europeans in turn where influenced by the Hellenic, Roman and Arab culture. While the Romans weren’t known for rampant homosexuality like the Greeks, think of Caligula, Bacchanalia or the cult of bacchanal and the old line that Julius Caesar was a husband to every woman and a wife to every man. Now in saying all of this, know for a fact that Roman founded the city of London, which was were the Germanic/Viking tribes intermixed with the Saxons to form modern day Europeans. Along the way the philosophy and religious conviction that women were evil/secondary to man/came from his rib thus is of hard substance and nature and a whole plethora of anti-woman beliefs became the corner stone of European and modern society. The European man believes that his complement is not as sturdy as him, not as intellectually sound as him, is profoundly emotional driven, range from delicate to stupid and is quite devious. The belief in her delicacy, even when she strives to prove otherwise was one of the pillars behind the feminist movement and the female belief that anything he can do she can do equally or better.  Yet the contradiction of European male fear of woman lies in his rejection of her socially, politically and religiously, yet he rapes, physically abuses, emotionally abuses her and every other female he can get his barbaric paws on. I now over stand what women mean when they say rap is not sex but violence,

I remember correcting an associate about the war effort in the first European tribal war that women were allowed to work in the factories, not because the Caucasian man wanted her to, but that he didn’t want the African man working those good jobs.  However, the still prickly situation of having all these “n***ers around “good white women” had to be dealt with. So against his better judgment, we were allowed into the war and into the front line, just like in the Union-Confederate war, to be slaughtered in large numbers. It didn’t matter that this embolden Caucasian women to seek more “equality” with him on the numerous levels he was on, he knew she would never get real power as that is only for a select few “old white men” and their er…young male charges. And these men according to their own ritualistic activities do a lot of Roman/ Greek type behaviour reminiscent of their fore fathers. So, I repeat, this society does not and never cared about the feminine energy.  These Western (another name for “white”) societies in which we live in also followed a tradition were “gods” could, should and have always been challenged and or overthrown for numerous reasons. This is contrary to other civilization’s belief and worldview. What it created though was a society with a philosophy that is at odds with the nature of things. Throughout the annals of his-story there have been violent attacks on the poor, the children, women and the environment. Few of us are aware that there were three Crusades in European history. We were thought only about the European Christian’s fight to remove the Africans from over 800 years of rule and civilization of Spain and southern Europe. What was never taught was that the first Crusades was against children who, inspired by religious fanaticism, wanted to go to Jerusalem to liberate “Christendom” from the infidels. The second and for me most significant Crusades was against women. However, this crusade was disguised as the infamous witch hunting and burning at the stake. Many female healers and inspirational leaders were put to death, such as Joan of Arc.

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