How the Western world designed our separation

Many of you are relatively familiar with the Ma’afa of our ancestors, how we were stolen from Africa in Europe’s Imperial and colonialism war against our ancient homeland. We are also aware of the “slave” making effort to break us down and turn us into “knee-grows” and “slaves”. We wrongfully assume that after reconstruction and up until the civil rights movement, that while we are still hated, they the Caucasian power brokers are not purposefully setting out to eradicate us.

During the turbulent sixties, Caucasian women become increasingly embolden to challenge her counterpart for social, educational and political equality. With the introduction and the application of the philosophy of “free thought” to the college campuses, the minds and emotions of many impressionable youth became fertile soil to be cultivated by the likes of Alfred Kinsey and others like him.  Due to Europe’s his-story of perverting or abusing what is natural, coupled with them strafing under the weight of puritanical religious Christian dogma, the sixties exploded with what today is called the counter-culture movement. During this period, the free and easy access to sex, free drugs, do “whatchu like” mentality took over. Along with the feminist movement and gay rights movement, African people became confused about their position and place in the scheme of things. The civil rights movement magnified our subconscious desire to be European by ACTING like Europeans in our daily lives. This includes, partaking in the free thought and counter culture movement, with devastating results. Involvement in the counter culture movement was a status seeking endeavor, by people who felt they didn’t have it in a status driven society.

Over stand that while the European man oppresses us in many areas of this society; we consciously and unconsciously perpetuate the oppression when acting contrary to our culture and nature. The book, An American Dilemma: the Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, written in 1944, was thought to be a way of including and melding the Knee-grow into European society; making us Afropeans if you will. But the book became a blue print for Caucasian power brokers to sway us away from the reality of human rights to embracing civil rights, which as Malik Shabazz stated, became the right to “sit on the same toilet as the White man”. Between 1960’s-1980’s, social scientists proclaimed that the problem with African people not contributing to society was lack of access to jobs and education, even though the system always denied us access to jobs and education. The system particularly denied the African male access to these things while there was a concentrated effort to focus on the African female and involve her in and give her over whelming access to jobs and education. The system stated that the African family was broken because the men abused the women or wasn’t contributed to the household, however, his being denied access to jobs and education caused him to become frustrated enough to find an outlet for his frustrations. Whether it was drugs, alcohol, mindless violence, spousal abuse or other criminality, the African man was attacked for his actions, yet never was there any intent to give him equal access to the above mentioned opportunities in this status driven society.  And we could never get the kind of access, even today we are still public enemy number one, because this is a (Caucasian) man’s world, we are seen by the Caucasian man as his main competition as men, whereas women are not, even Caucasian women. The old time expression, the fence cannot hold two bulls in the pen is an apt statement here because the lead bull does not want the young bull anywhere near his “stuff”. In fact the Caucasian power broker, corporate leaders and people in general are routinely fearful and distrustful of African men unless they are effeminate, homosexuals or so Afropean, their mothers wouldn’t claim them. This is similar to their feelings about the African woman, however, they one caveat is that she can never be a serious challenge to the Caucasian man, when his woman isn’t. Plus she can be sexually taken…willingly or otherwise, because her challenge is material things…status, money etc, which powerful or even less powerful Caucasian males are assumed to have in abundance.

It is in this instance, where during the creation of white supremacy system, a color code is introduced into the lexicon and psyche of many of us. This color code makes us add value to various ethnic groups based on perceived skin pigmentation or lack of. Therefore, White is assigned the best value and occupies the highest status. Black being the so called polar opposite is assigned the lowest value and the lowest status. Due to this psychological and emotional recreation of value and status, away from spirituality and into materialism, many dark skin knee-grows, devalue their own skin and features and praises the Caucasian people’s.

So the power brokers enacts laws and rules to include the female into their sphere, by appealing to her ego, sense of INDIVIDUAL self-worth and her emotional fragility by rewarding her with material tokens. As she (and the men as well) become educated in modern institutions, they are under the mistaken belief that it was all about them and not the collective. Therefore the saying, “I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me”, became I “got to get mine”.

As we continue to perpetuate the spirit of Willie Lynch and while acting like crabs in a barrel, the African family suffers because of selfish reason based on lack of love of self and the idiotic notion that our oppressor looks like us. This is most dangerous with the women, because if we are to believe and hold true that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then what ruler can a dysfunctional hand produced in an emotionally fragile mind and womb? Or to put a twist on the olds chicken and egg them…which comes first, “a nigger who aint shit,” or a dysfunctional female raising dysfunctional children to perpetuate the stereotype of the dysfunctional family?

Are Black Women Working Against Black Men?

In the 1970’s when the counter culture had ran its course and many of the freewheeling narcotics and alcohol imbibers had grown up and were looking for a job. The power brokers realizing that if the people started asking en masse, for their share of the crusty old apple pie, then the proverbial feces will hit the rotating blades encased in the oval wire mesh. So the first thing he did was to further destabilize society. By introducing welfare—as an example— he thus ensured that many Caucasian women would say farewell to any ambition of seeking equality in the workforce.  He then set out to build a “glass ceiling” to contain those who forged on. Know for a fact that welfare was created for Caucasian women, but when the African man couldn’t find work and all too often forgot to create his own vehicle for success, it didn’t stop African women from having babies. At the behest of the liberals, feminists/lesbian movement the power brokers were forced to include African woman in the welfare scam, with the caveat that her man better not show up in the house or she is off the payroll.  Soon opportunities for employment training, education and other incentives caused the African woman to question the value of the man, when she was struggling with the children. Never the less welfare allowed her the opportunities for training, education and growing STATUS in a status driven and material worshiping society. Of course the men grew more frustrated, and being men eventually decided that he was going to build shit his way. Boot legging, sling powder, pimping…or back ally prostituting, (as opposed to corporate board room prostituting)…anything to get the paper, which gives him…STATUS in the eyes of his brethren and more importantly the African woman.

Today as we get caught up in the” black man aint shit” and “black woman are bitches” mudslinging diatribe, the doers of Isfet is sitting in his cavernous backroom and laughing his narrow ass off at our conscious-unconscious suicidal infighting. Today we are so fucked up that we couldn’t see a solution to our mutual discontents and emotionally shattered lives.  We are so screwed up that we turn to the man that caused our headache to give us the pills and remedies for a cure that requires us to divest ourselves from diseases that came from living in a White Supremacy environment.  Formerly we were mainly upright people living in an upright environment that have always observed and recognized the symbiosis between hue-mans and between hue-mans and the plant and animal kingdom.

Today in 2012, there is nothing nice or to be admired about how we as Africans go about our business…or massa’s business. And there is a world of gap between how we treat each other and what we say we desire from each other. That is, for those of us who have not completely given up on each other entirely.

Between 1960 and the 1880s, African women married at a higher rate than Caucasian women and had fewer abortions. Together we co-created an African revolutionary movement on numerous occasions, going back to Sister Harriet Tubman, up through Marcus and the era that spawned the phrase “say it loud I’m black and proud”. .And at the time the explosion in child birth in the African urban areas became a growing concern as well. Now they say, the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb of a knee-grow women. Why? Since 1970 roughly more than 5 million African fetus have been aborted, the manufactured disease called AIDS destroyed segments of our community, the documented government involved drugs dump in our community which has spurred an influx in, crime, shootings and today the willing ethnic cross breeding bent of many of us, is clearly finishing what the Willie Lynches and King Leopold’s of the world started…or at least was heavily involved in..

Today the media, being the propaganda tool of the oppressors go out of their way to emotionally and psychologically coerce us into further separating ourselves from the hue-man gene pool and for all intent and purpose, from the gene pool of sentient beings.

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There are some more videos on the subject here

5 thoughts on “Heavens Sundering Pt 2 continuation 4

  1. Remember how I was talking about the Crunk Fem Collective? They did a powerful post, entitled “Asking for sex, what do you do when the GUY says no”. Pure dy-NO-mite! I saw it in the morning and decided to wait to really delve into it and the comments. One brother put the smack down on the double standards. But when I came back later, they took the entire post down. A pity because it was textbook of how the anti-male feminist ideology (as opposed to goddess ideology) brought to logical conclusions can look like madness. It looked like a nuclear reactor meltdown up in there! They had no choice but to remove the post. But the damage is done because they have thousands of followers. The ideology looked like a naked emperor! If it seems that I’m gleeful, it’s because I am. No apologies.
    BTW there’s google cache if you want to read it. 😀


    1. Thanks for this link Anna, read the entire post, but only read the first paragraph of her answer to the first poster, as the moderator started attacking the brother for being insincere. I just knew the rest would follow that trend or spew out some feminist nonsense. Was it Bob Dillon that sang “how does it feel to be on your own, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone”(?)

      It’s incredible, but I have a few male friends who are astounded when I tell them I have not only turned down sex, but have periodically abstained from sex during my marriage (pregnancy and breast feeding) and for more than a year as a single man. I personally don’t believe that men are saying no to get back at women, the tides are changing and these feminists are unable to deal with the changing landscape. After all is this not the new men feminism sought to create?…”sensitive and non aggressive” according to the pamphlets.

      Sistah Nojma talks about the kind of negative energy women suck up in their wombs by engaging in rampant sex, no different from what the men also suck up, but feminism would probably see this as religious clap trap and not something serious.

      The times they are a changing indeed.


      1. Yes, the times are changing, and some are beginning to realize that they can relate to men. And that men are humans after all. Only the brave will embrace these realizations, and move forward.
        I love, though, when sacred cows are slaughtered.


  2. Very well written my brother! The part that sticks in my mind is the myth of the black superwoman. It’s frightening that that myth is being more powerfully fueled than ever before. Even I have claimed it when I wasnt it at all. I’m now learning the feminine power of vulnerability.
    This entire piece reminds me vividly of a conversation I had with a sister at the blog Crunk Feminist Collective last year. In the piece,
    Sister Crunkstastic wrote about having a relationship with a brother who only had “a couple of advanced degreees in mathematics” while she has a PhD the humanities. She went through all the stereotypical putdowns of brothers being unable to deal with the SBW and give her props for her accomplishments. So being who I am, I had to call her out – because she is intelligent and able to see around the social conditionings and whatnot. I thought it was a lack of insight on her part to resort to the subtle name calling, and mannish competition over their degrees. She seemed to feel that he should bow down to her because this time, she got the game! (PhD)

    Her point was that too many brothers cant deal with an intelligent, degreed woman on a correct level and resort to put downs and oppressive tactics because they are threatened by her accomplishments. I happen to agree with that, but statements that her man made showed he wasnt one of the “knuckleheads”. Her own words about what the brother said, betrayed her. He actually was a good guy, without a chauvanist’s ego, and able to admit his issues. (He probably really loved her and was putting his heart on the line) Sister girl was so into feminist-mode, she was unable to assess her man’s goodness. She was only checking for that “weak black male chauvanist” fault in a good man!!!! She summarily kicked him to the curb, “with no regrets”. She was proud of that, at least in the blog piece. Her blindness was mind boggling!! And I thought, what a price to pay for a PhD!! The Feminist movement is the greatest de-feminizer of our educated black women! It’s a poison! And the higher education system is the second greatest! Only the most highly conscious can go into that matrix and come out spiritually intact.

    BTW my comments are somewhere around the 77th and the 85th and 86th, if you care to read what I told her. I made about 3 or 4 comments that she replied to.

    Thanks brother for all the work you put in to these posts. Thought provoking, to say the least.


    1. Thanks for you feed back blessed one. I actually carried that latest post for a couple of weeks, each time adding more stuff, to the point where if i didn’t post it I might as well publish it as a book..Lol! Being that I enjoy being around women for the variety of the conversation, I experience first hand the cognitive dissonance my sister self continues to go through and despite numerous attempts to draw a straight line from cause to effects, the demon called emotion keeps rearing its head. For what? To show that your value is based on an artificial and materialistic level. Wasn’t it recently that women dogged us out because we attempted to justify our manhood by seeing how much animals and people we can kill, how far we can travel with a bullet in our side, or how far we can crawl with a broken back? You know…stupid hollyweird shit like that, that has taken on a real life of its own. How much different is it when African women justify their value through artificial and fictional markers? You do know the euphemism for PHD right..Lol!

      Where I work, in my city, close to my circle of associates, there are so many African women that are just bitter…angry doesn’t justify the emotional energy that rolls off of them when the subject of man-woman relationship crops up. Yet they keep doing what Einstein warned against, and doing it over and over and expecting a different results. I definitely am going on that blog to check out this sister and I thank you for the link.

      Again be blessed as always sister


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