As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

Iron sharpens iron means associate with those whose qualities you want to rub off on you.

The most ill prepared, dysfunctional female with a hood rat mentality and sociopathic behaviour will get a pass for masquerading as a mother. When looking at this video we wonder why the youth are the way they are. If this is being done in public, what happens in private?

Is there a logical explanation for this…?

Angry Black Women beat up their Waitress at Red Lobster over wrong order!

Will we automatically blame this ill on absent or trifling men in the homes, dysfunctional mothers?  Will we blame the Caucasian man and white supremacy? Are we mindless animals that act on instincts or human beings?

All Black Female Mob Attacks & Beats Mentally Disabled Woman

’These videos I from Mack Major’s blog, but let me ask you, are we going to continue to say that this is because of trifling knee-grow males? Or is it because knee-grow females is out of control and need to be put in check for their animalistic behaviors?

Mom Twerking With Tiddays Almost Coming Out While Son Raps About Her “Donk” 

15 years old girl Has Lesbian Orgy For Hamburger and Fries

Blk Man Found Guilty Of Rape w No Evidence At ALL

Lady Acting A Fool In The West End Mall!

Some have threaten this brother with physical harm. Some have tried to put his personal business on the internet. One female, without knowing him said she would be worried about him being around little girls.  Do you think they would do that to a Caucasian? Do we have the stones (you too females) to jack a Caucasian male like Howard Stern or others for saying hateful shit about us?  Cowards pick on the least vulnerable from the group, because the alternative is not to their taste. But he dosen’t need to defend himself…ask Jill Scott!

 How I’m Hurting The Community


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