During the course of the week I have had a series of conversation with an African woman around man – woman relationship and how the lack of evidence of can move the African culture forward or hold us back.  Both of attempted to explain to the other the causes and effects of the discord in the African man-woman relationship in this western (European) cultural mosaic. She intrigued me though when she put forward the notion that because of the numerous amount of crap that African woman experience, they have been forced to be both male and female in their house (especially sole support mothers) so that when they come across a man who elects to try to take charge, she manifest certain male like aggressive characteristic that repels the man.

“As the saying goes, the fence can’t hold too much bull in the pen.”

The African ancestors told us that male-female each have a dual energy that can be simplified as female/male, Yin/Yang and the gender tends to dictate which energy comes forth strongest. We manifest different energies based on how we do things in life, such as domestic work (seen as feminine) to construction work (seen as masculine). When a woman acts overtly aggressive, taking on certain male characteristics and carrying that energy with her daily, she tends to exude testosterone, which is a trigger to men and even women. It’s the same as if a man exudes too much feminine characteristic; he repels women and men and is often accused of being too soft or acting like a bitch, faggot, etc.

When James Brown sang it’s a man’s world, it was a sappy little love song, but who would have thought that the man woman relationship would be so out of wack that you will have women that will proudly proclaim they don’t need a man, a man can’t do nothing for them, building custom made homes with no kitchen, college bound women having babies but pushing the baby’s father out of the picture and woman would rather have remote sperm donors or sex with inanimate objects than with flesh and blood males. Men have joked that “once we gave them the vote and employed them, they think they own everything…”

Still this society has empowered women to move to a place where it is easy to call rape in retaliation for a slight or embarrassment, thus impinging on the legitimate struggle of the efforts of actual rape victims and the struggle to prosecute violent sex offenders in the face of male chauvinism and hatred of women. Of  lately and despite the real incidents of domestic abuse, many women have gone above and beyond to insert their personal short comings into the picture to wreck revenge on a brother that is either to angry to care or too uninformed to realize how to handle his situation. When he has children with this woman…oh man it’s off the charts.

Who can forget Mike Tyson’s infamous rape charge and subsequent 3 year jail term?  Despite the fact that there were so many holes in Desiree Washington’s story, both the media and women organization clamoured for this “beast” to be incarcerated. It sure didn’t help Mikes case when is Caucasian lawyer tried to portray him as so out of control and bestial that Mike ended up on the stand talking some fucked up shit that effectively sealed his fate, earned the lawyer a fat paycheck and satisfied the blood lust of the Anti-Nigger machine. A similar incident happened with Kobe Bryant and other men, either  famous, infamous and anonymous. All these brothers have basically the same MO. Being in the wrong place, for the wrong reason and suffering the consequences because their machismo, sexual urges or emotion blinds them to the long term consequences of just one defining act.

These days the latest African male to be crucified on the cross of domestic abuse is prize fighter Floyd Mayweather.  I believe at this stage, the persona Floyd has built in order to attract fans has morphed into something bigger than he can handle. We damn sure know the media and the anti-nigger machine will see to that. Haters of Floyd Mayweather and even supporters are wondering how he could have gotten into this predicament. Well, to be fair the haters are happy and don’t care how he got there…but that’s a different story.

One paper gleefully showed this picture of Floyd, AFTER the Victor Ortiz boxing match with a caption under the pictures that says: “Floyd Mayweather has been sentenced to spend at least 90 days in jail over a domestic violence incident”  to make it appear that he was crumbling and tearing up because he was going to jail.

The caption under the pictures says: “Floyd Mayweather has been sentenced to spend at least 90 days in jail over a domestic violence incident”

Then another website touted this line…$90m can’t buy get out of jail free card then injected into the story the rant that Mayweather had about Manny Pacquiao on YouTube, the burning of money and other incident including the accusation that the two rent-a-cop brought against him . In following the news, one thing I got from the charges were that Mayweather stood to be convicted and sentenced to 34 years in jail. WTF???? Whether true or not, his lawyers told him to plead in order to avoid a lengthy trial that might not end up in his favour. Considering his public persona and how people confuse his boxing showmanship with his true nature, I guess pleading down was the better alternative.

All the people who have been calling him Monkey, gayweather, fraud, crack head etc now get to had all kinds of homosexual jail pejorative to their gutter lexicon. Including some obviously biased blogger by the name of Dan Rafael who has always refused to give Mayweather the same kind of write up he would Manny Pacquiao. The dude even tweeted a couple of lines:

 danrafaelespn Dan Rafael
Ask Dewey Bozella about copping a plea to something you didn’t do.

danrafaelespn Dan Rafael
By the way, to all those who defend Mayweather and say he got a raw deal, remember one thing: You don’t cop a plea if you’re innocent.

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