He speaks as a child, spewing incoherent strings of sounds he thinks are words; he understands as a child, immaturely and confusingly; he thinks as a child, incorrectly and inconsistently; but when he becomes a man he puts away childish things. As a man his pursuit is of more virtuous nature; his conversation is more dignified and measured, impacting and not contradictory; his conduct and pursuits are manly; his views and knowledge are broad and deep.

Knee-grows are children. Their understandings are child like in its simple mind ness. They speak of childish things; uttering words they hear without the experience to discern its meaning or impact.  This knee-grow’s recent revelation is inane on so many levels that I am nearly at lost at where to start. However, I will just jump in this cesspool and swim to the distant shore. To begin with, if you believe in the European fantasy book, then everything you hear at this point will be like high pitched noise to you, so please pass on this one. If you intend to forge through my argument in hopes of forging through it, well, enter at your own pearl.

If you do not believe in the European fantasy book, you will overstand that this is the sole primer for the so called three major religions. Of the three Judaism occupies a loft perch as the progenitor of the other two. Also Judaism is the only one of the two that maintains an almost incestral relationship, strongly resistant to most who cannot trace their ancestors through a matriarch. Man being at his must base an instinctive animal, thus decides to marry into Judaism and if he can’t just go ahead and “convert”. But conversion to Judaism is dissimilar to conversion in Christianity or taking a shahada in Islam. The current “state” of Israel (is-it real) was created on the backs of a people who lived in this area for much more than the life span of the written bible. This land though was originally part of a territory peopled by Africans of the deep melanin kind…not by travel documents.

According to this knee-grow, he is a descendant of the Black Hebrews. This is an organization founded during a time when Africans in America Inc. was searching for redemption during a most turbulent time in the 1960’s. At least this knee-grow left the black in, on like another knee-grow, Sammy Davis Jr. One of the main periods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the “Exodus”. The Exodus is used to demonize the people of Kimit as homicidal and unjust and to elevate these professed ascendants of modern Jews as “Gods chosen.” Unlike days of yore, scholars today (some any way) have declared that the Exodus never took place. They insist it’s just a myth concocted centuries later in the time of the biblical Josiah to justify the existence of a Jewish state. From evidence garnered both archeologically and his storically, there was no such thing as a Jewish or Israelite people. No Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be descended from. There never was an Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. Moses was a myth, and never wrote the first five books of the Bible. This is why I call it the European fantasy book. The so-called Israelites are just nomadic foreigners that emerged in North East part of Africa called Palestine, but which was and is part of a land mass alternately ruled by the ancient Egypt, Ethiopians, Nubians and Punt, and were joined by a few nomads, and concocted a new religion.

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