Today’s Jewish people have no historical claim to any land in Africa, as a nation, thus they are illegal immigrants and have set up an illegal State today called Israel. In fact one of the first countries the war refuges of the European tribal war in 1947 is Uganda. They were actually looking at Uganda as a biblical Israel, before saner heads prevailed and targeted Palestine as more intone with their version of events. Still, according to many historians, Israelites aren’t Israelites, just Palestinians with a few mixtures of European Khazars who seek to co-opt this movement for themselves. This is why some Palestinian Jews tend to look like Palestinian Arabs and some look like Paul Newman. The Palestinians aren’t ancient landowners either, but just earlier interlopers in Africa, who first came to that area by cross breeding and immigration from Europe and are some of the descendent of a tribe of people called the Hyksos.

Christians can’t rely on the authority of the Bible if the very events that foreshadow the death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ are myth. The new evidence from archaeological theories presents a fundamental attack on the very foundations of both Judaism and Christianity. Not a pleasant thing if you are followers of the big three. One example of the myth of the European fantasy book is the statement the Hebrews built the city of Ramesses and that existed around the time of Ramses II who is dated around 1290. There is no evidence of Hebrews or an Exodus at that time. However, in my mind I can hear the Honourable Minister Elijah Muhammad when he utters the now famous (infamous) phrase…“the white man is the devil”, and Napoleon Bonaparte who firmly said, his-story is a series of lies agreed upon… perhaps he said this just before shooting of the nose of the Sphinx to hide its African features.

Why do I say that? Well how many African Egyptologists can you name? How many African schools for the study of Ancient Kimit civilization can you name…or google …or wikipaedia? Do you see a pattern here? For most of us, in order to overstand the Medu Netr (the ancient etchings or writings of Kimit) one is asked/forced to turn to Caucasians for an interpretation. Seeing that these Caucasians where and continue to be the greatest grave robbers and stealers of ancient cultures and artefacts, it is no wonder they are the depository and dispensers of information relating to Africa and other ancient people. Do you think it is in their best interest to show Ancient Kimit as being ruled primarily by Africans that look like this knee-grow? And that the brief periods of the Ptolemy where soon eradicated by Taharqa before Kimit and Africa fell victim to their penchant for being accommodating to any stray dog or cat that sits mewling on the doorsteps, only to have them crap in the living room.

As the child becomes a man he then spurns the shackles and toys of babyhood, and becomes a philo soph (Philosopher—lover of knowledge) and hopefully expands his mind and spirit to embrace the works of the Universe.

For a man to come into being the child must die. Manhood is much more to be desired than the state of children and a virtuous man is a treasure and corner stone to the security and strength of a nation. He is capable of far nobler pursuits, of knowledge, enjoyment, and of actions more beneficial to the African nation as we continue to wonder through the wilderness of this dreary landscape of the matrix. This child has no high and manly aim, other than bouncing a ball and showing off his meaningless tribal tattoos. He has no cares for great and dignified things, little thought for his future well being either in this life or the life to come. His understanding is feeble, his knowledge is small, his pursuits and pleasures are useless to this world, the Mr. Smith of this computer generated world will see to this. His years are wasted away in pursuing fairy tale visions and holly weird endings He is a stranger to higher knowledge and true happiness as his own man.

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One thought on “Knee-grow please!

  1. Great way to start the year that I would like to share
    Clear your mind daily so it can be light like a feather, think of every encounter as an experience not an emotional high or low.

    7 Hot Tips for Improving Your Life
    By Beth Scott

    I won’t be long-winded about this, I am going to lay down 7 simple steps to help you improve your life. It will only be a few pages long and will be a quick read.  Whether you implement the steps I give you is your decision alone, they are merely suggestions you might say.
    #1 This tip will seem quite obvious and simple to you, but you’ll be amazed how few actually take the effort to do it.  Unless you’re not a morning person this will improve the quality of your day drastically.  Setting you in a good mood to face the days challenges and adversities. Get Up Early! This may sound more like a way to ruin your day by putting you in an awful mood, but bear with me on this. To be able to accomplish this and still avoid losing any any precious sleep.  You can go to bed just a half hour earlier since to start with you only need to get up a half hour earlier than you usually do.  To aid this purpose you should definitely use an alarm clock with persistent beeping. You may be wondering by now just what it is that you’re supposed to do in this extra half hour when you would normally be dozing peacefully in bed. For different people the answer can vary slightly.  To start with you need to fully awaken yourself and get rid of early morning sluggishness.  To suit this purpose you can take a cold or slightly cool shower. Or you might try doing stretches combined with deep breathing.  Use whatever works for you.  You might skip the shower if just splashing cold water on your face is sufficient to wake you. After you’re completely alert step outside of your house, apartment, etc… And if it’s early enough and you have a clear view, watch the sunrise.  This simple but immensely satisfying act will lift your spirits. If you’re unable to do this, take a brisk walk, jog or run depending upon what you prefer and what you’re physically capable of.  When you’ve been out for 20 minutes you can head inside and commence with whatever morning ritual you normally have.
    #2 Now this is extremely important but deceitfully obvious.  Eat Breakfast.  To start your day out on the right foot this is practically a necessity.  You need the energy this will provide you with to accomplish your daily tasks.  If you are overly pressed for time you might try cereal and milk or a few granola bars, even a few pieces of fresh fruit would do.  Any of these are better alternatives than skipping breakfast.  This is also a good suggestion for those watching their weight, because if you skip breakfast you’re more likely to binge later in the day.
    #3 When you go places, even if you find it a bit difficult at first, smile more at other people.  Just curve your lips up a bit as you make eye contact with another human being.  It’s really that simple.  This will not only lift your spirits as you see a good many people smile back, but it will lift other people’s as well.  Even some of the ones who are too shy to smile back.
    #4  Don’t procrastinate!  The more you put something off and something else off, the more all your undesirable chores pile up until they’re an insurmountable task that would make a paid cleaning crew shudder.  In fact take these chores and work them into your schedule so you will do them.
    #5 If you don’t already keep either a schedule or make yourself a to-do list each night, this is your cue to start.  A to-do list helps you with get things done because it gives you a urgency “must do this today” attitude.  It will also help you remember things that you might have otherwise forgotten.  You can put things on them that you’re afraid of forgetting, or want to make sure you make time for.
    #6 This is by far the most important tip I could give you. Forgive and Forget.
    Either imagined or real slights should always be forgiven, and to forget them is to not dwell on them and not remember the angry feelings if you ever look back on that moment.  Let me just tell you this: Holding a grudge will not hurt the begrudged as much as it will hurt you and your personality.  As well as your existing relationships.  If there are any ancient or recent rifts or fights between you and a relative, friend, or spouse that are hurting your relationship or have ended it entirely, make amends. This life is the only one you get, we’ll never know when it’ll be our or the begrudged person’s time to die, and by then it will be too late.  So pick up the phone or walk up to that person and apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault.  This may be the last chance you’ll get to make amends.  You will be surprise at the feeling you’ll get after fixing things up between you.  As if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. This is definitely a step to improve your life.
    #7 Do something kind for someone else. Today! Not just on a birthday or anniversary, but spontaneously.  Buy a rose or other flower for a friend and tell them it’s just ‘because’.  Because they mean a lot to you, and because you care for them.  Tell your family and friends that you love them.  Offer to help a friend with a chore.  Help teach a young niece/nephew, son/daughter, brother/sister, etc…. how to read or do some other “grownup” thing.  Babysit for someone you know so they can have a night out.  The list of things you can do is endless, and I’m sure you can procure some ideas of your own on the subject.  Now for your convenience I’ve summed all seven steps:

    #1 Get up early and jog or watch sunrise
    #2 Eat breakfast
    #3 Smile at strangers when you make eye contact
    #4 Don’t procrastinate
    #5 Keep a schedule or To-Do list  
    #6 Forgive others and Forgive past wrongs
    #7 Do something for someone else

    One of the greatest blockage to success, and good health

    Passive-aggressive behavior: While often very subtle, this behavior is focused on getting back at the person you are angry at through indirect means. Holding back necessary information, tense silences, or saying there’s nothing wrong when obviously you are really angry are typical indicators of passive aggressive manipulation.
    Sarcastic remarks:These remarks indicate there is still strong emotion behind what you’re thinking, even though you may be saying you’re “just kidding.”
    Short, abrupt comments: Comments of this nature suggest your intolerance and annoyance. They usually are delivered with a certain intonation in your voice.
    If you are besieged with intrusive thoughts and negative feelings and believe you are justified to feel this way, you are heading toward a lifetime of misery, anger and torment. These one-sided dialogues with yourself make it harder to move on or work on developing a forgiving, letting go attitude.
    Ask yourself the following questions to get some insights into your own behavior:
    To what extent will you do things to annoy him/her? How long are you willing to hold on to your resentment? What benefit do you get from keeping these negative feelings current?



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