The recent  hate filled anti-African lynching of  Shirley Sherrod has brought light to the plight of African Farmers and the “business-as-usual” treatment they have allways received from the Department of Agriculture and for decades  from the government of the corporate United States of America. The Sherrod incident is nothing more than a right wing, undercover Klansman’s attempt to demonize an important female member of Barak Obama’ government.

And just like other Africans in former Bush and Clintons  government, who came under attack from right wing fascists, America has shown its dirty and shabby drawers to the world once again.  Only this maybe a case where this incident has really opened a can of worms that have spread the filthy mess all over the place.

Shirley Sherrod asked an important question: How did she get ousted out of the USDA and the NAACP without any explanation? Something isn’t right here. Mind you being ousted by the National Lawn Jocky association and its Khazar cabal is not necessarily a bad thing, but this is how the United States Government operates. They make Congress irrelevant. They make fair trials irrelevant. They announce plans to execute foreign officials, invade foreign government, distabalize foreign economy and soicety and create crisis at home to erode the freedom of the people that is mentioned in the constitution. You all know the line “…government for the people, by the people…”

On more than one occasion, I have expressed how America inc. is the bastard child of that British slut of an empire that engaged in syphilitic fornications with demonic forces of ethnic hatred and imperialist buggers.  These two whores, mother and spawn each, would engage in risky behaviour with older nations, saddle their diseased inflicted minds with illusions of superiority by osmosis and then stole their collective “wallets.” Only in the case of the older nations, their wallets are their culture, language, able bodied citizens and their natural resources. The main valuable property confiscated by these diseased filled mangy bitches was… property. Land. A source of all nations’ true wealth

From Wikipedia

Land may refer to:

  • The part of the Earth that is not covered by water
    • Real estate, a legal term for land, used in regard to ownership
    • Real property, a legal term similar to real estate
  • The word “real” ultimately derives from Latin res “thing” and was used to Middle English to mean “relating to things, especially real property”.

1. Any part of the earth’s surface not covered by a body of water; the part of the earth’s surface occupied by continents and islands

2. An area of ground with reference to its nature or composition: arable land.

3. An area of ground with specific boundaries: to buy land on which to build a house.

4. Rural or farming areas, as contrasted with urban areas: They left the land for the city.


a. any part of the earth’s surface that can be owned as property, and everything annexed to it, whether by nature or by the human hand.

b. any legal interest held in land.


a. Natural resources as a factor of production.

b. A part of the surface of the earth marked off by natural or political boundaries or the like; a region or country: They came from many lands.

c. The people of a region or country.

The continual anti-African hatred by the US Government and the support of such a pogram by its citizens is a continual shameful part of our story. It is not shameful to them. Not when it comes to Africans. And not when the perpetrators continue to refuse to make restitution, but offer up lame ass apology like spittle on the ground to be licked up by the beggars and ass kissers amongst the victims. Like all abusers they can always find willing enablers amongst the victims, too fearful and conceeding to fight back.

The plight of the African Farmers


In 1920, black farmers in the United States owned 15.6 million acres of land; by 1999 that number had fallen to 2 million, and it’s still dropping by 1,000 acres per day. In 1910 there were 926,000 African Americans involved in farming; at the end of the century, just 18,000 remain, and they’re going under at five to six times the rate of white farmers.

The US Civil Rights Commission predicted in 1982 that African farmers would be extinct by 2000. However, they didn’t take into account African American farmers who simply refuse to quit. It’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of African resistance in the face of oppressive odds. And due to their refusing to quit, even though half the story has never been told, enough is coming out to make people ask questions and to shine a light on the lurid activity on that skanky bitch.

While luminaries such as former Congress woman Cynthia Mckinney and congress woman Maxine Waters have fought for justice for African farmers for years, there have also been lawsuits that have been pending also for years, but again the hatred and lack of integrity prevents White Supremacy from giving Africans their due. In fact when the Agricultural department was ordered to disseminate land through grants to farmers who were victimized by decades of malfeasance, Caucasian farmers and Hispanic farmers were given grants and land. Some Africans were given pittance in compensations, but never given back their lands. Land is power! To hell with empowering the Africans.

The government had also given African farmers co-share in the Native land fight.  As part of the native struggle to reclaim their land, the task of parcelling out land was given to a council of elders. The problem is and was, most full blooded first nation people in America have no issues with Africans, but most of the department of Indian affairs (???), or some of these councils are run by Caucasians who claimed the one drop rule for themselves (1/10000 native blood) or those who are simple fetch dogs for their Caucasian masters, they would even give their native brothers and sisters the gas face. This is a bitter harvest indeed and the African farmers are reaping its sour fruits.

Part II to follow

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