The viral video of the Caucasian woman who went in to a McNugget rage is a vivid reminder of what happens when we Jones for the drug these corporation produce for us.

Small farmers, not just African farmers highlight why when we grow our own food, or buy it directly from local farmers; we take power away from multinational corporations. We make it harder for them to extract wealth and the best land of other nations—and if they don’t need that land, local farmers may be able to use it for their own needs.

We also put power in the hands of the people, many of whom are also victims of globalization. There are 49 million people in the corporate United States who can’t afford a basic nutritious diet.

Region Percent of world population Percent of world net worth (PPP) Percent of world net worth (exchange rates) Percent of world GDP (PPP) Percent of world GDP (exchange rates)
North America 5.17 27.1 34.39 23.88 33.67
Central/South America 8.52 6.51 4.34 8.49 6.44
Europe 9.62 26.42 29.19 22.8 27.06
Africa 10.66 1.52 0.54 2.36 1.01
Middle East 9.88 5.07 3.13 5.69 4.1
Asia 52.18 29.4 25.61 31.07 24.1
Other 3.14 3.7 2.56 5.4 3.38

The issue with the disappearing African farm lands in America Inc., is about identity, wealth and independence. It is a bout what free people are about, what a nation is all about. According to the definition of what a sovereign nation is. And a nation is the sum of its Land and its people. The freedom of a nation and its people is determined by their level of self reliance, their ability to look after themselves and their communities. Land is needed to sustain humans above all else. Land is the defining physical example of a nation’s independence and the most precious element of that nation and its people. Land is what the poor lack and the rich have in spades, land is life, land is wealth, land is power.

The White man has a god complex…

The Last Poets

Whitey on the Moon…

Gill Scot Heron


You can buy a one-acre plot of land on the moon for £19.95. Slightly cheaper is Venus, which can be had for £14.25, plus registration fee. You can do this because, on 22 November 1980, Dennis M Hope went into the offices of San Francisco County and filed a declaration of ownership for both bodies. Just to be sure, he also filed with the federal government, the USSR and the UN General Assembly. He also declared ownership of the eight remaining planets and their moons. He set up a lunar embassy and started to license others to sell plots. One,, describes itself as the UK’s “only extraterrestrial land agents”. For Mars, there is even a bill of rights to provide for mediation in the event of land disputes between settlers and a “native creature”.

In 1967, the internationally agreed Outer Space Treaty forbade governments from claiming any celestial bodies as their property. But the committee that worded the treaty forgot to include private firms or individuals and, though the 1979 Moon Treaty would have prevented the exploitation of space for private profit, not enough countries signed. Opponents complained that it would bog down space exploration in “a common heritage of all mankind’s morass”.

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