According to this 2006 study by the Federal Reserve System, from 1989 to 2004, the distribution in the United States had been changing with indications there was a greater concentration of wealth held by the top 10% and top 1% of the population. The majority of this wealth is and allways will centre around land. You may become rich through the internet or through,mmm, drug running, but you will not become wealthy unless you consoldiate some land holding and further, utilize the land as assets by making it work for you. Ray Krock, the master of creating “Mac dogfood” and distributing it to the stupid and suicidal, once stated that franchise was not where he makes his money, but in the palcement of the stores in areas that he OWNS. I am not sure about places outside Canada, but I have noticed that banks rarely ever sell their buildings, so much as lease or rent them out to companies. And their properties are always situated in areas geared to maximize and highlight their visibility and attractiveness—-utilizing the assets.

Even in Real Estate, the mantra was always location, location, location.

The bottom 40-70 percent of the population on the planet do not own any land in any the nation. If they do it is swiftly taken from them by various means. The only reason why some of the worlds poor still own land is because the wealthy have not gotten to them as yet or the land they own have no immediate economic, political or military value. Currently you don’t own any piece of land in the North American Union, it is not held for our benefit nor on our behalf, if you don’t believe so stop paying your property tax for extended period and see what happens to your “piece of land”. From the day we are born we are landless, we never considered owning the land, because the old people knew that you cannot claim any right to the earth, though you can stake out a temporary space for you and your family and or clan to exist on. However, man being the selfish entity he is, decided to become possessive and the staked out space became a territorial right, to be protected at all cost, calling them sovereign states (independent of outside authority).

During many of Africa’s high cultures, the nations of Kimit, Nubia, Kush (to name three) waged protracted wars against each other’s territories. Modern man has no right to the very essence of our nation, which is the land. Yet we are extolled to work, pay tax, fight and if necessary die to defend it. We are liable for the debts of our nation while predator corporations extract its profits of our backs through the control of the land they lease to us. Canada is a nation of over $33 million people living on a small % of the land, with only a few barely able to live by their own means. As citizens in North America, we have little choice but to take part in whatever economic slavery the true “owners” see fit. Without Land we are not free, we are the livestock of those who control it. Most of the land is controlled by corporations, including banking cartels. Remember the next time you buy a house, you neither own the house nor the land it sits on.



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One thought on “Land Issues—Pt 2;Land is power

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