“Slaves and dogs are named buy their masters, but a free man names himself.”

                                                                   -Kwame Toure,

 “I am pleased God made my skin black, but I wish He had made it thicker.”

–Curt Flood

“Free Will” is a philosophical term of art for a particular sort of capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives.

-Stanford encyclopedia of Philosphy


Today I had the pleasure of catching the Will Farrell, Mark Walberg movie, the other Guys, with my 18 year old daughter. Besides the fact it was funny and intelligent in an understated way, what caught my attention was the closing credits. A PowerPoint slide show of statistics on corporate greed in the corporation called America Inc. While the show did touch on the subject, especially on the result of one of the protagonist, it being a comedy most people didn’t come to see a Michael Moore opus. The closing credit was sobering and rooted me back to earth, reminding me of how regular folks are being screwed royally by people who are either gate keepers or architects of this Matrix called White Supremacy.

See the images here

 The average worker drone has been inundated with 24 hour entertainment (as predicted in Sci-Fi novelizations and subsequent movies for decades), and as such have become immune to things that should outrage them. The 24 hour entertainment includes 24 hour news where disasters are more fetching than something positive and functional. The state of the North American Union, the social fabric, is in such a state of deep shit, that folks so drugged up on pharmaceuticals and other mind altering drugs have become upside down in how they view the world. The analogy of the boss, who bully’s his employer, who goes home and bully’s his wife, who in turn then bully’s the children, who then bully’s the family pet or the other children at the playground, is alive and kicking in the base personality of the average worker drone. Most people would seek to move away from pain to a place of more comfort, both psychological and physical. It is natural. It is common. What is unsaid though is that most people would like to dump on others they know or feel would not or cannot fight back. As sure as shit falls downhill, dumping on others who you think would not physically kick your ass is the favourite pass time of sick people. And there are too many sick people in the world and especially in the North American Union, who are willing fodder for the killing machine.

 This society has a hate – hate relationship with the poor and foreigners that are not of Northern European heritage, or of a different political or religious persuasion. In Other words just about everybody is fair game in an unending game of crabs in a barrel for the sick amusement of the elites who believe that “greed is good”.

Fortunately for most of the inhabitants of the NAU, America Inc has a storied his-story of always finding the smallest most insignificant entity to shit on… that being the Africans enslaved in America and bred to be docile and powerless. Even other immigrants some of whom where dirt farmers, prostitutes and low life’s back “home” have come to this side of the world to study us learn how we do it to survive and then dump on us by using us as buffers against the White Supremacist. The Khazars have been doing it for years, often embedding themselves in our organizations or starting knee-grow organizations as their own vehicles to establishing themselves in this society. The South and East Asians are doing it, because they are so visible and have cultures so different that only the Africans in America can be the tried a true buffer to throw up against the American hate for foreigners. The Latin Americans, coming over from decades of genocide and manifest destiny interference are now doing it. Hell, even the continental Africans and some Caribbean’s, so ensnared in White Supremacy conditioning, are trying to do it, only too late realizing that, yes! If you look like them, the haters will lump you as all the same and lynch your knee-grow ass just as quick.

 As often stated, sports is one of the truly unique area where Africans in America Inc. believe they can equalize the disparity of control. However, void of any well rounded skill set outside the entertainment setting, we are still dumped on. Hell we are dumped on inside the arenas as well. As the bloodthirsty spectators in the coliseum shout …“shut up niggers and play ball,” we continue to buck and shuffle, scratch and jiggle, moonshine and buck dance, like performing animals in a circus. However, even in the realm of entertainment there are some that intentionally or not, refuse to act the stereotype and get castigated to no end. This year’s FREE agency horse and pony show in the NBA highlights this castigation at least up to this point. But you know there will be a next pick-a-nigger Sunday  after church party to go down to.  Recently when three young African males decided they wanted to chase that fairy tale wet dream called an NBA Championship through combining their talents, the hew and cry from the Ozarks were loud and clear to the accompanying sound of banjo music from deliverance. The burning in effigy and the jersey of Lebron James evokes memories to those who care of the Red Summer from the Jim Crow era …which continues still today. The question about the manhood of these men, the derogatory vomiting of disgusting shit spewed by people who would probably get their assess kicked in a school yard fight is indicative of the schizophrenia and deep seated psychological imbalance in most peoples lives.

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