The question has been going around for a minute regarding cultural appropriation or theft, primarily that of so called black culture, by white people. Reams of papers, pulled from the innards of devastated and murdered forests, have been put out on these white/ Asian/ Indian/ Arab…etc.. culture bandits of black music, style, speech modalities and symbols. From hip hop, to jazz. From Afrikan style dress to the current, yet old point of contention and question…can/should white people sport dread locks.

Mental and spiritual retardation #1

The accompanying link and picture below, is the latest in the continuing debate, that sees no end. Blacks Get Weave; Can Whites Get Locks?


The author of this piece started off by dropping this disclaimer, before venturing into the murky waters of cultural appropriation:

“I’m an African-American woman. My good friend, who is a white male, very progressive and pretty much a hippie, is thinking about getting dreadlocks. He’s been asking me for my opinion about it and whether it would be offensive to black people, and I’m not sure. I don’t know if it’s fair to say, ‘Don’t try to make your hair look like the hair of someone of another race,’ when we all know that a lot of black women who have failed to embrace their natural hair texture have weaves that imitate European hair. In that sense, I somewhat think we as Americans are a hair and style melting pot now. So I don’t want to apply a double standard. Still, I’m aware that a lot of black people really hate when white people have locks, and I’d hate to set him up for criticism or for people to judge or dislike him for this choice. I know this is complicated and wonder how it would be best to advise my friend. –“Dreading” Your Response

Now if the above article wasn’t a fascinating study in trauma at work, there is this other article, which has spawned internet rage from the savages, who couldn’t wait to find an excuse to use the reverse racism tag on a retarded kneegrow, who falls into the trap of overly emotional interaction with yurugu shenanigans. A video showing a black woman stopping a white man for wearing dreadlocks is going viral. My issue with kneegrows and so called conscious folks getting caught up in this out of control emotional episodes, is due to our “feeling that we have nothing, because everything we possess, the savage always steals”.


I have also interacted with people who have a problem with yurugu, wearing Afrikan style garments, or those who insinuate themselves into Afrikan cultural events or space, including, becoming Ifa priests or spiritual shamans. Our generational trauma from Europe’s first invasion of Afrika, up to its current continuous despoiling of the continent, is something that is infuriating and a cause for deep hurt and anger. But because of our mental retardation and inability to see the big picture, we end up acting out of pocket and coming across as bitches and public spectacle. In our current state, not liking when yurugu, tries to act like us is one thing. Feeling hurt, anger and potentially violent is a totally another thing and is indicative of our retarded status.

Other ethnic groups, seeing us interacting in their culture, maybe will be as upset, but will exploit our infusion into their world, as long as they can pimp us. We on the other hand, freely give away our culture and get upset, when they take it and make money on off our backs.

Ok! Now that I have insulted just about every body with deep melanin, let me explain my position. WHITE FOLKS ARE OFTEN GIVEN EASY ACCESS TO OUR ACTIVITIES, BECAUSE THEY ARE INVITED IN OR ALLOWED TO DO SO!!!! In the case of the dreads, many of us are living in a deluded state here. First of all dreads is not an original Rastafarian look. Dreads have gone back as far as Kimit and was the genesis of the Medusa myth, when the savage first came across a sister looking all fine and powerful, which scared the shit out of that boy loving crew over in the feudal states, today called Greece. Locks or dreads really re-emerged during the liberation fight in Kenya, when the Land and Freedom Party (Mau Mau is an insult by the brutish imperialists) took to the forest and made that look a distinctive badge of the freedom fighters.

Mortimo Planner

 if you don’t recognize this famous Rasta, then you are not to speak on the lifestyle.

Rasta’s never had locks until that event, even though they were around long before Kenya fought for independence.  Growing up at a time and in the original birth place of the Rastafari movement, I have watched men and women get beat up, imprisoned and died for embracing this anti-establishment way of living. Rasta’s back then wore the locks as a sacred statement and not any black person, much less a savage could sport this. I was attacked by some harpie on idiot book recently, after I questioned why would so many complain about the savage theft of locks, when so many females and increasingly males are wearing fake fur, or the tresses of dead people on their noggin?

I also cautioned on the post, that they not to bring up Kimit, because our esteemed ancestors while wearing wigs, were not wearing Hyksos or Asiatic hair, but their own. Of course a hit dog always holler the most, and some shrew with horse hair accused me of being petty. Afrikans the retardation was deep and loud in this post. Then there is the problem with them wearing Afrikan style garments. I point out how many of us embrace the notion that wearing a monkey suite is a sign of cleanliness and sophistication for black people, and how putting down a savage for trying to look like us, while we are trying to look like him and was hit with  “the suite is an Afrikan creation”!

The retardation we display, is again the intellectual state accompanied by significant deficits in mental acuity and function abilities. We fail to see the forest or even the trees, because we spend too much time watching the slugs in the dirt. Don’t get me wrong, it is distasteful to see a savage dressing in Afrikan garb, wearing matted fur and calling it locks, eating Roti and jerk chicken and trying to be cool by saying ma niggah! But my purpose is greater than for people to see me arguing with a fool publicly. Even resorting to attacking them, when I could be building an exclusive environment that would prevent them and the traitors among us from entering in. It’s the traitors, who give away our cultural things, more than than anything,  that need to be dealt with.

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