Today after reconstruction, the Red Summer, strange fruits swinging from poplar trees, over 200 years of emulating the Brutish Empire to use the planet as its own playground, committing kilometers long lists of domestic and foreign strife, turmoil and murderous rampage, through the civil rights movement, the specific war on (African) America was never abated. The children of the ill begotten ones who were turfed out of European sub cellars, called jails, continued to carry on their demented and pathological belief that their god (Satan) has given them the right to rule as they see fit.  One of the rights and privilege that Satan had bestowed on these Neanderthals was the belief that only a Caucasian and specifically of European stock, can ever sit in the front seat of the short bus called American government.  The examples of Ronald (ray gun) Reagan and George W (one more bottle) Bush were two of several examples that not all of Jerry Lewis’s kids were at the telethon. 

Bush the Jr. was strategically placed in the Caucasian house to further the agenda started by Bill Clinton, who distracted one and all with his Southern Charm, as he quietly poked every page-boy or intern his skull and bones heritage allowed…which was to move the planet to a one world government. Whether due to the fact that Bush the Jr’s personality was not as acceptable to the majority as Clinton was, and be honest, do you really think he is as dumb as we would like to think he is? A fuck, rough around the edges, coke head with the social skills of a drunken monkey he was, but he couldn’t be so stooopid that he wasn’t able to forward that agenda.

Anyway, because his rating was lower than the vermin on monkey’s ass, the doers of Isfet, those conspiring to enact the one world government, realized that the world was getting really pissed off at America Inc. and it’s constant interference in their domestic affairs, while acting as if they were the moralistic police force of nations, started woofing hard at the cracker Jacks. So… to slow that tide of discontent, the doers of Isfet, show cased super knee-grow. Super knee-grow is the mannequin they displayed in the window of the store going into receivership. Super mannequin was dressed in nice suites and had that smile that made you feel it was hue-man. So many gullible citizens, those easily susceptible to a hypnotists parlor trick, fell for hook line and sinker into believing that America Inc., with it’s his-story of anti-African hatred would ever put super knee-grow in the “whites only” store and expect this mannequin to …you know…manage the store independent of the actual owners. I mean, they killed one and a half of their own for daring to keep the money production in house. Do the research on John Kennedy (the one) and Abraham Lincoln (the half).

But super mannequin was so nice to look at and so clean looking that the world fell for its artificial look and willingly over looked the plasticity in its makeup. Over look the fact that super mannequin was not and never was hue-man, independent of being carried from one window to another, without a clerk’s hand up its butt. As is the way of the trickster in Satan’s stable of personality, the doers of Isfet created an entity called tea baggers, supposedly a reference to the ill begotten children that allegedly threw bags of tea over board a Brutish ship to protest unfair taxation, but in reality is closer to the sweaty sac that hangs beneath the flaccid members of the conservative, closeted homosexual, anti-woman anti nature party that constitutes as the official and only opposition in an alleged democratic nation. They were introduced to prevent the gullible from genuflecting too much at the feet of the mannequin; because their fate would be sorely tested when they find out it is a plastic and not a man.

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