Amidst all the Anti African hatred spewing forth from the upper anus of the tea baggers and those who bag like them, is the constant harping over his bar code. Being that he is supposed to be a commodity, how come he didn’t have a bar code?  Now, the question was only raised because there is a belief that he doesn’t have a good Christian name, thus cannot be an “American Citizen”. His father is African (actually an agent of the CIA) but they never mention that his mother was a so called J.A.P (Jewish American Princess), which meant that succession ran through him, at least he would be a Jew and thus honorary white, yes? By messing up the minds of the gullible with the bar code (birth certificate) misdirection, fools endlessly debate a non issue, while America Inc. bombs an African country, increases it’s incarceration of African, Native, Hispanic and the poor.  Drive the nation further in to indebtitude awhile serving up crack in the form of sports and entertainment to sooth the restless and hungry breast.

Yeah! Who wants to dance their ass off as the biggest losers in American idol?

All the doers of Isfet needed to do, the aid of the media outlets they control is pander to those who think they benefit from being white or close to being white or wan to be white. By raising the issue of the bar code ti gets the commoners to react accordingly. And by asking it shows the media and the wizards behind the curtain that people are generally not good and most citizens of America Inc, are:

1. Anti-African
2. Don’t like non Christian names
3. Think all Muslim hates their freedom and are really not “American”
4. Wants to stir up shit for shits sake
5. Can’t accept the fact that there is a HNIC as a mannequin President

Now even though the governor of Hawaii has stated he has a certificate of live birth In Hawaii, this is quietly ignored by the shit disturbers. The shit disturbers, like Donald Trump, the latest tea bagger to question the lack of bar code, failed to over stand that most people don’t care, or believe that he probably had to, you know show it before it applied for the HNIC position.

However, people like Donald Trump and the mannequin over stand the difference between a bar code (birth certificate) and a statement of live birth. Even though the publicly devalue the statement of live birth as of a lower standard, they are only bull slinging for public consumption and flexing because the public fool system had already killed enough brain cells that independent thoughts are not independent. A statement of live birth means that you are not a commodity, but to keep pushing a birth certificate is encouraging you to continue doing what you have always done, knowing you will get what you have always got. 


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